Partial 1910 Census of Dayton Township, Newton County, MO
transcribed by Claire Wichelmann

There are 2 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

45 46

Brickey, Nora Gladys
Buzzard, Grace
Buzzard, Harry
Buzzard, Jasper
Buzzard, Tennessee
Foster, Daisy
Foster, Ida M.
Foster, Loyd
Foster, Ray
Foster, Taylor
Holcomb, Fred
Holcomb, Melinda
Holcomb, William V.
Lawrence, Charley
Scruggs, Annie
Scruggs, James L.
Scruggs, John E.
Scruggs, Lydia F.
Scruggs, Robert L.
Smith, Alice F.
Smith, Elden
Smith, Floyd G.
Smith, John
Smith, Lake
Smith, Lige
Smith, Mamie
Squires, Arthur W.
Squires, Arthur W.
Squires, Clarissa
Swager, Avery G.
Swager, Baby
Swager, Clara
Swager, Emiley
Swager, Fannie
Swager, Harry
Swager, Irvin
Swager, John
Swager, Samuel
Taylor, Monroe
Taylor, Rosa
Wallace, John L.
Wallace, Mary A.
Wallace, Walter
Walters, John J.
Walters, Lewis
Walters, Lucy
Walters, Tillie
Wilson, Charley
Wilson, Cora
Wilson, Ella
Wilson, Fern
Wilson, Hughie
Wilson, Jasper
Wilson, Milton

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