Oakwood Cemetery

The following records were taken from the unofficial Missouri Death Index (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~nettimae/modeaths/).  However, most of the records for Oakwood Cemetery were transcribed and submitted by Janet Johns (jjohns@myhome.net), originally in March 2000.  Some info has been added in April 2006 by Smiley Scott (smiley73070@yahoo.com), in order to update and get the index relisted so others may be able to make use of the valuable information contained therein.  The information was obtained through the SSDI, when applicable.

Oakwood Cemetery, Newton County, MO


ADAMS Cecil D.                     08-18-1958                 Cecil Dockery ADAMS

ADAMS Cenah Fern               03-May-1970

ADAMS Clemmie                    1951

ADAMS Earl E.                       1932

ADAMS Ella                            01-23-1938

ADAMS Genevieve                 1932

ADAMS Grover B.                  1965

ADAMS P.W.                          11-15-1935                 Pleasant Williams ADAMS

ADAMS William Claude         01-Jan-1964

ADAMS Wiloby                       1934

ALEXANDER Arthur G.         10-Feb-1968

ALEXANDER Georgia B.       1966

ALLEN Cassie                         1929

ALLEN Cora M.                     1952

ALLEN William M.                  1944

ANDERSON Jennie E.            1938

ANDERSON Joyce Lea          07-Feb-1952

ANNIS Roy L.                         04-Mar-1965

ARCHER Harry R.                 14-Apr-1968

ARNOLD Clarence                 1934

ARNOLD Edna                       20-Nov-1956

ARNOLD Ellen                        04-Feb-1907

ARNOLD Elmer                      1951

ARNOLD Etta                         1952

ARNOLD Florence E.             1957

ARNOLD George W.              1947

ARNOLD George W.              1968

ARNOLD Henry                      1930

ARNOLD Isaac                        9 Jul 1897

ARNOLD John W.                   1959

ARNOLD Lena                        27 Aug 1892

ARNOLD Lenora M.               1970

ARNOLD Louizia                     1949

ARNOLD Rosie                       13-Jul-1961

ARNOLD Viola M.                 1953

ARNOLD William Roy

AVRITT J.P.                            1906

AVRITT William                      1914

BAKER Efton                          1959

BAKER George W.                 13-Jan-1962

BAKER Harry                         1961

BAKER Marjorie                     1939

BALDWIN J.S.                         29 Jan 1888

BALDWIN Lucy E.                   01-Aug-1921



BECK Curilda                         1939

BECK Edward                         1920

BENTON Annie                      1964

BENTON Emily                       1939

BENTON Rebecca                  20-Oct-1963

BENTON Thomas                   1932

BISHOP Gladys Lorene          12-Oct-1960

BISHOP Howard M.                31-Mar-1954

BLAND Carrie                         1916

BLAND Clara                          1946

BLAND Frank                          1925

BLAND George E.                   10-Dec-1948

BLAND Harvey                       1936

BLAND Josiah                         24-Jul-1912

BLAND Mary                          07-Mar-1915

BLAND Nancy                        age 82y 9m 1d

BLAND Oscar                         25-Aug-1912

BOGLE Addie                         28-Jul-1934

BOGLE Ann                            1921

BOGLE Billie D.                     19-Mar-1952

BOGLE Ellen                           1932

BOGLE Fred                           1906

BOGLE George                       08-Sep-1942

BOGLE George M.                 1917

BOGLE Henry                         1934

BOGLE Infant                          28 Dec 1917

BOGLE J.J.                              1913

BOGLE Jesse                          04-Mar-1961

BOGLE M. Belle                     1955

BOGLE Mary                          01-Jul-1927

BOGLE Regenia                      07-1968

BOGLE Stella                          1961

BOGLE Thomas D.                  1964

BOGLE Wright                        11-Nov-1963

BOND Bobby Lee                   27-Jan-1947

BOND Edna                            1961

BOND Fred Clyde                   14-Sep-1959

BOND James O.                      1952

BOND Lewis Clyde                 01-Jul-1953

BOND Martha                         13-Apr-1928

BOND Thomas                        1949

BOND William M.                   27-Jun-1935

BOND William T.                    1971

BOSS Charles                          07-Jul-1900

BOSS Mary                             1947

BOSS Umphrey                       29-Apr-1900

BOSS William T.                      20-Jan-1904

BOSS Wright                           1954

BOYER Clint                           1939

BOYER David William             1963

BOYER Ed                              1951

BOYER Joe                             1935

BOYER Karan                         1958

BOYER Lilly                            not listed

BOYER Lutie                           1953

BOYER Pauline                       10-Jul-1955

BRADFORD Helen Mae         1964

BRATLEY Bennett                  1919

BRATLEY Esther                    1915

BRATLEY Floyd                     1886

BROADY Fredric                    1933

BROADY Infant Daughter        1928

BROADY Susan                      1960

BRODIE Grover M.                 1955

BROYLES John L.                  13-Nov-1960

BROYLES Susie Caddell         1941

BUHRMAN Grover                 1948

BUHRMAN Leah M.              1949

CALDWELL Chester A.          1949

CALDWELL Harry Edgar       15-Sep-1964

CALDWELL Joann                 1931

CALDWELL Mona Marie       age 43y 4m 14d

CANTRELL Edgar                  20-Jul-1904

CANTRELL Emma                  1948

CANTRELL Marjorie 1940

CAPPS Charley                       26-Apr-1938

CAPPS James M.                    1944

CAPPS Mattie J.                      1952

CAPPS Mollie L.                     1947

CAPPS Raymond                    19-Sep-1952

CAPPS Sirildia                         16-Jul-1958

CAREY G.T.                           22-May-1951

CAREY James                         18-Apr-1926

CAREY Margaret                    1914

CAREY Matilda

CASH George                         1931

CASH Harve                           1937

CASH Henretta                        1960

CAYLOR Harry E.                  no date given

CAYLOR M. Etta                    no date given

CHANCELLOR Berdie           1950

CHANCELLOR Florence        1943

CHANCELLOR Frank            1956

CHANCELLOR Ida T.            31-Dec-1937

CHANCELLOR James            1925

CHANCELLOR Jessie J.         1967

CHANCELLOR Mary Ann     1918

CHANCELLOR Patrick          1921

CHANCELLOR Roy               1916

CHANCELLOR Thomas         1954

CHANCELLOR W.S.             11-Oct-1936

CHASE Charlie L.                   1946

CHASE Lewis                         1947

CHASE Margaret Jane             1953

CHERRY Benjamin                  1958

CHEW Jessie M.                     1938

CHEW Raymond F.                 04-1971

CLAPP George H.                   1933

CLAPP Glen                            1933

CLAPP Maggie M                   07-15-1966

CLOUD Thomas L.                 1938

COLEMAN Walter                 1951

CONNAWAY Dessie             06-Jun-1942

CONNAWAY Gene               05-Apr-1965

COOPER Alden                      29-Nov-1910

COOPER Amanda                   1921

COOPER Clarence S.             1963

COOPER James                      5 Jun 1880

COOPER Mary J.                    12 Aug 1896

COOPER William                    1953

COPE Albert Barton                1925

COPE Andrew                         1908

COPE Arch                             1848

COPE Clara                             31 Aug 1897

COPE Goldie                           1900

COPE Hattie                            1966

COPE J. Everett                       08-May-1915

COPE John                              1930

COPE Lewis                            26 Mar 1890

COPE Lewis                            30-Oct-1961

COPE Lillie                              1963

COPE Lorentz                         01-Dec-1964

COPE Louis                             1908

COPE Loyd Earl                      1953

COPE Lucy                             1961

COPE Maude                          13-Nov-1961

COPE William S.                     1956

CORNELISON Alma              1946

CORNELISON Charles          1952

CORNELISON Charles          age 68y

CORNELISON Mary J.          11-Jul-1911

CORNELISON William           19-Jun-1931

CORNETT Frank                    1966

CRABTREE Ernest D.             1971

CRABTREE James                  09-Jul-1931

CRAMER Mary Ella                12-Aug-1925

CROAN Baby                         09-Oct-1958

CROAN Donna Sue                07-Aug-1960

CROW Arthur J.                      1936

CROW Tom Louis                   1955

CRUMBLISS Anna                 1938

CRUMBLISS Arthur G.           1958

CRUMBLISS Herbert             1934

CRUMBLISS Howard             1960

CRUMBLISS John                  10-Nov-1958

CRUMBLISS John W.            1923

CRUMBLISS Louisa               1912

CRUMBLISS Mollie                19-May-1917

CRUMBLISS Ralph                1950

CRUMBLISS Winnie              1947

CURRY Emery M.                   06-Jan-1972

CUSTER Dora D.                    1946

CUSTER James E.                   1941

CUSTER T. E.                         1937

DAUGHERTY Alice                1929

DAUGHERTY Harold L.         04-Jul-1959

DAUGHERTY Horace            1929

DAUGHERTY Jess J.            1934

DAUGHERTY John                 1964

DAUGHERTY Kenneth Eugene 1959

DAUGHERTY M. Elizabeth    1932

DAVENPORT W. Ernest        1958

DAVIS John W.                       13-May-1972

DICKEY Arden J.                   06-May-1965

DURHAM Nancy                    1942

DURHAM Newman                05-Sep-1942

DURHAM Olive                      1959

DURHAM William                   1941

EDMISTEN Chris                    1949

EDMISTEN Elmer L.              20-Nov-1965

EDMISTEN Vina                     1945

EGER Fannie                           1969

EGER Harry                             1933

ELLIOTT Lucinda                    06-Aug-1917

ELLIS Margaret                       26-Jul-1905

ESTES James                           19-Nov-1933

ETCHESON Samuel                1930

EVANS Dora                          11-Sep-1955

EVANS Monte F.                    23-Mar-1948

FAULKNER E. Blanche          07-1972

FENIMORE Alva Lyle             07-Feb-1926

FENIMORE Elmer                  24-Oct-1957

FORAKER Billy Joe                02-Sep-1952

FORAKER Jess A.                  13-Nov-1964

FORD Ila Jean                         05-1969

FOSTER Barker                      24-Jan-1910

FOSTER Betty Ann                 1930

FOSTER Lula                          16-Jul-1932

FOSTER Verna                       16-Jun-1925

FRANKIEDON Chase            1942

FRICK Albert                          18-Sep-1961

FRIEND Walter                       1948

GARARD Gladys A.                07-1971

GASTON Osee                       1943

GEEDING Harry                     1931

GEEDING Harvey                   03-Jan-1927

GEEDING Martha                   13-Jul-1909

GIBSON Allie                           30-Sep-1912

GIBSON Edna N.                    1947

GIBSON Hiriam                      1912

GIBSON John L.                     1931

GIBSON Lewis                       28-Mar-1936

GIBSON Mary M.                   1928

GIBSON Myrtle                      1946

GIBSON William D.                11-Feb-1906

GIBSON Zillah                        29-Oct-1962

GILES Nan Ellen                      1935

GOODSON James                  1941

GOODSON Lillie                    26-Mar-1971

GORHAM Emma                    1965

GORHAM Samuel W.             1959

GREEN H. Iven                       1948

GREEN Harold Marvin            05-Sep-1962

GREEN W. Hanson                 1945

HAGGARD Dee A.                 24-May-1960

HARMON Gladys Lee            15-Apr-1968

HARMON Infant Daughter      08-Apr-1946

HARMON Letitia M.               30-Sep-1964

HARMON Otto                       18-Apr-1966

HARMON Richard D.             01-Oct-1941

HARNES Ethel                        23-May-1964

HARNES Robert                     11-Jan-1917

HARRIS Grace N.                   06-1972

HART Guy                               1932

HART John E.                          1930

HARVEY William                                                      Indiana Infantry

HAWKINS Annie M.              1938

HAWKINS Joseph                  1937

HAWKINS W.L.                    09-Aug-1963


HAWORTH Isaac N.                                                  Indiana Infantry

HAWORTH Maggie                29-May-1908

HAYNES Dianna Lyne            21-Sep-1956

HENRY Amanda                     24-Jun-1953

HERMAN Frank H.                 1960

HERRIN Baby                         21 Jun 1896

HERRIN Dixie                         1946

HERRIN Elizabeth Orr             1935

HERRIN George W.                1953

HERRIN J.E.                           1929

HERRIN James W.                  1935

HERRIN James W.                  31-Oct-1914

HERRIN Leroy                        20-Sep-1903

HERRIN Nellie G.                   1939

HERRIN Opal                         22-Apr-1915

HERRIN Walter                       02-Jun-1952

HILL Edna                               1964

HILL Mabel                             1962

HILL Nina                               1940

HILL Roy                                1963

HILL Shirley                            1931

HINES Lucinda                        1916

HOLLIDAY Eliza                    05-Feb-1906

HOOVER Claude M.               1935

HOPKINS Albert Duval          1959

HOUCK Larry                         01-May-1940

HOUSE Cora A.                      1964

HOUSE Curtis                         1963

HUBBARD Cora J.                 1957

HUBBARD Guy H.                  1964

HUBBARD Guy Willis             May-1952

HUEY Katy Jane                     07-Jun-1919

HUTCHISON John Paten        1952

IRISH Beulah G.                      1963

IRONS Arnold                         02-Mar-1902

IRONS Helen                          5 Oct 1885

JACKSON Clara                     1963

JACKSON Elmer                    1943

JACKSON George                  1941

JACKSON Grant                    1955

JACKSON Tennie                   1967

JARRAD Elizabeth                   1 Aug 1898

JEFFERS Infant twins              21-May-1939

JENKINS John J.                    1937

JENKINS Perry Wells             1939

JOHNSON                              (no other info)

JOHNSON Alice K.                1965

JOHNSON Blanche                 1958

JOHNSON Clark                    1945

JOHNSON Ella Elizabeth         1954

JOHNSON Ethel                     13-Aug-1936

JOHNSON Howard H.           27-Aug-1971

JOHNSON Infant                    27 Nov 1899

JOHNSON Lewis Homer        1960

JOHNSON Martha                  29 Jan 1890

JOHNSON Seth                      1930

JOHNSON Walter Newton     02-Nov-1951

JONES Donna                         25-Nov-1942

JORDAN J.R.                         1937

KELLEY Infant                        1943

KENSY Dollie                         1945


KLAWITTER Gustav F.          1958

KLAWITTER William Franke 1956

LADUE Myrtle                        1967

LADUE Seath                          1954


LAMAR Joseph                       1937

LAMAR Lena                         1962

LANE Dewey                          1976

LANE John T.                         06-May-1947

LANE Mamie                          1976

LANE Samuel                         23-Jul-1955

LANGLEY Claude                  02-Aug-1954

LANSAW Infant Dau

LANSAW Infant Dau.

LANSAW Louisa                    1938

LANSAW William                   16-Feb-1916

LANSAW William                   1930

LASITER Ben H.                     1951

LASITER Effie M.                   1949

LAWSON Jack S.                   19-Feb-1959

LEAMON Andrew N.             01-1965

LINNERFELL L.G.                 06-May-1907

LOOKEBILL Calla                  1933


LOYD John                             1953

LOYD Matilda                         1958

LYNN James                           1948

LYNN Olive G.                       1961

MALONE Ervin V.                  08-Sep-1957

MARBLE Alford                      02-Mar-1965

MARBLE Alice                        1924

MARBLE Clarence E.             1949

MARBLE Henry H.                 1910

MARBLE Mattie                      16-Jun-1944

MARBLE Merle                      22-Dec-1960

MARBLE Oria J.                     31-Jul-1967

MARBLE Thomas F.               01-Jun-1926

MARBLE Willard D.                06-Aug-1967

MARQUIS William                  30 Jan 1885

MARTI Lewis                          1959

MARTI Louella                        1960

MARTIN Charles V.                1952

MASON Dona                          1949

MAYBERRY Annie E.             1950

MAYFIELD Ella                      1954

MAYFIELD Hazel                   05-Jul-1910

MAYFIELD Mabel                  09-Mar-1921

MAYS Ed                                1933

McBRIDE Roy L.                    03-Nov-1956

McCULLUM Kenneth L.         04-Jul-1959

McFADDEN Ada                    age 14y 5m 18d

McFADDEN Agnes                 age 19y 4m 2d

McFADDEN Alice E.               12-Dec-1951

McFADDEN Almeda              1936

McFADDEN Ellsworth H.       15-Aug-1955

McFADDEN Elwood              1936

McFADDEN Mary A.             03-Apr-1913

McFADDEN Mary A.             08-Sep-1925

McFADDEN Milton E.            29-Apr-1958

McFADDEN Ralph M.            1961

McFADDEN Simpson             10-Jun-1905

McGAHAN Joseph V.             1956

McGAHAN Mary C.               1957

McGEHEE Helen                     1961

McGEHEE Larry Dale             03-Jun-1955

McKEE Celestia                      29-Mar-1906

McKEE Hamilton                     21-Jan-1930

McKEE John                           4 Jul 1897

McKINZIE Emma                   1967

McKINZIE John                      1929

McMILLAN Andy                   1949

McMILLAN Kate                   1946

McMURTREY Catherine         1945


McMURTREY Everett             1923

McMURTREY Fletcher J.        1954

McMURTREY Gertrude          1920

McNEILL Johanna                   26-Nov-1969

MEADOW Clemma                 1958

MEADOW Mark                     1938

MENAPACE Frank                 1941

MENAPACE Hester A.           1953

MENAPACE Hoyt                  28-Nov-1940

MENAPACE Lee L.                23-Jul-1963

MENAPACE Louis                 1943

MILLENDER Ed W.               1950

MILLENDER Frank D.           1949

MILLENDER John William      1935

MILLIGAN Cynthia                 09-Jun-1907

MILLIGAN James                   12-Jan-1903

MILLIGAN Jessie                   18 Nov 1889

MITCHELL Betty J.                06-Nov-1930

MITCHELL Thomas                1945

MITTS Charles O.                   Jun-1971

MITTS Clyde O.                      1955

MOFFETT Marie                    1961

MORGAN James K.               1911

MORGAN Walter                   1937

MUNSHOWER Lula               1948

MURPHY George W.              1938

MURPHY Ledvicy A.               1946

MURRAY Flora Opal               1923

MURRAY Grace Melee           1928

MURRAY James Homer          1950

MURRAY John                       1947

MURRAY Josephine                1952

MURRAY Mattie M.               1968

MURRAY Miles Herman         1934

MURRAY Thomas H. 1959

MUSSER Elizabeth                  23-Feb-1920

MUSSER Logan                      14-Nov-1924  (possibly buried Collinsville, Tulsa County, OK)

MYERS Louis                         1968

NEFF Mary                             12-May-1942

NOBLES Daniel W.                 1940

NOBLES F. Eunice                  1965

NORMAN Matilda                  1954

O'BRIEN James A.                  1972

OSMENT J. Mack                  1924

OSMENT Liddiann                  17-Jul-1919

OSMENT Luther                     1940

OSMENT Orpha                     1932

PACE Charles                        1956

PACE Floyd                            1930

PACE Harry                            1935

PACE Mary                             1944

PACE Wesley                          15-May-1952

PALMER Edith                        29-Apr-1930

PATTERSON Donna F.          1950

PATTON Margaret                  1937

PETERSON Norman W.         1970

PETTYPOOL Bertha               1929

PETTYPOOL Ezekiel              1937

PHELPS Mary                         34y 6m 18d

PICHT Brian Keith                   31-May-1968

PIERCE Florence                     1931

PIERCE H.H.                          1934

PILKERTON Gerald               02-Feb-1945

PILKERTON W.S.                 1963

PILQUIST Oscar D.                1936

PIPER Oliver                           07-Mar-1903

POOL Sarah                            1912

POWERS Elizabeth                  1895

POWERS George                    15 Dec 1880

POWERS Isabel                      1904

POWERS James E.                  1935

POWERS Jess                         1963

POWERS John H.                   1902

POWERS Martha V.               11-Mar-1919

POWERS Thomas                   12-Nov-1934

POWERS William H.               1929

PROCTOR Arnold Dale          1952

PROCTOR Joseph                                                             Indiana Infantry

PROCTOR Julie Darlene          1954

QUIST Charles G.                   1936

QUIST Josephine A.                1948

RAYBORN Frances                1949

RAYBORN John William         19-Jan-1966

RAYBORN Nancy                  1930

REBER Ruby                           24-Jun-1936

RECTOR Verlin T.                   10-Mar-1960

REYNOLDS Charles H.          26-Aug-1953

REYNOLDS James W.           1954

REYNOLDS Lizzie C.             1958

RICHARDS Clyde                   1932

RICHARDS David                   1932

ROBBINS Charles Elmer         1952

ROBBINS Donald                   23-Mar-1932

ROBBINS Thomas                  1928

ROBERTSON Maggie J.         1955

ROBINS Thomas                     20-Oct-1907

RODNEY David M.                19-Mar-1965

RODNEY Mary S.                  21-Sep-1966

ROGERS Beulah Francis       born 18-Jul-1907 -  died 03-Jan-1912              

d/o Daniel Z. & Katie May (Davis) ROGERS

ROGERS Dan Z.                     05-Mar-1912

ROGERS George                     12-Apr-1915

ROGERS Ira T.                       1970

ROGERS John W.                   01-Mar-1924

ROGERS Minnie M.                19 Jul 1898

ROGERS Myrtle                      13-Mar-1969 

ROOKS A. Nettie                   1943

ROOKS J.J.                            1931

RORABOUGH Infant son        8 Dec 1897

RORABOUGH Maggie           07-Feb-1904

ROSE Eliza                              30 May 1892

ROSE G.V.                              14-Jun-1903

ROUTH Effie                           15 April 1968

ROUTH James                         Dec 1970

RUTLEDGE Joe                      age 70y 1m 27d

RYERSEE J.G.                        29-Apr-1914

SALA John                              17-Mar-1919

SAWYER Herbert                   1943

SCHERTZER M.G.                 1963

SCHULER Alois                      1935

SCHULER Louie                     Jul 1970

SCHULER Louis                     1942

SCHULER Sophia                   1956

SCOTT Amanda                      05-Jun-1912

SCOTT Charles                       24-May-1905

SCOTT John E.                       19 Mar 1895

SCOTT Jonathan                     California Cavalry

SCOTT Wanda                        10-Jul-1909

SCRITCHFIELD Clarence      19-Jul-1936

SCRITCHFIELD John W.       1933

SCRITCHFIELD Maxine         1931

SCRITCHFIELD Nathaniel      18-Apr-1916

SCRITCHFIELD W.L.            1932

SCRITCHFIELD Ward L.       23-Oct-1957

SEASTRUNK Pearl                19-Jul-41

SELBY Mary                           29 Aug 1889

SELBY T.M.                           29 Mar 1890

SHADWICK Alberta               25-Dec-1959

SHADWICK Charles S.          1935

SHADWICK Charles V.          May 1972

SHADWICK Chester L.          03-Jan-1973

SHADWICK Jessie M.            1936

SHADWICK John                   1956

SHADWICK Maud M.           1959

SHADWICK Myrtle                1950

SHADWICK Robert A.           age 81y 10m 13d

SHADWICK Sammie Gayle    1936

SHADWICK W.                     02-Dec-1907

SHADWICK William             27-Nov-1953

SHANKLIN George                1951

SHARPE Ocie                         1956

SHAW Joseph                         28-Mar-1930

SHAW Minnie

SHRYOCK Mollie                   13-Mar-1917

SLAUGHTER Albert               1953

SLAUGHTER Alberta Jean      16-May-1952

SLAUGHTER Alfred               1928

SLAUGHTER Allie                  1951

SLAUGHTER Ethel                 1951

SLAUGHTER John E.             Aug-1949

SLAUGHTER Juanita             28-Oct-1936

SLAUGHTER Julia                  April 1970

SLAUGHTER Lonnie              1938

SLAUGHTER Ray                   1971

SLAUGHTER Sarah                30-Nov-1911

SLAUGHTER Viola                 Jan 1972

SLAUGHTER Wesley             1961

SMITH Infant Son                    14-Feb-1903

SMITH J. Lea                          1948

SMITH Olive                           1956

SMITH Roy E.                         25-Sep-1962

SMITH William D.                   1939

SOOTER Ervin                        18-Dec-1949

SPRENKLE Darol E                02-Dec-1925

SPRENKLE Felicia                  09-Mar-1963

SPRENKLE James D.             26-Nov-1954

SPRENKLE Joseph E.             April 1971

SPRENKLE Kanan E.             1936

SPRENKLE Kannan                1967

SPRENKLE Lee John             1972

SPRENKLE Mary Anna          1923

STANLEY Clifford                    01-Oct-1939

STANLEY Howard                 14-Aug-1949

STANLEY Larry G.                 1941

STEEL, James                          06-Jan-1927

STEELE James P.                    08-Sep-1968

STEPHENS George W.           12-Oct-1946

STEVENS Daniel S.                1957

STEWART Virginia                  1942

STICE Carl M.                        1965

STICE Donald Lee                   02-Sep-1938

STITES Clifford                       03-Sep-1910

STURDEVANT Elizabeth        16-May-1906

STURDEVANT Laura             4 Dec 1886

SURRIDGE Frederick             03-Jan-1968

SURRIDGE Georgia                21-Jan-1952

SWEM Seth A.                        24-Mar-1972

TAYLOR Susie                        May-1963

TESTERMAN Charles C.        22-Mar-1965

TESTERMAN Daisy                1962

TESTERMAN Edith                13-Dec-1933

TESTERMAN Elizabeth           1952

TESTERMAN George             Dec 1971

TESTERMAN George             23-May-1964

TESTERMAN James Allen      01-Oct-1948

TESTERMAN James O.          22-Apr-1952

TESTERMAN Jesse                1963

TESTERMAN John                 1957

TESTERMAN Roy D.             13-Dec-1965

TESTERMAN Ruth Avis         05-Dec-1948

TESTERMAN Wilburn            Missouri Cavalry

THOMAS David                      05-Jun-1910

TUNNELL Bertha M.             03-Feb-1962

TUNNELL David F.                13-Oct-1958

VAN WIE Clarence D.            1935

VAN WIE Gertie Carrie           1937

VANDERBILT Clarence         April 1971

WALKER Alford                     1948

WALKER Edith                       1950

WALKER Joseph                    10-Apr-1911

WALKER Lucy Ann                28-May-1942

WALLACE John                     13-Jun-1927

WALLACE John Walter          30-Apr-1953

WALLACE Lucy C.                18-Mar-1969

WALLACE Mary A.               10-Mar-1931

WALTER John                        24-Aug-1952

WARD Amanda                       28-Feb-1904

WARNER Elmer                      28-Jul-1950

WARNER Ester                       1945

WELBORN John E                  22 Dec 1995    (died in Cass County, MO)

WELBORN Lenora Bland       1951

WHINNERY Nellie Ann          1954

WHINNERY Thomas A.         13-Mar-1970

WHINNERY Thomas Truman 07-Mar-1950

WHITE John P.                 04-Oct-1928

WHITE Mary A.                      29-Aug-1927

WHITMAN Josephine C.        August 1971

WILES Lawrence                    1937

WILES Lincoln                        18-Apr-1971

WILES Lincoln                        1951

WILES Saidel                          1948

WILLIAMS Florence A.          1928

WILLIAMS Fred                     1951

WILLIAMS Harry L.               23-Oct-1949

WILLIAMS Joseph                 1948

WILLIAMS Laura B.               1954

WILLIAMS Warren                1923

WILLIAMSON Kendrick        1953

WISE R.R.                               Missouri Cavalry

WOODHOUSE Almeda          5 May 1898

WOODHOUSE Seaborn         28 Jul 1898

WRIGHT Vernettie                  1944

WYATT Charley                      1951

WYATT Grace                        1931

WYATT Jesse                         age 80y 11m

WYATT John W.                     1934

WYATT Josie                           1927

WYATT Lem B.                      1947

WYATT Maggie                      1925

YARBROUGH James E.         18-Apr-1959

YOUNG Anna M.                   1953

YOUNG Cecil S.                     01-Oct-1962

YOUNG George W.                1938

YOUNG Robert R.                  1925

YOUNGBLOOD Neva M.      1961

ZOLAR Frank                         1933