Baynham Cemetery
Diamond, MO

This is not a complete transcription.
If you have information on the Baynham Cemetery to share, please contact me.
~Shirley Cullum

Baynham, Anna S. 
b. unknown d. Jan. 16, 1855 
Baynham, Gabriella 
b. unknown d. Oct. 23, 1870 
Baynham, James 
b. unknown d. Jul. 9, 1877 
Baynham, William G. 
b. unknown d. Oct. 23, 1870 
Grant, James 
b. unknown d. 1865 

Grant, Sarah 
b. unknown d. Feb. 13, 1861 
Mayfield, Nancy 
b. 1809 d. 1869 
Mayfield, Stephen 
b. 1797 d. 1864