Hornet Cemetery
Newton County, MO

Photo by Bubby Joe Eggensberger

Information and Transcription submitted by  Rayma Johnson

Enclosed is a list of markers found in the cemetery during May through October, 1998 and updated in early 2002. The purpose of this was to attempt to reconstruct lost records as well as to map out the locations. This is in conjunction with my genealogy and history of the Spring City and Hornet area and the families related to James Samuel Cummins (my grandfather) and Walter N Johnson (my husband's father) and others of the this area.

A prior list was compiled by Larry James in 1973 and published in 1979 and is available in the genealogy department of the Neosho library. I have attempted to compare my list to his and have noted some differences.

Any and all corrections, additions and items of interest related to this area are welcome. I hope to add obituaries, newspaper clippings and photos to this.

All rows are not straight and some seem to overlap. Also markers are facing different directions. I started nearest to the creek and the road that goes from the bridge to the east. The locations are identified as the section first and then the row. Again the rows are general. It may be necessary to look around some. The sections are marked with letters on poles in the cemetery.

The Hornet Cemetery is located in Township #26, Range 33, Section 20. It is south of I-44 to Coyote Drive. There is a sign at this intersection for Hornet Christian Church. The cemetery is a short distance beyond the church. It was incorporated 6/14/1948 as a benevolent association, charter number B00011315.

A copy of the by-laws and charter are included in the Neosho Genealogy Library.

Please send any inquiries, comments, etc. to:
E-mail: Anitam500@cs.com

??                      D2    white marker broken
2 unreadable markers    A4    Possibly Glasky, between Elvy W Hunt & Ethmer
Abbot, Hazel Downey     A2-3  5-12-1907/4-3-1983
Alford, Melvin L        B8    9-3-1928 to ---------
Alford, Gladys          B3    1900-1978
Alford, Charles A       B3    1899-1975
Alford, Jeanne E        B8    12-23-1926 to 11-19-2000
Alleger, Dora           D21   1876-1942 mother
Alleger, Ruel           D21   9-1-1901/10-10-1904 son of Walter & Almeda All
Alleger, Hulda I        E5    1872-1965
Alleger, Manford L      E5    1906-1986
Alleger, Henry C        D21   1874-1942 father
Alleger, John M         E5    1868-1929
Alleman, Geo            C2    born 11-21-1841/died 3-6-1883
Allen, Mary L.          E1    4-23-1921/7-18-1925
Allen, James A          D11   6-13-1926-------
Allen, Barbara L        D11   7-30-1927/12-26-1994
Allen, Calvin Elijah    B6    1-15-1928/7-5-1938
Allen, Helen Young      B6    1906-1997
Allen, Albert E         B6    1902-1980
Anderson, Belle         D1    1865-1949
Anderson, Marion        D1    1857-1938
Anderson, Gladys        D1    1900-1936
Anderson, Maudie Hunt   E8    6-6-1908/1-7-1990
Anderson, Sherman A     E8    4-7-1896/7-7-1963 PVT US ARMY WWI
Anderson, Joseph, Jr    D25   1884/8-2-1920 father
Anderson, Earl Dee      D25   died 1920 18 mos old, infant son of Joseph, Jr
Anderson, ?? (Mildred)  D25   3-2-1912/3-13-1912 dau of J L & M B Anderson
Angels at play          D8    not a grave
Anglen, Zephniah ?      C2    died 11-30-1882 per Larry James Book 1979
Asher, Bertha           E11   1908-1997 nana
Asher, Grant            E11   1908-1977 papa married 3-14-1926
Ashworth, Laurel C      B6    7-25-1921/8-28-1984 CSSN US NAVY WWII
Atkins, Margaret        D16   1837-1903 mother
Atkins, Otis O          D16   1866-1900
Atkins, Mary S          D16   1873-1958
Atkins, Owen F          D16   1825-1902 father
Atwood, Rosetta         E1    1873-1938
Atwood, Jessie James    E1    1863-1928
B                       C4    at first of row 4 before Frank A Teague
B                       E7    at north end of row past Crisp
B                       E7    between Gault & Burns
B                       C3    between Wm R Truxal and William L Buzzard
Bacon, Clarence         B8    9-24-1911 ------
Bacon, Edith            B8    10-1-1915/9-13-1995
Baggerly, Kelly David   A4    5-7-1953/1-2-1993 SR US NAVY
Bailey, Elizabeth       E6                                        11/18/1908
Baker, Lucy             D16   died ?? 35 broken, wife of L P Baker (died 7-2
Baker, Mahalia          E5    2-13-1845/7-26-1923 needs raised
Baker, Elizabeth        D2    9-13-1823/12-25-1915
Baker, George           D2    11-18-1819/6-17-1900 born Newark Eng
Balding, Frank Hix      E12   1867-1956
Balding Susie Ann       E12   1879-1940
Ball, Bobby Lee         E6    1932-1934
Barnes, Louise Alford   B3    5-20-1924/9-23-1995
Barnes, Floyd E         B3    9-9-1920/2-19-1997 SGT US ARMY AIR CORPS
Barnes, James E         B2    3-19-1943/1-15-1997 US NAVY VIETNAM
Barnett, Della          B12   1884-1966
Barnett, Omer           B12   10-24-1903/9-3-1968 PVT US ARMY WWII
Barnett, William L      E11   1-18-1926--------
Barnett, Oliver         C7    1900-1916
Barnett, Bonnie A       E11   8-19-1925/5-19-1989 wife & mother
Barnett, Charles F      B12   2-3-1879/12-22-1939
Bauer, Kate             D23   1860-1940 mother
Bauer, George W         D23   10-20-1889/10-14-1925
Bauer, Chris            D23   1855-1944 father
Beamer, Vert            D6    1892-1896 barely readable
Beamer, Hadrian         A4    1911-1959
Beamer, Minnie          D6    1868-1894 barely readlable
Beamer, Allie           A4    1888-1917
Beckham, Alan Paul Gum  D3    9-22-1961/10-5-1982 son
Beckham, Othello L      D3    4-12-1907/6-1-1995 husband & father
Benton, Chas J          C3    2-21-1882
Benton, Maggie M        C3    3-28-1887/11-17-1913 wife of Chas. J
Bilke, Blanche H        D9    1880-1972
Bilke, John H           B8    9-7-1908/2-12-1974
Bilke, Nancy E          D2    7-12-1859/4-1-1897
Bilke, Martha E         E5    1879-1954
Bilke, J Zella          B8    11-13-1909/2-25-1997
Bilke, David            B9    6-30-1969/6-30-1969
Bilke, Verl C           D8    11-25-1918/5-21-1996 husband, dad, grandad
Bilke, Herman           D2    2-12-1847/6-27-1921
Bilke, Edmund A         D9    1872-1935
Bilke, Wm               D12   no dates, CO H 11TH WIS INF
Bilke, Minnie B         C2    1886-1908
Bilke, Laura A          D12   12-17-1844/5-23-1910 wife
Bilke, William          D12   4-6-1839/6-3-1907
Bilke, Edna Blance      D3    1900-1985
Bilke, Dwayne           B9    6-30-1969/6-30-1969
Bilke, Edwin S          E5    1870-1950
Bilke, Rosie E          C2    1883-1965
Bilke, Edwin C          D9    9-10-1896/9-25-1896
Bilke, Len              D4    1920 to 2001
Bilke, Grace P          B9    1903-1992
Bilke, H Clay           B9    1904-1962
Bilke, John H           C2    1879-1958
Bilke, Edgar Loyd       D3    1901-1980
Bittick, Anna E Shrock  D9    died 10-28-1901 age 23 yrs 7 mo, 8 days, wife
Bloodgood, Mildred I    D23   8-18-1910/10-31-1910 daughter of J C & E B Blo
Bloodgood, Ella         D23   1876-1942 mother
Bloodgood, John C       D23   1865-1955
Bowers, Charley S.      D1    1887-1957
Bowers, James O.        D1    1918/1935
Bowers, Fred B          C13   1883-1944
Bowers, Phoebe          D1    no dates, no last name (dau of Leonard & Miner
Bowers, Corda (Cordelia)D1    no dates, no last name (dau of Leonard & Miner
Bowers, Manerva (MinervaD1    2-9-1844/2-5-1912 wife of Leonard Bowers
Bowers, Agnes V.        D1    1888-1966
Bowers, Daniel          D1    12-12-1880/7-17-1912
Bowers, Jerry Loyd      C13   5-4-1944/11-22-1944
Bowers, Henry B         D1    9-23-1867/6-3-1908
Bowers, Sarah           D1    no dates, no last name (dau of Leonard & Miner
Bowers, Gladys A        C13   2-28-1893/1-24-1987
Bowers, Leonard         D1    1-24-1841/8-9-1903
Boyd, Juanita F         D18   9-12-1925/12-15-1925
Bradley, Wm             C10   1883 age 68 yrs son of M Bradley
Bradley, W M            C10   9-11-1851
Bradley, Laura J        C10   10-29-1857/2-1-1917 wife of W M Bradley
Brigham, George P       C13   10-25-1919/12-18-1994
Brigham, Kenneth M      C13   3-15-1912/1-19-1987
Brittle, Freda M        B3    1914 ----
Brittle, George W       B3    1897-1978
Brittle, Jay            A7    1902 ------
Brittle, Jessie G       A7    1902-1962
Broken                  D23
Broken                  D17   too heavy for me to turn over, between CE Herr
Broken                  D17   unreadable, top missing, between Nancy Whitehe
Brown, Emma B           D25   3-31-1878/2-8-1919 age 45y,10m,7da, wife of Ha
Brown, Mary Elsie       D25   3-11-1896/3-12-1913 dau of H E & E B Brown
Brown, Cleo Dean        E6    1937 ? grandbaby
Brumbaugh, ? ?          D24   no other name, no dates
Bryant, John W          E6    11-4-1880/12-17-1937
Bryson, Edna R          C2    1907-1965
Bryson, Everett W       C2    1904-1972
Buck, James O           B10   9-30-1928/12-5-1945
Buck, Hattie E          B10   9-16-1901/3-5-1990
Buck, L J               B10   7-16-1924/12-7-1945
Buck, Leonard J         B10   2-20-1896/11-11-1968 PVT US ARMY WW1
Buening, Stella CampbellD16   12-1-1940 ----- best friends 4-18-1981
Buening, David Ray      D16   5-11-1936 ----- best friends 4-18-1981
Burdge, Mamie Ruth      D3    7-30-1931/6-14-1993
Burdge, Esther          E12   unreadable (6-1-1971 age 62 yrs 7 mo 3 da per
Burdge, Russell Keith   B9    8-21-1964/5-30-1993
Burdge, Henry Edward    D3    5-30-1929/8-5-1981
Burdge, Charley C       E12   1903-1963 dad
Burgess, Rutha          D16   died 6-21-1892, age 56 y, 3mo, 3 da wife of J
Burgess, John W         D16   2-2-1832/5-31-1907
Burns, Harvey E         E7    1879-1934 father
Burns, Adaline L        D12   1853-1900 probaby same as Addie Burns
Burns, Eugene L         E7    1912-1936 son
Burns, Addie L          D12   5-5-1853/11-29-1900 wife of J W Burns
Burns, Maud V           E7    1888-19--- mother
Burns, John W           D12   1843-1907
Burris, Howard L        D2    2-17-1920/2-5-1980 CPL US ARMY WWII
Burrows, Bertha M       C11   4-25-1877/12-14-1878 broken
Burrows, Albert         E3    3-12-1873/2-3-1932
Burrows, Perla A        C11   3-31-1879/9-9-1881
Burrows, Clyde          C5    1893-1897
Burrows, J H            C5    1-1-1825/2-19-1889
Burrows, Tennie E       E3    6-30-1866/2-12-1951
Burrows, Freddie        C5    1896-1897
Burrows, Thomas         C5    1870-1896
Burrows, Mahala A       C5    died 5-21-1882 age 36 yrs 1 mo wife of J H Bur
Buzzard, Joann          C3    1880-1954
Buzzard, Edgar R        C3    8-22-1911/3-5-1912
Buzzard, Othel Lee      C3    1901-1926
Buzzard, O W (Bud)      C4    1907/1975
Buzzard, A J            C8    1883-1972 married 9-27-1913
Buzzard, William L      C3    1874-1945
Buzzard, Mary V         C4    12-12-1915----- date not entered, died 2/5/199
Buzzard, A J            C8    7-23-1848/7-27-1883 G??
Buzzard, Frank          C4    2-8-1909/12-11-1988
Buzzard, Minnie         C8    2-29-1872/7-13-1880 broken/unreadable(data fro
Buzzard, Francis        C8    12-30-1878/7-16-1880 son of A J & S E Buzzard
Buzzard, Fredda         C8    19-12-1895/5-14-1970
Buzzard, Clarence       C8    3-5-1877 age 1 mo 9 days son of A J & S E Buzz
Buzzard, Horace A       C8    1880-1935 father
Calkins, Edna M         C6    4-26-1889 age 14 yrs + -north side of sq marke
Calkins, Children       C6    children of J J & J B Calkins
Calkins, -------        C6    unreadable-east side of square marker
Calkins, Kenneth G      C6    died 8-5-1892 6 mo 17 da old-south side of squ
Carroll, Lela Mae       D5    3-10-1905/10-13-1905
Carroll, Lawson L       D5    8-10-1910/11-14-1911
Carter, Herbert E             died 6-22-1999
Caruthers, Infant       D6    born & died 3-25-1898 child B H & E E Caruther
Case, Cecil O           B10   1906-1972
Case, Thomas J          E2    1876-1942 father
Case, Larry Joe         B8    5-31-1948/6-1-1948
Case, Leroy Joe         B8    7-13-1928/6-30-1985
Case, Fern              B10   1905-1991
Case, Thomas, Jr        B7    1909-1993
Case, Don O             E9    1930-1983 father married 10-13-1952
Case, Mary E            B8    1-22-1929 -------
Case, Dorothy E         B7    1910-1974
Case, Iola M            E9    1932-1983
Case, Alice             E2    1886-1973 mother
Case, Randel Lee        E9    1956-1968
Case, R Pauline         B7    1912-1939
Caswell, Lee Roy        D2    10-8-1944/9-5-1978
Caswell, Sarah J        D2    10-31-1913/6-7-1994 Mom Married 3-14-1933
Caswell, Frank D        D2    10-24-1906/5-3-1992 Dad
Chambers, John H        E4    1852-1927
Chambers, Mary E        E4    1858-1948
Chambers, W F           D26   4-13-1881 --
Chambers, M P           D26   3-5-1890/12-16-1910
Chandler, Lela Norvell  D4    1-12-1923/3-1-1983
Channel, Jr., Darren C (D2                                         4/13/1992
Chapman, Sarah Alice    B3    6-7-1871/6-26-1966
Chase, Wellington R     E12   1879-1951 loose & not straight
Civil War Burial GroundsD1    no names available 30ft x 120 ft
Civil War Marker        D1    no individual names available
Clabaugh, Martin        B13   12-16-1917/4-15-1968 T SGT 512 FIGHTER GP AAF
Clark, Callie O         E5    1884-1962 mother
Clark, John V           E5    1913-1979 CPL US ARMY WWII
Clark, Edward Q         E5    1879-1926 father
Clark, Pansy Clabaugh   B13   2-20-1914 ----
Cleary, Jane M          C8    no dates not sure of spelling
Coburn, William R       A7    1874-1933
Cole, Mandy L           C4    3-27-1853/5-15-1891 wife of Wm Cole
Coleman, Emma B         C9    5-15-1872/6-13-1957
Collins, Goldie J       E12   1917-1964
Collins, Ray C          E12   1914-1978
Concrete wall           D26   broken no visible markers
Concrete wall           D26   no visible markers
Conley, John            D20   1-9-1861/9-3-1905
Conway, John Dale "RunniD10   4-29-1942/7-22-1993 U S AIR FORCE VIETNAM
Cook, Theresa Smith     B3    1962-1981
Cooper, Frankie M       C12   1919-1997 sister
Coquillette, Lee N      E11   9-5-1924/5-17-1974 T SGT US AIR FORCE
Cornelison, Harriet E   E2    1900-1970
Cornelison, Jesse R     E2    1891-1959
Cornell, Earnest G.     D26   1881-1941 husband
Cornell, Earl E.        D25   12-28-1891/12-17-1974
Cornell, John E         D25   1848-1920
Cornell, Elizabeth A    D25   1847-1910 wife of John E Cornell
Cornell, Emma           D26   1885-1969 wife (sister of James Samuel Cummins
Cornell, Karl F         D25   5-25-1917/6-27-1979 SGT US ARMY WWII
Cornell, Clara          D25   12-3-1894/3-26-1957
Cornell, Wm. Herbert    D25   3-4-1915/9-10-1989
Cornell, Alvin E        D25   5-25-1919/2-6-1990
Cornell, J Wilbert      D25   1877-1930
Coulson, Charles Leon   E11   10-6-1936/10-16-1961
Coulson, Kenton Leon    E11   3-30-1958/3-21-1976
Cowan, Walter C         C4    2-3-1872/5-11-1889
Cowan, Clara F          C4    3-28-1865/4-23-1941
Cowan, Samuel F         C4    9-13-1847/12-30-1915
Cowan, Mary M           C4    11-5-1849/11-2-1885 wife of Samuel F Cowan
Cowan, John M           C4    10-27-1870/9-4-1893
Cox, Mary A M           D16   2-28-1834/2-3-1897
Cox, Arnold Jay         A4    2-11-1918/5-18-1968
Cox, Howard Lee         E1    1940-1940
Cox, W Dillard          D3    1864-1945
Cox, Ethmer Ray         A4    11-5-1905/3-26-1965
Cox, Rose E             D21   1876-1945
Cox, Bearl R            D6    11-27-1907/2-1-1913 son of J D & N C Cox
Cox, Eva Whitehill      C12
Cox, D M                C2    died 1-26-1891 age 39 yrs
Cox, Andrew J           D16   12-1-1833/11-9-1913
Cox, Robert B           D21   1867-1916
Cox, Joshua             D1    3-10-1834/4-6-1893
Cox, Syrilda            D1    1864-1912 mother
Cox, Mary J             D1    6-11-1835/5-25-1912 wife of Joshua Cox
Cox, Samuel             E4    1897-1922 CO F2 DEV BN

Cox, R ? A ?            D3    ??? wife?
Cox, Melvin             D6    1916-1917
Cox, Ralph E            D21   11-6-1904/11-20-1906 son of R B & R E Cox
Cox, Lena M             A4    5-8-1921/1-4-2000 Mother
Cox, Laura J            A4    1905-1974
Cox, Jefferson D        D1    1862-1938 father
Cox, Steve ??           E4    1895-1923
Cox, Oliver E           D3    8-24-1894/11-13-1896 son W D & M E Cox
Cox, Mary E             D3    1870-1947
Coy, Bert L             B7    1893-1942
Coy, Dellar F           C3    1873-1938 mother
Coy, Maude B            B7    1895-1967
Coy, R E                C3    4-10-1873/10-26-1903
Coy, William C          C3    1871-1943 father
Coy, David              C3    3-27-1832/9-7-1904
Coy, Sallie             C3    6-14-1840/8-10-1925
Coy, Ethel              C3    2-17-1895/1-19-1898
Craig, Martha J         C6    11-20-1861/11-13-1914 wife of T I Craig
Craig, Lena B           C6    11-1-1888-1-6-1908 dau of T I & M J Craig
Craig, Annie E          E8    1893-1970 double marker, sinking on east side
Craig, Elmer E          E8    1890-1938 double marker, sinking on east side
Craig, Thomas I         C6    6-25-1858/6-20-1930
Crisp, Juanita Burns    E7    1913-1943 P N G of D R
Cummings, Effie         D9    1886-1909
Cummings, William W     D9    8-17-1844/6-20-1891
Cummings, J Ted         B5    1907-1963
Cummings, Columbus M    D9    ?-29-1870/?-24-1889 son of M W & S C Cummings
Cummings, Nellie        B5    9-15-1887/1-16-1972 Also know as Nellie Speer,
Cummings, John R        B5    3-9-1882/1-9-1940
Cummins, Nevada M       D26   11-19-1873/8-27-1915 wife of J S Cummins
Cummins, George Jessie  D26   1872-1955
Cummins, Thelma         D26   2-6-1907/3-5-1913 dau of G J & Mina Cummins
Cummins, Mina M         D26   1879-1959
Cummins, Walter         D26   no marker, infant son of Benjamin & Edith Cumm
Cummins, Charles E      D26   4-6-1913/2-28-1945 son of J S & Nevada Cummins
Cummins, James Samuel   D26   1869-1940 father
Cummins, Iva Marie      D26   4-13-1907/2-2-1990 wife of James Raymond Cummi
Cummins, Emaline        C13   1844-1908 death date in question, sister of C
Cummins, Kenneth C      D26   7-27-1926/9-5-1985 son of Iva M Cummins 

                              HM3 US NAVY WWII & KOREA, cremated, ashes scat
Cummins, James Raymond  D26   4-30-1911/3-4-1992 son of J S & Nevada Cummins
Curry, Elbert G         E12   1901-1964 father
Curry, Sarah C          E12   1903-1964 mother
Cusick, Elizabeth       E6                                         6/25/1945
Cusick, James           E6                                         8/25/1943
D                       E11   between DeMasters & Coulson
Dalton, Anna L          B12   1901-1964
Davidson, John T        D12   9-30-1824/1-28-1885 born in England, died at F
Davis, Zelpha           E12   9-16-1918 -------
Davis, Grace            B3    1924 ----
Davis, Harry C.         D1    1888-1976
Davis, Roberta J        D8    8-8-1931-------
Davis, Leslie A         D8    6-25-1910/3-3-1993
Davis, Walt             B3    1919 -----
Davis, Zora F           D1    1895-1983
Davis, Charlotte J      E4    8-19-1921/7-18-1991
Dearing, Lillie C       B7    10-12-1914/3-16-1987
Deatherage, Ethel       D8    1907-1983
DeGraffenried Wilma E ClE5    7-24-1923/12-28-1977
DeMasters, Jimmie P     D21   12-16-1881/6-30-1904 son of E D & A A DeMaster
DeMasters, Infant       D23   1908 son of John M & Dorcy P DeMasters
DeMasters, John, Jr (A LD23   1903-1922 son of John M & Dorcy P DeMasters (1
DeMasters, Dudley A     E11   1900-1961
DeMasters, E D          D21   2-10-1848/9-1-1913 marker leaning
DeMasters, Infant       D23   1907 son of John M & Dorcy P DeMasters (1906)
DeMasters, Alvie E      D23   10-6-1905/7-18-1973
DeMasters, Johnny A     E11   5-30-1927/12-18-1987 TEC 4 US ARMY
DeMasters, Irene F      E11   1907 - 6-13-2000
DeMasters, Dorcy P      D23   3-22-1880/2-21-1908 wife of J M DeMasters
DeMasters, Almeda A     D21   5-1-1860/1-24-1936
DeMasters, Dora Mae     E11   3-4-1930 -------
DeMasters, Jimmie P     D21   1-24-1904/12-8-1904 son of J M & D P DeMasters
DeWeese, Clarice M      D4    9-22-1917/10-12-1994 married 11-22-1934
DeWeese, Hila M         E7    11-6-1897/11-25-1972
DeWeese, Floyd Lee (SlimD4    4-30-1914/7-10-1982
DeWeese, Lee Noran      E7    4-7-1890/1-5-1945 dad
Dinnsen, Andreas C      B7    1865-1945
Dinnsen, Dorothea A     B7    1866-1945 or 1954
Donelson, Frances Dora VB5    7-30-1909/10-4-1991
Doss, M Helen           C12   9-26-1931 --------
Doss, Gerald M          C12   12-19-1929/9-15-1994 EMS US NAVY KOREA
Douglas, Nancy J        E4    1862-1934
Dousette, Ralph A       D1    1922-1995
Dousette, Hillary L.    D1    1925-1975
Drew, Geraldine M       B7    2-9-1934 ----
Dugan, Wynonia          B12   12-7-1886/10-6-1957
Dugan, Joseph M         B12   10-24-1890 or 1896/11-30-1956 HORSESHOER TRP K
E L G                   C7    Between Emma Roff and Etta Leah Giett
E A C                   D26
Eads, Sandra            B7    7-26-1991/3-9-1993
Eads, Bobby Lee         B7    5-9-1990/3-9-1993
Early, Georgia Cummins  D26   1900-1932 dau of J S & Nevada Cummins
Ebbs, Fred A            D1    8-7-1912/5-31-1980
Ebbs, Mattie L          D1    4-2-1919 to 4-29-2000
Eby, Tom R              D10   4-19-1961 -----
Eby, Phyllis Ruth       D6    5-29-1951 -------- wife & mother
Eby, Jeanette G         D10   4-17-1968/5-24-1994 married 11-19-1988 mother
Eby, Johnnie Lee Jr (LitD6    10-27-1951/3-9-1987
Emery, Mark S (Tool)    D4    9-30-1955/4-21-1984 husband, father, son, brot
Emmitt, David Guy       B13   1881-1971
Emmitt, Lillie May      B13   12-20-1877/2-24-1944
Endicott, Betty J       B6    1927 -------
Endicott, Homer L       B6    1920-1982
Endicott, Charles E or RB     6-27-1932 to 1-27-2001 PFC U S Army Korea
Endicott, Edward F      B4    1897-1959
Endicott, Zella A       B4    1901-1991 dau of Corda & Henry Lewis Jacobs
Endicott, Norman L, Sr  B7    12-13-1931/1-14-1987
Ethridge, H A           E4    1-4-1880/2-4-1924
Ethridge, Della F       C4                                        10/15/1915
Evans, Luevina          E5    2-14-1854
Evans, L F              C7    5-24-1892/10-4-1918 PVT INFANTRY WWI
Evans, James E          E5    9-13-1837/3-27-1923 son of John W & Luevina
Evans, Sarah P          C7    died 6-10-1940 or 1990 age 40yr (Thompson/Neos
Evans, John W           E5    6-4-1847
Ewing, M H              E12   1877-1949 mother of Lavalette Schribline
Fariel, Wilson C        C8    died 3-21-1882 62 yrs
Ferguson, Glen G        D25   3-20-1920/4-21-1980 F 3 US NAVY
Ferguson, Linda Barnes  B2    11-12-1946 ----
Ferguson, Alex D        B2    8-14-1943 ----
Field, Mary E           E6    1852-1932 mother
Field, Ethan            E6    1891-1965
Field, N May            E6    3-11-1896/9-19-1977
Field, Earnest G.       E6    1900-1929
Fisher, Morrison        D10   11-13-1845/4-25-1914 CO K 46 REGT IOWA INF
Fix, June Etta          C2    9-24-1898/5-6-1991
Fix, Charles F          C2    3-30-1894/3-14-1970 PFC HQ CO 38 INF 3 DIVISIO
Forrest, Nancy          D8    born 10-1837-------
Forrest, Oscar William  D8    1879-1955
Forrest, Gilbert L      D8    1880-1932
Forrest, Gilbert        D8    died 3-12-1895 age about 70 yrs
Forrest, Theresa M.     D1    11-14-1915/7-7-1991 mother, wife of Lee Porter
Fowler, Newton J        D18   12-1854/8-1935
Fredenburg, Leroy G     E11   12-2-1924/6-1-1981 SF 2 US NAVY WWII
G                       E12   between Gilman & Tracy
Galbraith, Wilma A      E11   1913 ------
Galbraith, Katherine O  E11   1889-1972
Galbraith, Chas. O (StubE11   1890-1969
Galbraith, Max H        E11   1912-1967
Gandy, Virginia Grace   E2    10-30-1898/11-25-1970
Garris, Bertha Sexton   E6    9-1910/7-1935
Gatliff, William E      A2    4-5-1856/3-2-1925
Gatliff, Lucy L         E5    3-28-1874/6-8-1959
Gatliff, Jospeh         E5    11-1-1869/8-17-1926
Gault, William C        E6    1876-1932
Gault, William O        E7    1914-1976 CPL US ARMY WWII
Gault, G Beatrice       E6    5-24-1918/5-29-1975
Gault, Mary Effie       E6    1881-1963
Gault, William O        E6    1-21-1914/10-15-1976
Gaylor, Louie Lavina GouE4    2-7-1907/7-5-1993 mom
George, Amie Amelia TracD6    10-22-1984/10-2-1986 dau of Jamie & Donna Geor
Giett, Milan            C7    1900-1901
Giett, Mary E           A4    1873-1944
Giett, Ida S            C7    died 12-26-1890 wife of J M W Giett
Giett, James M          A4    1864-1947
Giett, Edward           C7    Grandpa No dates
Giett, Albert J         A1                                         5/12/1932
Giett, Willie           C7    1894-1895
Giett, J Fred           A1    1892-1967
Giett, Mary             C7    1832-1899 wife of Edward Giett-south side- Ann
Giett, Etta Leah        C7    1904-1907
Giett, Frank L          A4    1906-1961
Giett, Bertha E         A1    1895-1968
Gilliam, Jason B        C4    1861-1914 father
Gilliam, Cora E         C4    1864-1932 mother
Gilman, Mary L          E12   1922 -------
Gilman, Guy A           A5    11-26-1877/10-25-1963
Gilman, Katy Lindsey    C5    12-25-1820/11-16-1885 next to marker for Miss
Gilman, Mary E          C5    12-7-1843/4-8-1875 wife of M A Gilman
Gilman, Martha          C5    7-5-1856/3-11-1917 wife of M A Gilman
Gilman, Etta E          A5    1-2-1876/5-13-1968
Gilman, C Ernest        A5    2-13-1891/10-4-1978
Gilman, Charles Milan   E12   3-14-1953/12-20-1979 PVT US MARINE CORPS VIETM
Gilman, M A             C5    12-2-1843/12-21-1915
Gilman, Claude A        A5    6-22-1917/1-3-1982
Gilman, Gusta           A5    7-10-1894/2-3-1974
Gilman, Clifford Teddy  E12   3-21-1924/11-9-1992 CM 2 US NAVY WWII
Gilman, John            C5    3-22-1816/2-17-1899
Gilman, John Phillips   E12   11-23-1957/12-5-1957 baby
Gilstrap, Willis Wesley D23   1915-1932 son of Harry & Verna Gilstrap
Gilstrap, Infant        D23   8-14-1914 son of H & V A Gilstrap
Gilstrap, Gordon G      E11   1922-1967
Gilstrap, Lewella K     E11   1921-1983
Gilstrap, Charles G     E12   11-22-1922/11-9-1967 PVT US ARMY WWII
Gilstrap, Eugene        E4    1921-1921 baby
Gilstrap, Imogene       E4    1928-1929 baby
Gilstrap, Leta M        E4    1906-19--
Gilstrap, Harry         D23   1891-1953
Gilstrap, Juanita F     E4    10-29-1925/12-29-1927 broken
Gilstrap, Mary Alice    C9    9-17-1866/11-28-1894 wife of John F Gilstrap
Gilstrap, Verna Ann     D23   1890-1964
Gilstrap,Frank M        E4    1902-1942
Gingrich, Mollie        D26   3-9-1879/12-26-1928
Gingrich, Leo           D26   3-20-1901/7-9-1940
Gingrich, Levi          D10   11-15-1855/4-19-1935
Gingrich, Lee           D26   4-4-1881/11-10-1930
Gipson, Orvil           D19   9-7-1900/5-29-1902
Gipson, Fred Albert     D21   1897-1947
Gipson, Willie          D19   6-18-1895/2-24-1900
Gipson, Rachel Ann      D19   1868-1959 mother
Gipson, Wesley John     D21   2-29-1888/12-30-1967 PVT US ARMY MISSOURI WWI
Gipson, Ada V           D21   1-24-1901/7-19-1984
Gipson, Thomas J        D19   1857-1940 father
Gipson Delbert Parker   D21   1-20-1920/10-28-1989
Glaspie, Dorothy        D4    12-23-1929/1-22-2002
Glaspie, Vernie Marvin  D4    4-7-1929/10-15-1987 US MARINE CORPS KOREA
Glass, Fern E           B     9-9-1929 to 4-17-2001
Godfrey, Margaret A (PegC10   9-2-1940 to 7-25-2001
Godrey, Tommey Jay "T J"C10   10-12-1980 to 9-14-2000
Goettel, William        C4    6-25-1824/2-5-1879
Goforth, Bonnie         E3    1884-1937
Goforth, Frank          E3    1880-1922
Gould, Theodore         D20   no dates PRIVATE CO 1 15th IOWA INF
Gould, America          D20   7-4-1888/1-29-1911
Gourley, Levey Lee      E5    6-13-1949/12-25-1949
Gourley, Randolph O.    E4    3-27-1900/8-19-1986
Gourley, Clara E        E4    7-5-1866/12-7-1935
Gourley, Florence M     E6    7-21-1934/8-7-1998 married 5/3/1952----- needs
Gourley, Joseph T       D12   8-3-1903/9-14/1977
Gourley, James T        E4    7-2-1870/10-27-1927
Gourley, Della Rose EllaD12   1898-1900
Gourley, Joseph N       D12   1874-1946 father
Gourley, Daniel E       E5    8-20-1959/12-20-1959
Gourley, Sarah E        D12   1865-1945 mother
Gourley, Dorothy Marie Frans  died 11-21-1999
Gourley, Lee Roy              died 5-22-2000
Gourley, William G      E6    5-27-1931/6-21-1991
Graves, Chandler L      D2    3-23-1927/6-14-1978 US Navy WWII
Green, Sarah E          C8    8-29-1892/10-15-1892 dau of Wm & S E Green
Green, Charles          C12   born 1851 in Lankashire, Eng. Died 10-26-1919
Green, Elizabeth        C10   1-9-1912/5-28-1913 dau of John & Julia Green
Green, Thomas           C12   12-3-1827/2-27-1910 born in Lancaseire, Eng
Green, John             C12   9-27-1857/1-23-1915
Green, William          C8    4-7-1861/4-22-1936
Green, Thomas           C10   1856-1937 father
Green, Sarah E Buzzard  C8    1851-1937
Green, Sarah            C12   10-15-1828/12-4-1900 wife of Thomas Green
Greninger, Dulcie       B12   4-1-1909 to 2-23-1999
Greninger, William (BillB12   10-1-1905/1-18-1984
Greninger, Davey        B12   12-1-1945/6-19-1947
Greninger, Gerald Dee   B12   9-19-1930/6-25-1986 US ARMY KOREA
Griffis, Bob J          E4    9-24-1929/11-2-1960
Griffis, Rex R          E4    1-3-1922/3-8-1925
Griffis, Wm E           E4    1859-1930
Griffis, Fanny W.       E4    1900-1973
Griffis, Forrest E      E4    1890-1937
Griffis, Henry Coleman  E4    1892-1929 SGT HQRS CO 7TH ENGRS A. E. F.
Groff, Goldie F         C11   8-21-1918 to 9-14-2000
Groff, Darrell D        C11   2-6-1933 to ------- married 2-23-1978
Grundy, James A (Jim)   E     7-8-1906 to 1-20-2001
Gunn, Anson C           B7    10-21-1926/10-26-1987
H                       D8    next to Rex Higginbotham
H D C                   D7    died 2-7-1839 age 3 yrs, 5 mo, 14 days, broken
Hale, James             C12   1919 to 3-26- 2000
Hall, Betriss C (nee AndD25   11-15-1913/1-27-1993 dau of Minnie & Joseph An
Halling, Mary A         B3    12-4-1884/7-4-1980
Halling, James Lambert  B5    3-27-1873/2-2-1959
Hankins, Milliam        D10   2-14-1852/3-27-1891
Harkrader, Lowell W     C13   10-16-1916/10-14-1978
Harlan, Steven G        B3    7-5-1953/9-18-1975
Harris, Joseph          B4    1899-1959
Harris, Mary A          B4    1902-1977
Hatten, Olive A         E1    1879-1960
Havens, J C             E12   1881-1952 uncle of Lavalette Schribline, broth
Hawes, Elmer            C1    8-25-1886/2-4-1912
Hawes, Wilmer           C2    3-22-1913/12-28-1912
Hawes, Herbert          C2    1903-1905
Hawes, Sarah E          C2    1-12-1864/3-26-1898
Hawes, Oscar            C1    5-4-1912/5-8-1912
Hawes, Infant           C2    1885 son of J O & H Hawes
Hawes, Harvey H         C1    4-11-1864/11-8-1945
Hawes, Harriet Ann      C2    7-17-1843/12-30-1926
Hawes, Walter           C2    1-6-1907/4-18-1910
Hawes, Joe W            C1    5-16-1870/1-8-1927
Hawes, Mary Elna        E5    1890-1930 mother (marker is loose,needs repair
Hawes, Ruby Alice       C1    1907-1939
Hawes, Infant           C2    1881 son of J O & H Hawes
Hawes, Ova Elizabeth    C2    3-2-1898/6-22-1898
Hawes, Lyda B           C1    3-2-1889 ----- wife of I E Hawes
Hawes, Armada Belle     C1    8-1-1865/3-24-1927
Hawes, Charles C        C2    1883-1964
Hawes, Mabel E          C2    1888-1983
Hawes, I E              C1    2-25-1888/9-1-1919
Hawes, James O          C2    7-2-1842/10-31-1889
Hawes, James Oliver     C1    10-7-1902/12-28-1921
Henricson, Edward A     B4    4-11-1890/2-10-1958 CPL CO M 116 INFANTRY WWI
Henricson, Mary M       B4    1889-1963
Henson, Rose Z          D22   1897-19 ?? mother
Henson, Basil B         E1    1894-1947
Henson, Bertha          C6    5-12-1883/3-23-1890 dau of W R & V A Henson
Henson, Mary L          E1    1895-1976
Henson, William P       D22   1887-1952 father
Henson, William R       C6    1843-1918
Henson, Harold C.       E2    9/30/1896-1/12/1919 PVT BATTERY C51 COAST ARTI
Henson, Virginia A      C6    7-5-1843/4-6-1906 wife of W R Henson
Henson, Lola Ellen      D22   12-22-1929/1-3-1930 daughter, marker is turned
Henson, Cynthia         E2    1871-1963
Hermanson, Lars N       D1    2-28-1915/3-2-1989
Hermanson, Mary E       D1    3-19-1914/4-19-1978
Herring, L E            D14   ? #-1906/10/18-1909 Broken
Herring, Sadie B WhiteheB11   1-18-1886/3-20-1960
Herring, C E            D17   1-23-1888/5-1904
Herring, William Marion B11   1-12-1865/2-12-1940
Herring, E J            D17   3-9-1870/4-1920
Herring, David C        B11                                         5/6/1966
Herring, Wanda          B11   1927-1945 (wife of John Anderson)
Hewett, Joe                   1835-1913
Hickox, Mary L          C13   12-1-1839/11-24-1897 wife of M M Hickox
Hickox, M M             C13   4-11-1842/5-10-1878
Hickox, E K             C13   9-8-1847/1-21-1889
Higginbotham, Annie M   A8    1886-1974
Higginbotham, Oscar     D8    10-18-1849/6-10-1928 father needs to be raised
Higginbotham, Dena Maye E11   10-18-1967 infant
Higginbotham, Carl J    D8    3-22-1913/10-17-1969
Higginbotham, Lucy G    C4    2-14-1869/8-7-1951 Mamma
Higginbotham, Charles L C4    7-13-1869/6-6-1944 Papa
Higginbotham, Laveta AnnC4    12-7-1910 / 11-6-2000
Higginbotham, William D A9    4-30-1884/10-18-1952
Higginbotham, Joe L     B9    1879-1964
Higginbotham, Nancy E   D7    1852-1947 mother
Higginbotham, Walter H  D20   1876-1964
Higginbotham, Paul      C4    4-17-1905/10-17-1962
Higginbotham, Charles W D7    1852-1894 father
Higginbotham, Clyde GeneE5    2-14-1928/6-11-1928 son of J A & V J Higginbot
Higginbotham, Mary H    D18   1884-1966
Higginbotham, Harmon O  A8    6-11-1912/8-12-1995 PFC, US ARMY WWII
Higginbotham, Charles A D20   10-5-1920/2-4-1996 S SGT US ARMY AIR CORPS WWI
Higginbotham, William B D18   3-5-1836/8-17-1905
Higginbotham, Belle     D21   1881-1971
Higginbotham, Lewis H   D18   1878-1937
Higginbotham, Juanita   D20   1900-1980
Higginbotham, Edward C  A8    1875-1935
Higginbotham, Vernon L  A7    9-19-1919/1-31-1995 TEC 3 US ARMY WWII
Higginbotham, Helen E   A7    6-17-1917/4-17-1993
Higginbotham, Infant    D18   12-9-1903/12-13-1903 son of L H & M H Higginbo
Higginbotham, Robert W  D18   12-14-1900/7-16-1902 son of Dr E L & Ida L Hig
Higginbotham, Nina      D8    no dates
Higginbotham, Delpha L  D18   1901-1982
Higginbotham, Oliver O  A9    5-18-1907/2-12-1918
Higginbotham, Bobby JohnD8    1-24-1935/7-3-1935
Higginbotham, Lucy S    D8    2-16-1850/3-1-1906 mother
Higginbotham, Wm B      D18   1905-1997 son of Dr Edward L & Ida Higginbotha
Higginbotham, Floyd C   E6    5-29-1908/1-7-1989
Higginbotham, Rex       D8    10-6-1936/5-21-1995
Higginbotham, Mary J    D18   9-24-1835/9-9-1900
Higginbotham, Faye N    D8    7-11-1915 ---------
Higginbotham, Edward (LeB9    7-17-1903/1-24-1991
Higginbotham, Robert A  D21   1879-1943
Higginbotham, Helen Mae B9    9-17-1912/8-31-1959
Higginbotham, Corda D   A9    1-24-1887/2-15-1966
Higginbotham, Clara E   E6    12-15-1902/9-26-1996
Higginbotham, Infant    D21   3-21-1908 son of R A & B Higginbotham
Higginbotham, Etta      E5    1869-1947
Higginbotham, John A    D18   1866-1931
Higgins, John C         C2    1889-1906
Higgins, Drucilla       C2    1849-1917
Hill, Clyde H           E6    4-13-1933/7-25-1981 U S ARMY
Hill, Billy R           B6    5-15-1926/1-29-1993 PFC US ARMY WWII
Hill, Laura Marie       B5    7-27-1903/3-15-1978
Hill, Glenda Joan       E6    died 1938 (per Larry James book)
Hill, Clifford O        B6    9-13-1922/11-10-1983 SGT US ARMY WWII & KOREA
Hill, Thelma K          E6    4-19-1923/2-25-1939 not square on base
Hill, Ethel E           E6    1897-1952 mother
Hoagland, Effie L       B2    2-9-1916/12-20-1977
Hoagland, Don R         A1    11-1-1936/12-17-1936
Hoagland, Everett E     B2    11-2-1913/4-9-1995
Hodge, Madie D          D11   2-9-1928/8-28-1994
Hodge, F H (Boots)      D11   6-2-1922 ------
Holcomb, Frona West     C13   1892-1951
Holcomb, Eugene L       D3    7-14-1918/7-12-1998
Holcomb, Barbara J      D3    3-12-1927 ----------
Hook, Rachel A          E12   1-12-1890/8-29-1968 (died 8-1967 per Larry Jam
Hook, Harry H           E12   8-10-1893/12-19-1969 (died 12-20-1968 per Larr
Hoover, Arbeal M        E12   4-12-1916 --------
Hoover, Jefferson G     E12   8-8-1915/10-6-1979
Horton, Delcna          D7    1866- mother
Horton, Bodah           D7    1-6-1814/3-10-1887
Horton, Ginevra or GenevD7    1869-1893 ?1805
Horton, Alex K          D7    1856-1927 father
Horton, Arvil R or OrvieD9    9-15-1890/5-6-1891 son of M J & J W Horton
Horton, William R       D10   8-18-1899/3-23-1903 son of E W & M F Horton
Horton, Carl B          D10   6-13-1896/10-19-1896 son of E W & M F Horton
Horton, Daniel C        D7    8-23-1885/2-27-1889 son of A K & Dulcena Horto
Horton, Infant          D10   5-30-1898 son of E W & M F Horton
Hubbs, Laura B          C1    8-1923 -------
Hunt, Kathleen Ann      B2    6-14-1942/2-9-1972
Hunt, Fred Tillous      B2    1897-1976 PFC US ARMY WWI
Hunt, Alice P           D26   1867-1939
Hunt, Josephine         D25   1866-1953
Hunt, Rex               B9    1934 -----
Hunt, Carl D.           E1    2-10-1938 PVT 18 BN US GUARDS
Hunt, Elvy W            A4    1893-1965
Hunt, John W            D26   1861-1946
Hunt, Donald L          B2    11-4-1939 ----
Hunt, Bonita L          B9    1939-1997
Hunt, James A           D25   1865-1944
Hunt, Daphine E         B2    8-31-1924/8-28-1989
Hunt, Sr., Loyd W       E2    1924-1997
Hunt, Mary J            A4    1894-1973
Hunt, Charles L         B2    6-15-1927/12-14-1989
Hymer, Richard          C13   1865-1949 father
Hymer, ???              C13   3-14-1895/1-10-1904 dau of R & C Hymer
Hymer, Della            D25   1870-1933
Hymer, Frank            C13   10-2 or 10-9 1892/5-19-1895 son of R & C Hymer
Hymer, James S          D25   11-22-1860/3-15-1913
Hymer, Cynthia          C13   1867-1941 mother
Immekus, Leo R          D7    2-6-1919/1-14-1990 US ARMY WWII
Ingraham, Dora B        D9    11-9-1873/7-21-1897 wife of M V Ingraham
Isaacs, Alta            D17   7-15-1902/8-27-1902 dau of Wm & Flossie Isaacs
Isaacs, Edith           D18   3-30-1906/3-31-1906 dau of Wm & Flossie Isaacs
Isaacs, Floyd           D17   8-6-1900/11-10-1900 son of Wm & Flossie Isaacs
Israel, John            D9    died 8-7-1907 age 56 yrs
J G                     C7    between Emma Roff and Etta Leah Giett
J                       E11   between M and Jenkins
J E C                   D26
J                       E12   between Johnson & Gilman
J A M                   E5
Jackson, Dyke K         E6    1898-1965
Jackson, Fannie         D6    11-13-1904/5-13-1987
Jackson, Lillie M       E5    1880-1928
Jackson, Raymond I      B6    10-11-1922/2-11-1992 S SGT US ARMY WWII
Jackson, Frank V        E5    1886-1928
Jackson, Gertrude Z     E6    1901-1961
Jackson, G D            E6    1923-1928 son of Mr & Mrs D K Jackson
Jackson, Frankie Lee    B6                                        11/26/1942
Jackson, Albert L       D6    4-30-1906/4-3-1987
Jackson, Helen June     B6    6-16-1924 ------
Jacobs, Cordelia        D1    marker says "Corda", known to be wife of Henry
Jacobs, Henry Lewis     D1    1879-1957
Jenkins, Caroline B     E11   1903-1960
Jobe, Dorothy Ann       D4    4-13-1919/3-4-1994 wife & mother
Jobe, Clarence T        D4    1912/2001
Johnson, Henry C        E6    1858-1932
Johnson, Russell E      E12   2-7-1896/11-12-1961 CFR 1 CL US ARMY WWI (mark
Johnson, Rayma M        C13   space unused at this time
Johnson, Mary L         E6    1865-1940
Johnson, Lula M (Luella)D25   1893-1920
Johnson, Frank C        C13   1912-2002
Johnson, Hattie M       E12   1897-1963
Johnson, Clarence E     E12   1888-1961
Johnson, Flo G          D25   1916-1920 daughter of Walter & Luella Johnson
Johnson, Sarah L.       D20   died 4-5-1900 age 33y,11m,5da wife of R K John
Johnson, Samuel H       E12   3-28-1892/2-23-1968 SGT US ARMY WWI
Johnson, Louisa K       D8    5-29-1839/2-15 (or 14)-1916 wife & mother
Johnson ----            C13   space unused at this time
Johnson, William T      D8    1870-1926
Johnson, Marian         C13   space unused at this time
Johnson, Hannah C       D10   died 8-17-1902 age 61 yrs 10 mo 7 days
Johnson, John R         D8    no dates CO. 1 149 IND. INF
Johnson, J R            D8    2-15-1839/2-25-1912 father
Johnson, Eunice         D25   3-4-1911/3-8-1911 dau of Walter & Luella Johns
Johnson, Howard A       C13   6-22-1919/2-21-1998 US MARINES WWII
Johnson, Walter N       D25   1885-1961
Johnson, Elmer E        E12   2-7-1896/11-12-1961 S SGT HQ CO 355 INFANTRY W
Johnson, Luther R       D20   2-23-1890/10-24-1903
Johnson, Ollie M        B3    11-20-1893/3-28-1968
Johnson, Minnie         D25   1892-1926 widow of Joseph Anderson & 2nd wife
Jones, Vickie           E6    9-6-1952/9-7-1952 Twins
Jones, H Clay           C2    1849-1934
Jones, Rickie           E6    9-6-1952/9-7-1952 twins
Jones, Margie M Brittle D7    9-13-1921/5-26-1988
Jones, Laura            C2    1864-1947
Kaufman, Ezra           D23   12-5-1884/11-21-1918 or 1910?
Kaufman, Jesse H        C9    4-4-1874/7-8-1908
Kaufman, Ezra C         A6    1913-1929
Kaufman, N N            D18   no dates, CO E 49TH MO INF
Kaufman, Grace E        A6    1889-1925
Kaufman, William C      A6    1886-1923
Kaufman, ?              A6    Between Charles Giles Kaufman & James F Poteet
Kaufman, Carrie         D23   10-28-1886/11-19-1934 mother
Kaufman, Susan          D18   2-2-1816/12-3-1888
Kaufman, H B            D18   7-19-1879/4-12-1894 dau of NN & H Kaufman
Kaufman, Charles Giles  A6    1-30-1915/8-2-1916
Kendall, Emma J         E6    1887-1935
Kendall, Auddrey G      E6    1910-1928
Kennell, Donald Jr      D26   died 2-15-1923 or 1929
Kester, Josie E         E6    1896-1955 mother
Ketchum, Charles David  B6    1-6-1968/1-4-1987
Kidder, Earl R          D13   8-1-1891 facing east, son of CC & SE Kidder
Kidder, Eddie S         D13   died 10-13-1883 facing west, son of CC & SE Ki
King, Jimmy W           D6    3-26-1958/4-20-1987
Kluge, Charles A        D10   11-10-1900/1-5-1996
Kluge, Isabelle E       D10   12-28-1906 -------- married 9-27-1925
Krill, Infant son       C3                                              1904
Krill, Nicholas         C4    1835-1909
Krill, Katherine        C3    1873-1952
Krill, N Allen          C4    1893-1898 son of G & D Krill
Krill, Louisa           C4    1839-1920
Krill, George W         C4    1866-1944
Krill, Beulah           C3    1911 -------
Krill, John E           C3    4-24-1905/2-14-1992
Krill, Lillie B         C4    1892 dau of G & D Krill
Krill, Clifford         C3    1911-1921 son of F & K Krill
Krill, Della May        C4    1873-1945
Krill, Frank J          C3    1869-1954
Krill, Earnest E        C4    1914-1932 son of G & D Krill
Krummel, Clay A         A5    1913-1940
Krummel Jr, Lauran AdraiE10   9-13-1952/12-4-1952
Krummel, Dorothy F WalkeA5    1913-1997
Krummel, Tracy A        E6    1915-1952
Krummel, Clay A         E6    1880-1961
Krummel, William A      E6    1878-1958
Lea, Orlena             A8    9-24-1858
Lea, Wesley             D12   5-3-1881/1-15-1942
Lea, Martha J           D12   1880-1933 wife of Wesley Lea
Lea, Luke               E5    1839-1923
Lea, Mira               C2    born 10-5-1885 marker broken, nothing else rea
Lea, J J                A8    10-24-1833/8-10-1922
Lea, Maranda            E5    1855-1933 his wife (Luke's)
Lindsey, Miss Katy      C5    12-25-1820/11-16-1885 married John Gilman 12-1
Lodge, James            D7    10-2-1832/12-12-1915
Lodge, Margaret         D7    4-9-1854/5-6-1918
Lodge, Sarah Ann        D7    4-23-1847/4-13-1890 or 1899 wife of James Lodg
Long, N Marcella        D16   4-24-1921 ----- married 2-26-1945
Long, Jesse M           D16   4-1-1918/11-29-1994 US NAVY WWII married 2-26-
Longstreet, Richard Joe C2                                        11/26/1927
Love, Jesse             E3    1872-----father(died 1912 per Larry James Book
Love, John              D1    died 8-2-1901 aged 65 yrs (north side of marke
Love, Ellen             D1    died 4-27-1902 aged 43 yrs (south side of mark
Love, Margaret M        E3    1878/11-8-1918 per Bigham Mortuary Record in N
Loyd, Arthur            A7    son of H A & ?? Mabel Weib?
M                       E11   between Mitchell & J
Manuel, Lena            C10   1930-8-24-2001
Marney, Marvin M        E11   1894-1974
Marney, Viola E.        E11   1901-----
Marshall, Drucilla K    A2    6-13-1867/9-7-1944 (sister of James Samuel Cum
Marshall, T E           A2    11-24-1855/7-4-1926
Martin, Floyd L         E5    1904-1925
Martin, Juanita B       E11   1916-----
Martin, Fannie Myrtle   E5    11-24-1886/12-25-1974
Martin, W E             C7    1879-1920
Martin, Floyd           E5    10-5-1885/6-2-1977
Martin, Eugene B        E11   1905-1990
Martin, Martha          C7    1876-1912 wife of W E Martin
Martin, Barbara June    B4    1958-1960
Maxton, J Fred          B3    1905-1971
Maxton, Crystal M       B3    1907-1969
McClendon, Wm. Frank    D1    1914-1998
McClendon, Elsie M.     D1    1915---------
McCord, Lora L Tyree    D3    9-19-1900/3-7-1933
McCoy, Francis Lewis    E12   8-8-1909/8-12-1957
McCoy, Bonita P Taylor  E5    12-3-1940/1-12-1982
McCoy, Ruth Lorene      B6    1-18-1922/1-19-1986
McCoy, Earnest E        B6    2-12-1923/12-15-1989
McCoy, Ida P Conner     E12   6-22-1910/10-13-1977 married 8-8-1929
McCoy, Wendell Francis  E5    9-25-1968/11-4-1984
McGinnia, Lavon Eloise  E2    12-21-1921/9-13-1932 daughter
McGinnis, Luke L        E2    1883-1947
McGinnis, Jerry Lee     D6    10-22-1941/3-7-1996 U S ARMY
McGinnis, Luther        E2    3-14-1917/12-14-1919 Son
McGinnis, Judith Ann    D6    9-26-1943-------
McGinnis, Sarah M       E2    1886-1943 wife of Luke L. McGinnis
McGovern, Jade Danyell  B7    12-30-1985/2-14-1986
McKeehan, Delno D, Sr   D16   3-9-1938/1-6-1996 Dad, married 11-25-1956
McKeehan, Joann         D16   7-16-1941 ------ Mom, married 11-25-1956
McNeil, David           D15   12-24-1844/6-5-1937
McNeil, Alice M         D15   2-14-1865/5-16-1930
McNeill, Maude C        B5    1899-1953
McNeill, Wallace C      B5    1893 ------
McVay, Plesant H        D12   8-7-1836/4-22-1917 CO B24 MISSOURI INFT
McVay, Henry J          D12   10-21-1889/9-22-1918 SEAMAN US NAVY
McVay, Nancy I          D12   3-20-1883 or 1888/11-27-1899 daughter of P H &
McVay, Asa              D12   1877-1955
McVay, Letha C          D12   1847-1935 wife of Plesant McVay
Medlen, Sarah E         C11   died 2-8-1900 age 67 yrs, 7 mo, 23 da wife of
Medlen, James M         C11   10-19-1869/10-18-1877
Medlen, John            C11   died 2-8-1894 monument unsafe 73 yrs
Medlen, J W             D8    4-29-1857 (or 1867)/3-29-1921
Medlen, Isabelle        D8    2-17-1862/8-11-1923 wife
Medlen, Thomas T        C11   10-1-1872/4-9-1873
Medlin, Bertha Ethel    E2    1888-1947 mother
Melton, Floid           D9    4-19-1894
Melton, Green B         D9    12-13-1875/9-26-1889 son of Dr R & Eliza Melto
Melton, Martin F        C2    1867-1942
Melton, Eliza           D9    9-1-1849/2-11-1900 or 2-1-1900
Melton, Red W           A1    no dates
Melton, Sarah R         C2    1875-1973
Melton, Floys           D9                                        11/17/1901
Mendenhall, Dr M S      C4    5-3-1881/6-2-1974
Mendenhall, Ruth        C4    11-21-1897/5-1-1988
Millard, Norman C       D25   1910-1996
Millard, Viola L        D25   1875-1942 mother
Millard, Mary S         D25   1910-1989
Millard, ?? Possibly W AD25   broken
Millard, Archie         D25   5-8-1900/7-18-1917
Millard, Elvira J       D13   died 5-14-1904 age 49 yrs
Millard, William Dan    D25   3-1-1905/12-27-1980 husband & father
Miller, Keith M         D4    5-12-1923/3-2-1986 BMC US NAVY WWII
Miser, John Austin      C7    3-29-1849/2-23-1894
Miser, Rebecca E        E3    1849-1930
Mitchell, Boyd F        C13   1-4-1904/3-16-1976
Mitchell, Gertrude L    E11                                        7/24/1917
Mitchell, Bert L        C12   1939 to 2000 Married 1-2-1959
Mitchell, Gertrude J    C13   1-2-1910 to 4-8-2000
Mitchell, Gary A        E11   1947-1968
Mitchell, Effie M       A6    1881-1948
Mitchell, Orville G     E11   9-4-1913/12-15-1957
Mitchell, J D           C6    1-15-1840/8-30-1919
Mitchell, Dovie L       C13   1900-1974
Mitchell, Barbara ElaineE11   3-4-1944/5-11-1979
Mitchell, Eunice E      C6    12-14-1840/8-9-1932
Mitchell, Ruic O        C13   1894-1972
Mitchell, Edsell E.     C12   1926-1987 brother
Mitchell, William W     A6    1878-1941
Mitchell, Carolyn S     C12   1941 to ------
Mitchell, Mildred Alice A6    3-18-1909/5-5-1981
Mizer, Bill             E3    1886-1967
Mizer, Polly M          C8    1811-1899
Mizer, J Robert         E2    12-1876/6-1948 father
Mizer, Mary             E3    1887-1977
Mizer, John A           C6    3-29-1849/2-2-1894
Mizer, E. H.            C6    3-3-1870/9-2-1915
Moffett, Floyd W        B11   1892-1960
Moffett, Delphia F      B11   1897-1954
Moore, Leonard D        E12   8-8-1901/8-21-1980
Moore, Dorothy          E12   12-17-1911/5-18-1983
Morehead, George        C3    10-18-1841/5-28-1908
Morehead, Minerva       C3    10-12-1840/6-23-1879
Morgan, Nancy           D23   11-20-1829/1-4-1911 age 82y, 4m, 2 da
Moss, Billie L          D10   9-14-1931 ------wife & mother married 10-22-19
Moss, Joe R             D10   8-29-1927/5-7-1998 husband & father/needs fill
Mother                  C2    no other inscription (under big double evergre
Moylan, John B          B5    1886-1956
Munson, DeLue           E2    1915-1927
Munson, Viola Mae       E2    9-6-1880/3-26-1960
Munson, Miles A         E2    1860-1919
Murphy, Robert          D21   3-12-1875/12-28-1911
Murray, Linda Holcomb   D3    1951-1981
Murray, Emma L          C2    3-19-1868/9-16-1882 dau of H & L Murray
Myers, Ray A            B13   9-17-1916 to 11-23-2000
Myers, Charlie M        D23   1884-1954
Myers, Alvin            D23   2-27-1908/1-6-1910 son of C M & C B Myers
Myers, Minnie           B5    1876-1957
Myers, Myrtle           B6    1-15-1914/7-26-1985
Myers, Cora B           D23   1882-1984
Needler, Eva Henson     E2    3-13-1907/9-19-1981
Neher, J C              C8    10-28-1841/11-13-1913
Neher, Flora E          C8    4-3-1844/10-10-1906 wife of J C Neher
Nett, Charles F         D11   2-28-1936/5-19-1996
Nett, Sandra E          D11   10-29-1944 ------
Nicely, Della T         E12   no dates
Nicely, Marion H        E12   1901-1957
Niday, Clint            E2    1885-1955
Niday, Alpha            E2    1890-1981
Norvell, John Harvey    A2    8-22-1886/10-18-1955 MO PVT 164 WWI
Norvell, Myrtle L (BaileB5    1897-1956
Osler, Katherine M      B6    8-22-1910/2-11-1981
Overton, Edna M         B2    1899-1977
Parker, Enid Leah       E6    1892-1983
Parker, Arthur B        E6    1891-1929
Parsons, ?attie S       D6    10-10-1855/10-23-1890
Parsons, ?? Jas. B ?    D6    10-1-1851/5-2-1889
Parsons, Mary M Seeds   D6    8-8-1831/2-5-1887 wife of Hiram Parsons
Patterson, Theodore C   D8    1857-1929
Payne, Millie Pauline   B3    1897-1990
Peterson, Mona Hope     E1    2-18-1922/10-17-1991 wife & mother
Peterson, Eugene        E2    7-10-1910/8-17-1993 husband & father 
Pettus, Elizabeth J     C6    11-12-1841/3-9-1902 or 1912 dau of R L & B Pet
Phelps, Margo R         D16   9-10-1949 ----- wife & mother, married 12-23-1
Phelps, John R          D16   5-30-1943/10-22-1995 husband & father, married
Phillips, J.            D8    no dates
Phillips, Patricia      E2    12-21-1937/5-24-1988
Phillips, Wm            D10   no readable dataes, CO. F9TH KANSAS CAV
Phillips, Junior        D8    1907 at foot of Phillips, J
Pickens, Infant         D8    4-28-1896 son of J U & Lula Pickens
Pilgrim, Rena Irene     B3    1911-1968
Pilgrim, Albert Joe     B3    1905-1970
Points, Nathan Edmond   D8    3-16-1974/6-21-1993 son & brother
Points, Elizabeth Joe "SD10   6-10-1967/12-5-1996
Poor, Elmer             E3    no dates -- 1 marker "children"
Poor, Azella            E3    no dates -- 1 marker "children"
Poor, Cyril S           E1    4-16-1916/11-17-1975 S2 US NAVY WWII
Poor, Gerld             E3    no dates -- 1 marker "children"
Poor, Oma C             E1    3-7-1898/10-1-1960
Poor, John Calvin       E3    6-1934/12-1969 brother
Poor, Fred H            E1    6-24-1890/7-31-1973
Poor, Bonnie            E3    no dates -- 1 marker "children"
Porter, Billie          D7    1864-1948 father
Porter, William V       B3    1907-1994
Poteet, Margaret E      A6    1861-1921
Poteet, Emily J         C4    8-1-1916/9-14-1917
Poteet, Mary A          C4    12-28-1817/8-31-1891 wife of C Poteet
Poteet, Charles W       C4    1826-1910
Poteet, Emily J.        C4    1847-1916 
Poteet, Millard F       A6    1856-1920
Poteet, James F         A6    1893-1917
Potter,Opal Louise      D2    7-27-1929/3-12-1979
Powers, Charlotte Shuey       died 12-30-2001
Proctor, Inez E         A4    1895-1965
Proctor, James C        A4    3-31-1927/10-27-1987 TEC 5 WWII US ARMY
Proctor, Weldon R       A4    1913-1919
Proctor, Adelia         A4    1869-1931
Proctor, William J      A4    1890-1950
Proctor, Billie         A4    1855-1925
Q                       D5
R                       D21
R                       D21
Ragan, Treacy B         E5    1-6-1882/2-4-1964
Ray, Clifford D         E     7-25-1919 to 1-27-1999
Ray, Mary A             E11   3-10-1929 ------- wife
Ray, Albert (Pat)       E11   2-27-1925/4-6-1992 husband
Ray, Clifford D         E9    7-25-1919-------
Ray, Albert             E11   1886-1977
Ray, Marcella L         E9    7-15-1924/11-1-1994
Reed, Tommy Jay "T J"   C11   10-12-1980/9-14-2000 loving son, brother, husb
Reed, Wolfford          D4    1864-1908
Reed, Kellie H          D4    3-14-1891/10-17-1918
Reed, Carl C            D4    1894-1947
Reynolds, W E           E3    8-11-1885/6-23-1951
Rice, Lewis             D5    1845-1913
Rice, Elizabeth         D5    1857-1891
Richardson, Charles H   C10   5-20-1881/2-12-1902
Ring????? E             D19   died 11-18-1911 or 1918 broken in 2 pieces, la
Ritter, Amanda          E8    1891-1958 mother
Ritter, Silvester       C2    4-17-1830/7-23-1893
Ritter, Laura B         C3    1872-1930
Ritter, Ern             E8    8-30-1919/12-15-1993 US ARMY
Ritter, Frances I       D1    1915-1978 married Walter 12-16-1934
Ritter, Leeroy          C3    5-28-1891/11-1-1895
Ritter, Harry C         C3    7-28-1871/2-26-1909
Ritter, Sylvester       E8    1883-1948
Ritter,Walter G         D1    1910-1995
Robertson, Robert C     D7    2-22-1918/4-27-1990 CMSGT US AIR FORCE WWII &
Robinson, Dorothy May         died 6-6-2000
Robinson, Arnold        B5    6-1-1911/7-18-1965
Robinson, Bonnie Doon   E3    11-1-1899/7-14-1988
Robinson, Eva May       B9    2-6-1903/4-24-1995 per Hedge Lewis
Rodgers, Sarah E        D4    died 6-14-1899 age 50 yrs, 8 mo & 17 days-brok
Roff, James D           D19   3-13-1869/4-16-1899
Roff, Emma              C7    6-10-1870/5-2-1898 wife of Moses Roff
Roff, Nancy E           D19   1845-1935 wife of John A Roff
Roff, Mose S            D19   1866-1940
Roff, John A            D19   1840-1924
Rogers, Susan           D21   12-25-1844/2-19-1909 wife of W Rogers
Rogers, Allen or Wallen D21   no dates CO C 21 MO INF
Rogers, Elsie Ragan     E5    1909-1979
Rogers, Henry W         D21   no dates CO E 5 MO INF SP AM WAR
Rogers, Myrtle          C7    died 10-5-1882 dau of C D & M A Rogers
Rogers, Clara           D4    5-22-1904/10-4-1935
Routledge, G W          D5    died 1-21-1903 age 44 yrs marker leaning--tree
Routledge, Mita B       A8    1891-1974
Routledge, Frank O      A8    1886-1921
Routledge, John         D5    2-8-1889/4-13-1910
Royston, Amos R         E2    2-9-1892/11-8-1935 PVT 210 ENGRS 10 DIV
Royston, Lydia A        E2    1892-1976
Ruestman, Dorothy Vera HB6    2-15-1921 -------
S H Z                   D8    laying flat
S H                     C2    nothing else readable
Sams, Rachel C          D22   9-4-1821/6-10-1877 wife of Asa Sams
Scaggs, Lucille         A2-3  1893-1971
Schibline, Harry I      B4    1898-1965
Schibline, Lavalette E  E12   1908-1962
Scholl, Nolley V        B4    1893-1958
Scholl, Margaret G      B4    1897-1965
Schroeder, Bessie Chase E12   3-27-1886/10-27-1959 or 1950
Scobee, Dorothy May     C11   10-20-1952 to 10-23-2000 Married 7-3-71
Scobee, Bethel "Lee"    C11   1-28-1949 to --------
Seal, Cora B            B4    1868-1948
Seal, James L           B4    1863-1938
Sexton, Carolyn M       B13   7-14-1927 to 9-12-1999
Sexton, Mary Alice      E6    1898-1929
Sexton, Walter          E6    1895-1967
Sexton, Andrew          E6    8-16-1938 PVT 350 INF 88 DIV
Sexton, Wm Henry        E6    5-1864/8-1935 grandpa
Shellenbarger, Forrest LD7    4-8-1926/10-26-1993 TM3 US NAVY WWII
Shipman, Florence M     C13   12-16-1890/2-13-1973
Shrock, Bythel S        A2    12-16-1890/6-6-1945
Shrock, Elsie M         D5    died 3-15-1896 age 1 yr 6 mo 11 da
Shrock, Maggie          E12   1877-1961
Shrock, John            E12   1872-1947
Shrock, Samuel E        D9    died 12-21-1903 age 59 yrs 6 mo, 3 days
Shrock, Margaret J      D9    8-30-1846/7-19-1924
Shrock, Watson Grant    D9    7-27-1868/8-9-1901 eldest son of Samuel & Marg
Smith, Jessie L         C10   4-13-1929/1-31-2002
Smith, Ana E            C9    10-1-1876/4-8-1877 dau of E H & J J or L J Smi
Smith, Sula M           C13   1855-1919 wife of T G Smith
Smith, Ralph W          D7    9-18-1914/8-4-1989
Smith, Sylvia Opal      D12   10-29-1899/8-31-1900 dau of O K & K T Smith- l
Smith, Edwin C          D12   12-24-1910/4-11-1913 son of R L & L M Smith
Smith, A L              C9    2-19-1856/9-2-1917
Smith, Calvin W.        D12   1-5-1831/11-18-1904 CO 123 REGL NY VOL INF
Smith, Edmond Sigel     D1    2-7-1863/4-21-1904
Smith, Edmond H         C9    2-15-1834/1-24-1907
Smith, Fred E.          D1    4-14-1889/6-8-1911 aged 22 yrs, son of E S & A
Smith, Mary A           D12   9-1-1851/1-2-1906 wife of Calvin W Smith
Smith, Nancy V          D18   1846-1914 facing east
Smith, Thomas Grundy    C9    1858-1927 father
Smith, Ora Allie        E2    12-5-1890/3-4-1984
Smith, Wooddy E         E2    1883-1917
Smith, Asa              D1    6-16-1885/2-7-1916
Smith, Teddy            D9    1908-1912 son of O K & K T Smith
Smith, Infant           C12   7-21-1878/7-22-1878 son of A L & P H Smith
Smith, Lucy G           E2    1888-1972
Smith, Clarence         C9    6-9-1878/8-16-1879 son of E H & J J or L J Smi
Smith, Geneva L         C11   8-6-1944 --------- Married 7-30-1964
Smith, Warren L         C11   5-5-1939 to 1-28-2001
Smith, James M          D18   1836-1897 facing east
Smith, Lawrence         C12   11-6-1853/1-4-1882
Smith, Calvin West      E2    5-1-1887/9-16-1982
Smith, unreadable       D12   loose, next to Mary A Smith
Smith, Louisa J         C9    9-9-1837/10-13 (or 12-13)-1908 wife of Edmond
Smith, Otho Keith (O K) D9    1875-1960
Smith, Amanda E         D1    1858-1922 mother
Smith, Rose Ann         C7    1856-1928 mother
Snack, Mabel            D18   1880-1912 mother
Snack, Warren           D18   1905-1907 son
Snoddy, Mollie E        C2    1868-1908 sister
Snodgrass, Leney        D16   11-28-1879/1-11-1974
Sowers, Emma            D5    1865-1905 mother
Sowers, William         D5    1859-1912 father
Sparks, Earl T.         D1    1919-1985
Sparks, Esther E        D12   10-15 (or 16) 1825/3-22-1915 wife of Francis M
Sparks, Francis         D12   no dates CO 3 MISSOURI CAV
Sparks, Blanche         D1    1925-1978
Speer, Nellie           B5    see Nellie Cummings
Stanton, Monica Ann     B2    1974-1976
Staton, L L             C8    no dates
Staton, Dilly           C8    no dates
Stelts, Dora A          D7    1871-1960
Stephen, Jake           B5    no dates
Stevens, Vivian Amelia        died 3-26-2000
Stevens, Paul A         E5    3-4-1911/3-28-1976
Stickelman, Nellie      D4    1889-1938
Stillwell, Octa I       D12   3-23-1883/8-6-1887 daughter of J H & E Stillwe
Stinson, Della L.       D1    1894-1983
Stinson, Ruby G         D4    1914-1983
Stinson, Lille M        E5    1879-1955
Stinson, Charles A      D1    1892-1938
Stinson, Charles A      E5    1874-1923
Stinson, Luther G       E6    1871-1941
Stockham, Buck L        B2    1913-1974
Stockham, Marietta      B2    1914 -----
Stone, Edward J         B3    1885-1967
Stone, Frona E          B3    1889-1949
Stroud, Naomi Emmitt    D23   4-6-1858/4-29-1929
Switzer, Nettie F       C4    1869-1908 mother
Switzer, Thomas         C4    1-5-1882/11-8-1915 Camp No. 235
Switzer, Martha A       C4    2-26-1845/2-7-1894 wife D Switzer
Switzer, Harmon F       C4    1888-1907
Switzer, Daniel Webster A5    3-13-1842/3-27-1922
Taylor, Wendell H       E12   6-13-1909/2-24-1957 PFC SIGNAL CORPS WWII
Teague, Frank A (Pat)   C4    1904-1975
Teague, Minna Lee       C4    1904 ------
Thompson, Robert        D16   1847-1905 father
Thompson, Margaret      D16   1858-1940 mother
Thompson, Nellie F      B2    5-31-1918/9-1-1977
Thompson, R Cecil       D16   1903-1909
Thompson, Floyd         D17   1-10-1912/3-4-1913 son of JM & Lyda Thompson
Thompson, Ella May      D16   1899-1905
Tipton, Terrance Keith  D11   12-27-1960/6-8-1994 father of Chelsea, Savanna
Toney, Arrimarilla      C11   1-27-1815/6-28-1881
Toney, Jesse            C11   3-24-1793/12-28-1878 (from L James book) Broke
Toney, Franklin         C11   born 1-6-1843 Broken
Tracy, Charles Ed       E12   1901-1957
Tracy, Imogene          E12   1900-1985
Trewin, Thomas Alfred   E4    1861-1924 grandfather
Trewin, Opal Hunt       E1    6-13-1901/9-24-1986 Mother
Trewin, Annabel         E5    9-10-1934/8-3-1943
Trewin, Ronnie J        E5    7-21-1950/5-19-1992
Trewin, Teresa L        E5    1-11-1958/--------
Trewin, Marion Dale     E2    10-17-1940/8-6-1995
Truxal, William R       C3    10-13-1923/7-21-1980 COX US NAVY WWII
Tyndall, Ray            B2    10-5-1896/12-6-1975 PVT US ARMY WWI
Tyndall, Virgil         B2    1922-1939
Tyndall, Ella           D24   1868-1947 mother
Tyndall, Faye Patterson B2    5-7-1904/2-9-1984
Tyndall, William D.     D24   10-16-1856/9-19-1912 Or 9-12-1912
Tyree, Anna B           D3    1878-1960
Tyree, John W.          D3    2-27-1872/11-12-1936 daddy
Tyree, Halie or Hale    D7    2-19-1885/5-10-1925
Tyree, G W              D7    1880-1934 or 1904
Tyree, E (Ella)         D8    no dates (1868-1947 per Larry James book)
Tyree, Clarence E       D8    1907-1967 father
Uncle Joe               C12   between Charles Green & Smith infant
unmarked grave          E12   between Schroeder & Shrock
unreadable              D8    broken
unreadable              D8    broken
unreadable              A2-3  between Lucille Scaggs & Hazel Downey Abbot
unreadable markers - 2 -B4    between to Barbara June Martin & Harry I Schib
unreadable              D4    laying flat
unreadable              D9    broken, laying flat
unreadable              B1    nothing visible in this row
unreadable              C8    standing up between Wilson C Fariel & Polly M
unreadable              C6    between John A Mizer & E H Mizer
unreadable              C7    broken between Oliver Barnett & Rose Ann Smith
unreadable              C7    with child figure near Mitchell marker
unreadable              D7    broken, standing up
unreadable              A4    infant son of ? B L Carl? Next to Kelly Bagger
unreadable              D4    Standing up
unreadable              C7    laying flat behind large upright Mitchell mark
unreadable              D7    broken, standing up
unreadable              D9    standing up
unreadable              D25   standing up between Millard & Whitaker
unreadable              D8    laying flat
unreadable              D18   broken, laying flat, between Juanita F Boyd &
unreadable              B5    between Minnie Myers & Jake Stephens
unreadable              D6    standing up
unreadable              D9    broken, laying flat
unreadable              D6    laying flat
unreadable              C11   next to Franklin Toney
unreadable              D18   broken between Susan Kaufman & Mabel Snack
unreadable marker       B4    broken pink stone past Harry Schibline at end
unreadable              C8    standing up between Wm Green and Wilson C Fari
Unreadable, 1 flat      E7    father Wilcoxton ????
Unreadable, standing    E7    broken
Unreadable, broken      E5
Unreadable              D24   standing up inside concrete wall
Unreadable              E5
Unreadable              C7    broken between Susan E Williams & Myrtle Roger
Unreadable Marker-flat  E2
Unreadable, 1 large flatE6    between Gault & Johnson
Unreadable              E3
Unreadable              E6    between Krummel & Kendall
Unreadable, flat        E6    between Bryant & Dyke K Jackson
Vail, Frankie E         B2    3-7-1963/4-4-1982
Van Hooser, Dorthea Mae D26                                        4/29/1930
Van Hooser (Charles S ?)D10   unreadable (died 8-20-1937 per Larry James boo
Vaughan, Lily Mae       D6    1-26-1889 age 2 mo 29 days dau of H N & E E Va
Vaughan, Bessie         D6    11-17-1891 age 1 yr +
Vaughan, Dudley S       D6    died 3-31-1878 age 24 yrs, 3 mo, 2 days broken
Vaughan, Nancy M        D6    2-26-1819/7-5-1874 wife of W Vaughan
Ventle, Mahala          D26   died 4-18-1913 age 65 yrs
Vickers, Viva           C3    10-22-1891/3-12-1898 dau of J I & D M Vickers
Vickers, Rene Eva Irene C12   5-10-1918 --------
Vickers, Vick F Boyd    C12   12-26-1913/3-29-1995
Vickers, Geo N          C3    8-9-1895/2-13-1900 son of J I & D M Vickers
Vicory, John J          B5    1869-1954
Vicory, Charles E       B5    6-24-1895/7-3-1983 PVT US ARMY WWI
Vicory, Martie T.       B5    1874-1957
Vicory, Lillie Marie    E4    3-29-1910/7-10-1919
Vicory, C A             B5    1871-1947
Vicory, Laura B         B5    1874-1942
Vicory B F              E4    10-12-1877/5-23-1931
Vicory, George E        B5    9-20-1907/11-18-1970 TEC 4 HQ CO 1876 ENGRAVN
Vicory, Muriel T        B5    1906-1966
Vicory, C M             D16   11-23-1873/4-22-1913
Vicory, Jan A           B5    7-12-1936/9-3-1975
Vicory, John J          D16   5-6-1833/6-24-1901 CO G 1ST REG MICH LT ARTY
Vicory, Elizabeth A     D16   4-13-1841/5-12/1919 wife of J J Vicory
Vicory A M (Pete)       D4    11-25-1920/1-23-1995 (brother) at foot of Elme
Vicory, Mable           D3    1908-1994
Vicory, Artie F         D16   9-30-1904/7-24-1968
Vicory, William S       B6    10-12-1911 to 10-8-2001
Vicory, Elmer O         D3    1900-1982
Vicory, Charles A       B5    1905-1942
W D                     D8    laying flat
W C                     C7    between Willie Giett and Ida Giett
Waddle                  D1    nothing else readable
Wall, Cortas E          C10   1887-1931
Wall, Charles E         C10   1919-1931
Wall                    C10
Wall, George M.         E4    9-18-1883/9-29-1960
Wallace, Raymond A      B6    6-16-1922/1-2-1987 CPL US ARMY WWII
Walters, Norma Ruth     B5    1915-1958
Warner, Samuel M        E5    died 5-6-1939 PVT 119 FIELD ARTY 32 DIV
Watkins, Ishmeal Mae (T-D7    1-4-1923/7-18-1990
Watkins, Purnie Ellen   D7    3-29-1925/3-13-1996
Watson, Elsie Taylor    E12   10-2-1921/8-12-1993 wife of Paul Watson
Weathers, Joseph        D2    ??1851-??1895
Webb, Buddie Raymond K  D26   10-24-1899/2-11-1927
Wehmeier, Elvena W      E6    11-14-1913--------
Wehmeier, Walter A      E6    6-8-1912/8-24-1994 CPL US ARMY WWII
Welch, Minnie Frances   A2    1870-1931
Welch, Levi             A2    2-22-1864/6-23-1924
West, Elva Fay          C13   7-10-1905/10-1-1906 dau of B F & M M West
West, Sarah C           C13   11-20-1832/6-29-1894 wife of C C West
West, Wilford W         E9    1884-1980
West, Mary M            C13   11-4-1866/12-6-1952
West, Sarah Ann         C13   7-6-1855/8-20-1859 dau of S C & C C West
West, Annie             C13   10-7-1832/11-3-1911 wife of C C West
West, Charlotte         E9    1889-1977
West, Benjamin F        C13   3-9-1863/12-1-1940
Wetherell, Edith Irene  C9    9-12-1902/12-24-1902 dau of Wm & Annice Wether
Wetherell, William C    C9    1870-1940 father
Wetherell, Martha A     C9    1873-1935 mother
Wheeler, Mattie Mae     A3    1898-1968
Wheeler, Leslie H & HerbA3    7-1924 twins
Wheeler, John Dewey     A3    1898-1989
Wheeler, Wesley D baby sA3    9-13-1923/11-9-1923
Wheeler, Christine L    A3    4-7-1928/10-28-1928 baby daughter
Whitaker, Hilda M       D25   11-6-1909/8-8-1987
Whitaker, George Crane  D25   3-1-1905/3-25-1984
White, Betty Mae              10-23-1929/8-2-1995
White, Alfred W.        E4    8-10-1887/1-14-1923 father
White, Rose Ellen       D26   1861-1939 mother
White, Phyllis J (P J)  D6    12-21-1940/11-21-1989
White, John R           D6    12-7-1937/4-27-1988
White, George S         D26   1851-1912 father
Whitehead, Nancy        D17   2-2-1847/1-17-1906 wife of R A Whitehead
Whitehead, ??           D17   unreadable
Whitehead, G C          D13   9-2-1921/8-18-1923
Whitehead, G B          D17   born 4-29-1903 nothing else readable
Whitehead, H G          D13   3-16-1879/5-30-1923 broken, laying flat, need
Whitehead, Nancy C      D26   1878-1956
Whitehead, Wm Thomas    D26   1875-1918
Whitewell, Amanda E "DolD10   1882-1960
Whitson, Gertrude I           died 7-1-2001
Whitwell, William H     D25   5-10-1871/3-6-1942
Whitwell, Joseph Perry  D25   1867-1936
Whitwell, Gladys        D12   5-1-1903/2-5-1904
Whitwell, Jessie M      D25   died 10-11-1902 age 22 yrs wife of W H Whitwel
Whitwell, Ethel A       D12   5-12-1902/5-22-1902
Whitwell, Lewis Alvin   D12   7-8-1877/4-22-1915
Whitwell, Infant        D12   4-4-1902 daughter of M B & E E Whitwell
Whitwell, Lottie B      D25   10-3-1871/3-25-1960
Whitwell, Orem          D9    1900-1987
Whitwell, William C     D9    9-10-1828/10-11-1906
Whitwell, Nellie        D12   10-28-1911/10-7-1912
Whitwell, Goldie M      D25   9-22-1910/6-5-1912 or 7-18-1912 daughter of W
Whitwell, Millia B (MillD9    9-27-1842/9-21-1882 wife of Wm C Whitwell
William, Shareline      C12   9-15-1912 ---------- married 1-9-1935
Williams, Cecil L       C12   11-28-1911/7-31-1994
Williams, Lewis T       E11   10-17-1928/9-22-1978 PFC US ARMY KOREA
Williams, Susan E       C7    4-10-1834/9-23-1891 wife of L H Williams
Williams, Robert R      E11   1933-1970
Williams, Rufus A       E11   4-19-1931/5-11-1970 CPL 43 RECON CO 43 INF DIV
Wilson, Clyde Earl      E5    7-7-1921/8-25-1996 TEC 4 US ARMY WWII
Wilson, Edsel Lee       E8    1927-1956 husband
Wilson, Walter          E3    1890-1923
Wilson, Dora Ann        C12   1-7-1904/7-9-1996
Wilson, Reatha Y        E3    1916-1918
Wilson, Daisy           A8    1-2-1888/2-26-1917
Wilson, Claud E         A8    4-14-1937/11-8-1937
Wilson, John Gordon, Sr C12   7-24-1922/2-4-1996
Wilson, Dale V          A8    1-4-1934/12-19-1937
Wilson, Claud G         E2    1889-1939 father
Wilson, Maggie B        E6    9-23-1901/5-20-1941 mother
Wisner, Grace E         E3    12-20-1895/11-25-1962
Worman, F               D5    died 2-23-1890 age 65 yrs
Worthy, Sarah           C10   4-20-1831/12-2-1831
Wren, Sharon F          B7    10-30-1947/1-27-1986
WTJ                     B2    no dates between Ray Tyndall and Buck Stockham
Wyrick, Lois Mae        D11   1931 -------
Wyrick, Robert "Max"    D11   5-31-1927/8-23-1996
Zimmer, Ward D          D26   3-21-1877/7-20-1916
Zimmer, J W             D26   7-8-1849/5-2-1913
Zirkle, Elizabeth H     D12   10-16-1849/1-6-1929
Zirkle, J W             D12   11-14-1836/10-26-1921
Zirkle, Edith           D12   2-20-1885/3-14-1900 daughter of S H & E
Zirkle, S H             D12   2-14-1841/1-5-1924

NOTED differences between 1973 survey and 2002 survey:
Anglen, Zephniah                      died 11-30-1882
Gilman, Nora                          5-20-1866/11-29-1881
Gilman, Viola                         4-8-1875/95-1875
Glasby, All                           1844-1918
Glasby, Hatt                          1845-1919
Hancock, Cora J                       died 11-18-1878
Hancock, Ella E                       died 5-3-1882 age 18 y 7 m 3 da
Hancock, Josie E
Henckel, Bilke
Herington, Ann                        died 11-27-1880 age 61y 4 m 8 d
Herington, A H                        died 6-20-1871 age 55y
Herington, Rufus                      died 9-26-1876 age 11m 19d
Hetherington, Carrie E                died 7-29-1880 age 1y 9m 9d
Hetherington, Charles                 7-21-1852/2-9-1884
Hetherington, Samuel M                4-24-1844/12-12-1890
Higgins, Mollie E                     1868-1908
Hill, Clyde Patrick                   born & died in 1960
Hunt, Carol D or Carl?
Hunt, Della                           1870-1933
Hunt, Isac P                          8-23-1859/11-5-1886
Hunt, James I                         11-22-1880/3-15-1918
Jacobs, Joel                          11-26-1849/3-21-1917
Jacobs, Susan R                       10-28-1859/5-4-1901
Johnson, Elmer                        5-2-1908/4-7-1960
Johnson, Ethel May                    1892-1899
Johnson, Mary G                       3-18-1850/1-1922
Johnson, William                      died 4-10-1916
Kirby, Albert C                       4-12-1892/3-23-1901
Kirby, Henrietta                      7-77-1863/1-10-1900
Krill, Joseph F                       1871-1875
Laudet, Charley                       11-18-1866/7-11-1887
Mederadley, W M                       died 4-5-1882 age 65y
Melden, James N                       12-19-1869/10-18-1877
Melden, John                          died 2/2/1894 age 73y
Minnis, James E                       1-16-1898/9-28-1937
Mizer, Agnes                          died 5-27-1881 age 3m 12 d
Morthy, Sarah                         4-20-1880/12-2-1891
Murphy, H L                           3-19-1866/9-16-1882
McClear, Jane
Patterson, Amanda                     1868-1931
Platter, David                        1-23-1820/10-10-1883
Price, Louisa S                       died 7-19-1878 age 15m 14 d
Ransan, Tracy                         1882-1904
Reed, Stickelm                        1889-1938
Rogers, John                          12-30-1890/2-20-1913
Rogers, Mary E                        1-24-1883/3-25-1931
Rudabaugh, E
Schrock, Anne E                       died 10-28-1901 age 23 y 7 m 8 d
Smith, Alice                          7-15-1902/8-27-1902
Smith, Edith                          3-30-1906/3-31-1906
Smith, Edmo H                         2-14-1884/1-14-1901
Smith, Elsie                          8-23-1893/10-12-1895
Smith, Floyd                          8-6-1900/11-10-1900
Sould, Sharon K                       died 5-20-1954
Sours, Homer                          1897-1933
Stelts, Elizabeth                     5-11-1832/4-26-1921
Stelts, Philip                        3-10-1819/12-16-1899
Stone, Kathleen A                     1-11-1942/2-9-1972
Switzer, Midalea                      10-5-1885/8-12-1889
Taney, Harrison
Taney, Ida J                          1868-1904
Toney, Anklen
Wall, Hattie E.                       2-29-1892/12-22-1958
Whitehead, L A                        11-6-1904/1-28-1905
Willis, Susan                         1850-1929
Wilson, Bertha                        1888-1947
Zimmer, Donald, Jr.
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