1860 Mortality Schedule
Newton County, Missouri

submitted by: Joy Hobbs


No name given 2/12 M MO Jan. bold hives sudden

McDOUGLE, Malcolm 78 M NC Dec. M Consumption 2 yrs

DAVIS, Melinda I. 37 F TN Dec. M Typhoid Pneumonia 5 wks

DAVIS, James A. 13 M MO Nov. Typhoid Pneumonia 11 days

EDMUNDSON, Lucy 49 F NC Sep. M Typhoid Fever 17 days

PRICHARD, William W. 7/12 M MO June Chills & Fever 1 mo

BUZZARD, Missouri 8/12 F MO Sep. Thphoid Fever 1 wk


LANKFORD, Minerva 7 F MO Sep. Diptheria 2 wks

LANKFORD, Louisa 4 F MO Sep. Diptheria 2 wks

SELLERS, Sarah 60 F TN Feb. W Pneumonia 1 wk

SHEARER, Elizabeth 9 F MO Dec. Burn 3 days

MARTIN, Martha 33 F AL Feb. M Fever 10 days

BLANKENSHIP, Isam 53 M NC Dec. M Farmer Fever no info

BUZZARD, Susan 4/12 F MO Aug. Infantile fever 1 mo

BUZZARD, Susan 35 F TN July M Fever 5 days

WHEELER, Robert 3/12 M MO Mar. Croop 7 hrs

GILSTRAP, Peter -1 71 M NC Dec. M Farmer Dropsy no info


BRAZENDINE, Martha 1 F TX July Flux 5 wks


BRADSBERRY, Eddy 41 M KY Aug. M Farmer Consumption 5 wks

DEBOLT, Sarah 18 F OH Jan. 6 days

MILLER, (Blank) 4 day M MO Dec. Croup 4 days

HEWETT, Abraham 3 F VA Sep. Congestive Chill 2 days

HEWETT, (Blank) ?? F MO Aug. Erisypalus 3 wks

ISLEY, Margaret 1/12 F MO Dec. blank blank

SMITH, Mary 20 F MO Oct. M Flux 8 days

GAINES, William 4/12 M MO Feb. Diptheritis 25 days

GAINES, Rebecca 6/12 F MO Apr. Congestive chill 2 days

ISLEY, William 2 M IL June Scarlet Fever 6 days

MORRIS, Susan 50 F TN Mar. W. Consumption 1 yr

BALLER, (Blank) 3 1 day M MO Aug.

WEST, Sarah A. 4 F MO Aug. Scarlet Fever 8 days


LYLE, (Blank) 1 hr M MO Dec. Inflamation of brain 1 hr

BRYSON, Thomas 11/12 M MO Jan. Pneumonia 3 wks

OWEN, Emily 14 F AR Sep. Typhoid Fever 21 days

TOWNSEND, Emily 11 F AR Aug. Typhoid Fever 16 days

TOWNSEND, Joseph B. 22 M TN Mar. M Farmer Scarlet Fever 1 wk

DOTSON, James 1 M MO Oct. Flux 9 days

THURMAN, Frances 65 F KY July W Inflam. of Brain 3 wks

SEVRS, Job 7 M MO Jan. blank 2 wks

ROBERTS, Sallie 10/12 F MO Mar. Brain Fever 3 days

DUBOIS, Alma 1 F MO Aug. Inflamation of lungs 6 days

LEWIS, Washington 6 M IL Jan. Dropsy 10 days

RIGGS, Susanna 12 F NC Feb. Infl. of bowels 5 mos

THOMPSON, Henry 1/12 M MO Jan. Delerium tremur 2 wks

MURPHY, William 30 M IL May 3 days

SEVERS, James E. 7/12 M MO Sep. Flux 7 wks

ELGIN, John D. 1 M MO Aug. mulatto Consumption 2 wks

ROSE, Charles 8 M MO Apr. Inflamation of brain 10 days

BLURTON, George W. 1/12 M MO Feb. unk 2 days

MORROW, Nettie 8/12 F MO Aug. Inflamation of brain 2 wks

STRICKLAND, Martha 6 F MO Sep. Congestive chills 3 days

SMITH, Sarah E. 14 F MO Jan. Dropsey 6 days

EADES, Sarah 4 F MO Dec. Inflamation of brain 1 wk

TESTERMENT, Noah 40 M NC July M Typhoid fever 26 days

HAYS, James Monroe 2 M MO Oct. no info no info


JOINER, Sarah A. 7 F MO Oct. Croup 48 hrs

GALIEN, Margaret 1 F MO Apr. Typhoid Pneumonia 6 wks

FISCUS, Wiley B. 8/12 M MO Dec. Inflamation of brain 7 mon

TOMPKINS, Sarah 52 F TN Aug. Inflamation of brain 3 days

(blank) Alice 6/12 F MO Aug. black slave unk sudden

BUTLER, Ann 53 F MD Feb. Abscess in side 10 wks


GOODRICH, (blank) 2/12 M MO Apr. disintary 2 mon

SERAFT, John 1 M AR July disease of the heart blank

WALCH, Silas 5/12 M MO Aug. blank

WOOD, George 1 M AR Sep. Inflamatory Bronchitis 5 wks

LEA, (no name) 1/12 F TN July Hooping Cough 2 days

PRICE, George M. 1 M MO June Croup 1 wk

BERGE, Sarah 8 F IA July Diptheria 1 wk

BERGE, George I. 6 M IA July Diptheria 1 wk

SAULS, Martha 5 F MO Sep. Typhoid Fever 2 wks

KEATH, Henrietta 13 F MO Sep. Thphoid Fever 12 days

PAYNE, Eliza 17 F MO Aug. Thphoid Fever 15 days

YOUNG, Fredrick 35 M SCOT Dec. Teacher Chronic dysentary 6 mos

BILLSTEIN, Alexander 24 M RUS Apr. Pedlar Gunshot wound 23 days

ROSEBROUGH, Amanda 54 F TN Oct. W Dropsey 3 wks

ROSEBROUGH, Eripina 19 F MO Aug. Thphoid fever 2 wks

NICHOLS, George Stillborn

SHORT/STOUT, John B. 1 M KS Dec. Chronic disentary 4 mo

COMBS, Robert 1 M MO Jan. Croup 7 hrs

LONG, Rebecca I. 3/12 F KS Aug. Croup 12 days

BUTLER, William 1 M MO Nov. Diptheria 9 days

CLEMENT, Abraham 63 M KY Sep. Farmer Chronic diarhea 3 mon

BURCH/BURES, John 52 M MO Sep. W Typhoid fever 1 wk

BURES, Renetta 21 F MO Dec. Accidental burn 1 wk

JARRETT, William 10/12 M MO Dec. Dipthiritis 10 wks

WILBURN, Fredrick 21 M MO Sep. Typhoid fever 2 wks

RUTHLEDGE, John F. 3 M MO July Flux 2 days

RODDY, James P. 1 M MO July Croup 4 days

LANKFORD, Nancy C. 13 F KY Apr. Pnumonia 3 days

GINKINS, James C. 4 M MO July Flux 7 days

ROBINSON, Nancy H. 10 F MO Nov. Pnumonia 12 days

GUILLIM, James C. 3 M MO July Flux 8 days

SMITH, Alfred 18 M MO Mar. Miner Congestin Chill 36 hrs

STOCKER, Wade 22 M NC May Miner Typhoid Fever 8 days

STOCKER, Sarah 11/12 F MO May Erysyselas 3 wks

STOTTS, (no name) U M MO July

ABERNATHY, William 4/12 M MO Oct. Cholera Inflamation 1 wk

SELF, Jackson 9 M MO Feb. Inflamation of liver 4 wks

SELF, Buchanon 3 M MO January Typhoid fever 4 wks

CRAIG, Milton 1 M MO Apr. Diarrahea 5 days

RIGGS, (no name) U M MO Feb. Stillborn

STEPHENSON, John 60 M TN Sep. W Laborer Diptheria 3 days

MORRELL, Nancy 50 F VA Nov. M Liver complaint 3 wks

CRABTREE, Rachel 8 F AR Aug. Congestion of brain 26 hrs

GRAYSON, Leonita 3/12 M MO Feb. Pnumonia 3days

LEA, James C. 1 M MO May Disease of chest 7 wks

DILLION, Lucinda 1 F AR Oct. Cancer of stomach 3 wks

SHEPPARD, Thomas 20 M TN Oct. Miner Consumption 1 wk

HETTSBRUN, Susanna 47 F MO Apr. M Pumonia 2 wks

LORD/PERD, George M. 11/12 M MO Apr. Diptheria 3 hrs

AMOS, John W. 10 M MO Mar. Pnumonia 3 wks

THOMAS, William 23 M TN Feb. Blacksmith Remittest fever 10 days

GORDIN, Helen 1 F MO May Disease of lung 5 days

POSEY, Eliza J. 34 F TN Sep. M Typhoid fever 5 days

DAVIS, Lucinda 22 F TN Feb. M Purperal fever 25 days

LOUIS, Lerisa 50 F Tn Oct. W Typhoid fever 4 days

FORESTOR, James B. 5/12 M MO May Diptheria 2 days

STITES, Mary J. 4 F MO Mar. Diptheria 2 days

LACEY, (no name) 5/12 M MO May Cold ?

DAY, Sarah 84 F TN Jan. W Old age

HETTSBRUN, Martha 12 F MO Mar. Pneumonia 3 days

FERRELL, John M. 24 M TN Mar. Farmer Consumption 8 mos

YENDEL, Robert J. 24 M TN Mar. Farmer Typhoid Fever 14 days

WILLOUGHBY, Margaret 28 F KY Feb. M Child bed fever 2 mo

WILLOUGHBY, Cynthia Ann 1/12 F MO Feb. Premature birth

WILLOUGHBY, Mary 1/12 F MO Feb. Premature birth

WILLOUGHBY, George 1 M MO Sep. Croup

Mulato slave 1 F MO Sep. Fever


SHORT, Samantha 5 F MO Sep. Abcess in head 11 days

GENTRY, Susan 25 F TN June M Typhoid fever 12 days

INMAN, Nancy 2 F MO Oct. Typhoid fever 20 days

MCELROY (no name) M MO July

MARSHALL, John C. 7/12 M MO Feb. Disease of lungs 2 wks

REED, Elizabeth 36 F IN Aug. M Consumption 1 yr

CARTER, Charlotte C. 12 F MO Oct. Pneumonia 2 mos

CLAY, Barbara 36 F MO Nov. M Diptheria 4 days

CLAY, Catherine 5 F MO March Croup 3 days

LAMB, Marion 14 M MO Jan. Pneumonia 3 wks

HAWKINS, Henry M. 10/12 M MO Dec. Chronic diarria 4 mo

HUNT, Minerva A. 1 F IL Apr. Teething & cold 4 wks

PATTERSON, Elizabeth 34 F IL Nov. Fever 1 mo


ARMSTRONG, Susan 3 F MO Dec. Died of a burn 6 wks

WASON, James 65 M VA Sep. Farmer Flux 4 wks

HUDSON, James 10/12 M MO Sep. Flux 5 days

ALBERTY, Emeline 11/12 F MO Jan. Croup 24 hrs

DOUPHIT, Martha 1 F MO Sep. Fever 1 wk

LOWERY, Eliza 11/12 F MO Sep. Pneumonia 3wks

COX, Cynthia 41 F TN Apr. M Measles 2 wks

ROARK, Washington S. 18 M TN Oct. Farmer Thphoid fever 2 wks

PANNEL, Phoebe 36 F TN Oct. M Inflmation of bowels 1 wk

COTTON, James H. 7 M MO Sep. Congestive Chill 3 days

HALL, Harriet 4/12 F MO Jan. Croup 6 hrs

HUTCHISON, John 23 M MO Aug. Farmer Typhoid fever 28 days

HUDSON, George 2 d M MO Nov.

HORTON, James 20 M TN Apr. Farmer Consumption 8 days

RUTLEDGE, Martha J. 27 F TN Sep. M Typhoid fever 10 days

LOWE, June. 63 F NC Nov. M Intermittent ?? 2 wks

FITZGERALD, Maria 15 F MO Oct. Intermittent ?? 2 days

Illegible or not orig. entered 20 F NC Nov. Thphoid fever 2 wks

MONTGOMERY, James P. 2/12 M MO Aug. ?? 3 wks

JONES, Isaac L. 15 M KY Nov. ?? 3 wks

POWELL, Mary 2 F MO Aug. Abscess in head 5 wks

CLOUD, Christiana 1/12 F MO Oct. Cholera 2 days

CLOUD, Elisa 7/12 F MO Oct. Dipthiritus 6 mos

ERSNY, Transylvania 2 F MO Sep. Brain fever 10 days

NO NAME SHOWN 20 F NC Nov. M black slave Pneumonia 2 days

NO NAME SHOWN 20 F MO Oct. black slave Neuralgia 6 days

GRIMES, Nancy 83 F NC Jan. W Pneumonia 6 days

FERGUSON, Dorris 62 M VA Feb. M Inflamation of brain 4 days

FERGUSON, John ? M MO Feb. Inflamation of brain

HOOSER, Sarah J. 4 F MO Feb. Inflamation of brain 4 days


HOLMES, no first name 5d F MO Nov.

WHITE, Sarah 17 F TN Apr. M Congestin of brain 2 wks

SURGENER, Elizabeth 55 F VA Sep. M Diarrah fever 1 wk

BRILEY, Nancy C. 2 F MO Oct. Flux 10 days

MANS, no first name M MO Sep.

OWENS, Mary 1 F MO Aug. Typhoid fever 2 wks

HUN, Amanda 44 F GA Sep. M Child bed fever 6 days

GREGG, Isaiah 51 M OH Oct. Farmer Disease of Kidneys 14 mos

BERRY, Eliza 28 F MO Mar. Consumption

no name shown 16 M CN June mulato slave Inflamation of brain

SHROPSHIRE, Thomas G. 3 M MO Dec. Inflamation of brain

MCBEE, no first name M MO Nov.

POGAN, Susan 74 F NC Oct. Billious fever

ISBELL, Susan 40 F KY Nov. M Typhoid fever

MCCLAIN, Gardensia 2 M MO Apr. Pneumonia

GRINIER, Anna 5 F AR Jan. Inflamation of brain

MCCOY, Melinda 6 F MO Nov. Scarlet fever

MCCOY, Joseph 3 M MO Nov. Scarlet fever

MANS, John 5 M MO May Dropsey

1 - Peter Gilstrap - had been confined to his bed for 5 or 6 years before his death.

2 - No first name -GRAHAM/GROHAM - died of bleeding at the navel - at least such is the information received.

3- Baller - I could not learn from his parents cause of death.

4 - Eddy Bradsberry was confined to his bed about five weeks next preceeding his death.

5 - CN as birth place - Cherokee Nation

Transcription notes:

Names are as shown, where a spelling variation was questioned, both were shown.