The Robertson cemetery in Newton County is on the land once owned by my
great-great-great grandfather, Barry Robertson and his wife Nancy.
Submitted by: Shirley Love

Robertson family on Indian Creek
sec 11, twp 24, rng.30

Black walnut trees were planted around the perimeter of the location to
beautify it and mark its location for future generations. Some still
remained in 1981.

Barry Robertson b. 11-8-1795.....d. 5-14-1858

Nancy Robertson wife of Barry....b.1794....d.June 22, 1865

Little Eva Robertson, daughter of Larkin and Ruth Robertson..d.1881

Nancy L. and Cyrus Davidson, daughter of Wm.T. Robertson, along with her

infant son (dates unknown)

William Thomas Robertson b. 12-13-1829....d.2-3-1883

Sarah Ann Robertson wife of William T. b.5-23-1830....d.11-18-1907

"Aunt Beck" black woman owned by Wm.T and Sarah Robertson..dates unknown

William S. B. Robertson...1872

It is said there are a few civil war soldiers and a "horse thief" also
buried in this cemetery. Their identities are unknown.
The old cemetery was refurbished in 1981 by family members. All stones were
reset in concrete and a chain link fence was erected around the perimeter.
Source: Robertson's Family 1795 to 1982
by Jack Robertson