1880 Census of Neosho Township, Newton County, MO
transcribed by Claire Wichelmann

There are 22 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Abbott, Edgar M.
Abbott, Henry C.
Abbott, Henry C., Jr.
Abbott, James F.
Abbott, John W.
Abbott, Martha E.
Abbott, Oliver
Adams, Susie A.
Alexander, Eliza A.
Alexander, Emma L.
Alexander, James
Alexander, John
Ames, Alice O.
Ames, Burton D.
Ames, David D.
Ames, Emma
Ames, Emma E.
Ames, Ernest O.
Ames, Fred D.
Ames, Grace M.
Ames, Walter W.
Anderson, Annie C.
Anderson, Cora
Anderson, James
Anderson, Olive
Armstrong, B.P.
Armstrong, Frank C.
Armstrong, H.C.
Armstrong, Helen
Armstrong, Hugh C.
Armstrong, Josie C.
Armstrong, Sallie
Arnold, Joseph R.
Arnold, Mary J.
Arnold, Nancy Ann
Arnold, William H.
Ashley, Thomas H.
Austin, Elijah H.
Austin, Willie
Baker, Charles E.
Baker, Fanny M.
Baker, Fred
Baker, Henry U.
Baker, John S.
Baker, Lee
Baker, Louis U.
Baker, Luther M.
Baker, Marcus A.
Baker, Marcus C.
Baker, Nancy J.
Baker, Nicholas
Baker, Rowena E.
Baker, Thomas H.
Ballieu, Frank
Barlow, Avaline
Barlow, B.B.
Barlow, Dewitt c.
Barlow, John J.
Barlow, John T.
Barlow, Lulie M.
Barlow, Thomas H.
Barlow, Tyrea O.
Barnes, Julia
Barney, Bettie
Barney, Joseph
Barney, Lola
Barney, Luke
Barney, Mandy
Bartholic, Chas.
Bartholic, Jessie M.
Bartholic, Martha
Bartholic, Thomas D.
Baurdick, Anthony
Baynhan, Catherine A.
Baynhan, Corlis R.
Bell, Annie L.
Bell, Sarah A.
Benton, Alonzo
Benton, Dollie E.
Benton, M.E.
Beonauce, Luther
Bethell, Emma
Bettell, Addie B.
Bettell, Mary M.
Biggs, Martha
Bird, Mary
Bird, Moses
Blake, Willaim
Bliss, Edward U.
Bliss, George P.
Bliss, Laura A.
Bliss, Marian A.
Block, Julius
Boxley, Granvel J.
Boyd, Mary E.
Boyd, Samuel D.
Boyden, James F.
Boyden, Julia L.
Boyden, Minnie M.
Boyden, Susan C.
Branaw, Eunice
Braunau, Rhoda
Bray, Edward W.
Bray, Herschel
Bray, Julius
Bray, Lottie
Bray, Ora D.
Bray, Ray W.
Bray, Walter C.
Callamay, Abe
Campbell, John T.
Campbell, Lillie D.
Campbell, Lucretia
Campbell, Mattie A.
Campbell, Nannie L.
Campbell, Walter
Campbell, William U.
Canady, Lucy
Carnes, Caroline
Carnes, Edward A.
Carnes, Elliott
Carnes, James M.
Carnes, James M.
Carnes, John H.
Carnes, Joseph E.
Carnes, Mary E.
Carnes, Nancy S.
Carnes, Ray P.
Carnes, Walter J.
Centors, Hesse H.
Chaney, Julia
Chenowith, George J.
Chenowith, Henry N.
Chenowith, Jennie
Chenowith, Josie
Chenowith, Lavina
Clark, Edith
Clark, Edward
Clark, Emma E.
Clark, Thomas G.
Cogswell, Elizabeth S.
Cogswell, Eva L.
Cogswell, Jessie F.
Cogswell, Z. P.
Conner, Elonz E.
Conner, Emma J.
Conner, James E.
Conner, Maud E.
Cook, Finas
Cook, Isick
Cook, Jane
Cook, Lydia A.
Cook, Sarah R.
Core, Couney J.
Corpeney, Daisey
Corpeney, Elmer
Corpeney, Mamie R.
Corpeney, Sallie E.
Corpeney, T.J.
Cotter, Ella V.
Cotter, George T.
Cotter, Myrtle O.
Cotter, Samuel H.
Cotter, Samuel H., Jr.
Cotter, Z. A.
Cravens, Clara
Cravens, James W.
Cravens, Joseph
Cravens, Kate
Cravens, Ollie L.
Crowe, Elizabeth J.
Crowe, Henry H.
Crowe, Maggie
Crowe, Mollie
Crowe, William H.
Crumbaugh, Luther H.
Crumbaugh, Sallie G.
Crums, Infant
Crums, Mandi C.
Crums, Mary E.
Crums, Wasley
Dale, Carrie P
Dalton, H.C.
Dalton, Janie
Dalton, Newton
Dalton, Susanna
Dameron, Julia F.
Dardnik, John
Davis, ??
Davis, A.
Davis, Ann E.
Davis, Charles S.
Davis, Eliza C.
Davis, Ella A.
Davis, George A.
Davis, Harriet A.
Davis, Irine
Davis, Rebecca H.
Davis, Robert M.
Davis, William
Dedrick, Henry
Degroff, A.P.
Degroff, Abbie H.
Degroff, Abraham P., Jr.
Degroff, Charles G.
Degroff, Maggie M.
Degroff, Margaret E.
Degroff, Victor R.
Derr, Maggie
Derricks, Lula B.
Derricks, Mary
Derricks, Warren
Dickens, Betty
Downing, Gertrude E.
Downing, Ida Kate
Downing, Robert J.
Dunaphant, R.
Ebert, Earnest C.
Ebert, Edwin
Ebert, Jane
Ebert, Nellie J.
Elliott, Jennie
Ellis, Peter
English, Dave
Eugel, Fred
Eustem, Benjamin
Fields, Mary E.
Fields, Pleasant
Fields, Sarah
Foster, Ellen
Foster, Joseph P.
Foster, Mary E.
Foster, Susan
Foster, Thomas
Francis, Grce W.
Friend, Charley
Friend, Elias
Friend, Eliza
Friend, George
Friend, Harvey
Friend, Jesse
Friend, Mack
Friend, Thomas
Friend, William
Frisk, Bell
Frisk, Charley
Fruend, Georgia A.
Fruend, James
Fruend, James
Fruend, James R.
Fruend, Mattie
Fruend, Melovia
Fruend, Parthena J.
Fruend, Penepy Jane
Fruend, Sarah E.
Galbraith, Florence G.
Galbraith, Horace
Galbraith, J.D.
Galbraith, Virgia
Gentry, Charles
Gentry, Henrietta
Gentry, James
Gillett, Stephen A.
Glewster, Annie H.
Glewster, Annie H.
Glewster, Eliza M.
Glewster, Geo. W.
Glewster, George H.
Goldstein, Alex
Goldstein, Blanch
Goldstein, Florenthia
Goldstein, Jacob
Goldstein, Ralph
Goldstein, Wade
Goodykoontz, H.
Goodykoontz, J.
Goodykoontz, Jane E.
Goodykoontz, Jennie
Goodykoontz, Leticia
Goodykoontz, Louis
Goodykoontz, Lucia
Goodykoontz, Madge
Goodykoontz, Norville
Goodykoontz, Walter H.
Grant, Carrie
Grant, Elmer
Grant, Lula
Grant, Will
Graves, Alice P.
Graves, John Walter
Graves, Lou
Graves, Nellie D.
Graves, T. W.
Graves, W. H.
Gray, Corda B.
Gray, Mary
Grayson, Bruniso
Grayson, Charles
Grayson, Lizzie
Green, Ennis G.
Green, Flora R..
Green, James
Green, Louisa
Green, Lynda J.
Green, Mandue
Griffie, William H.
Griffith, Chad
Griffith, Etta R.
Griffith, Jane
Haas, Benjamin
Haas, Charles
Haas, Eddie
Haas, Julia
Haas, Lyla
Haas, Minnie
Hager, Joseph
Hammers, Catherine A.
Hammers, Emma M.
Hammers, Mary J.
Hammers, Rose M.
Hammers, Sam P.
Hammers, William F.
Hammers, William H.
Harbison, Adam G.
Harbison, Andrew
Harbison, Andrew J.
Harbison, Ann J.
Harbison, Annie R.
Harbison, Samuel G.
Hardin, Carrie
Hardin, Charles
Hardin, Ellen
Hardin, George W.
Hardin, Hattie S.
Hardin, J.C.
Hardin, Jacques
Hardin, Louis W.
Hardin, Mary E.
Harris, Alice A.
Harris, Emma
Harris, Jennie
Harris, John C.
Harris, Marth A.
Harris, Rowena
Harris, Sarah E.
Harris, T.C.
Harrison, Thomas
Hawkins, Cassette
Hawkins, Charles
Hawkins, E. C.
Hawkins, Guy
Hawkins, James
Hawkins, Lucretia
Hawkins, Lyria
Hawkins, Mary
Hawkins, Nancy J.
Hawkins, O.P.
Hawkins, Pont
Hawkins, Ray
Hawkins, Troy F.
Hayden, Emma
Hening, Mary B.
Hening, Mary L.
Henton, James E.
Henton, Nettie F.
Herms, Anna G.
Herms, Carrie P.
Herms, Cora A.
Herms, Elenor
Herms, Elizabeth L.
Herms, Etta A.
Herms, John C.
Herms, Joseph
Herms, Joseph
Herms, Mary E.
Herms, Willie O.
Hill, Harriet E.
Hill, Lewis A.
Hinkle, George W.
Hodges, Mary D.
Holman, Calvin C.
Holman, James T.
Holman, Luticia
Holman, William J.
Holmes, E.D.
Hopkins, Jesse
Hopkins, Joe
Hopkins, Rachel
Houston, Samuel
Howell, Arthur B.
Howell, Dilla
Howell, Erhu
Howell, Frank B.
Howell, Josephine
Howell, Lee. R.
Howell, Loulia
Hubbert, Clare
Hubbert, Fred
Hubbert, George
Hubbert, Grace
Hubbert, Guy
Hubbert, Mollie
Hunter, Ben
Hunter, Robert F.
Hurley, Effie
Hurley, Frederick
Hurley, Martha A.
Hurley, Wiley F.
Jackson, Geo W.
Jacobs, Annie
Jacobs, Christian
Jacobs, Fritz
Jacobs, Lena
Jennings, Belinda E.
Jennings, John J.
Jennings, John J.
Jennings, May Bell
Jennings, Solomon H.
Jennings, Thomas H.
Jennings, Thursey
Johnson, Charles H.
Johnson, Cora
Johnson, James W.
Johnson, Mary E.
Johnson, Robert
Jones, Frank S.
Jones, Lindley M.
Jones, Lora M.
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Mattie
Jones, Onie H.
Jones, Orie C.
Jones, Philmore T.
Jones, Reual H.
Karbe, Alexander
Karbe, John
Karbe, John F.
Karbe, Lucy A.
Karbe, Nellie
Karbe, Otto
Keller, Juar V.
Keller, Julia P.
Keller, Lucy A.
Keller, Samuel H.
Keller, William B.
Kennell, William
Kidd, Fanny
Lane, Elizabeth
Lappin, Charley D.
Lappin, Eddie W.
Lappin, Eveline D.
Lappin, Frank
Lappin, Hallie S.
Lappin, Johnathan M.
Lappin, Rosa P.
Lawson, Edward
Lawson, Josie
Lee, Clarence E.
Leehausen, August
Lewis, Carrie V.
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Charles H.
Lewis, Eymo
Lewis, George A.
Lewis, James G.
Lewis, Mary E.
Lewis, Mary E.
Lewis, Maud G.
Lewis, Nathaniel D.
Lloyd, Elenor P.
Lloyd, Lee W.
Lloyd, Lora V.
Lloyd, Louis
Lloyd, Morris E.
Lloyd, Ralph B.
Lloyd, Roberta T.
Lloyd, Sarah F.
Long, Catherine
Long, Emmanuel
Long, George H.C.
Long, Hester G.
Long, Rose M.
Long, Samuel A.
Long, William F.
Loop, D.J.M.
Loop, Lydia L.
Love, Minnie
Ludicer, Irena
Ludley, James C.
Ludley, Oliver
Ludley, Oliver W.
Lutrel, Nancy R.
Lutril, Mary
Marcus, Bella
Marcus, Theresa
Marks, Cynthia
Mason, Eunice J.
Mason, Jane R.
Mason, Willard
Mason, Willard B.
Mass, Abraham
Matter, Dora
Matter, Edward
Matter, John
Matter, Lizzie
Matter, Mary H.
Matter, Sariny
Matter, William T.
McBride, Elizabeth
McClusky, L.L.
McElhaney, M.
McElhany, Anna J.
McElhany, Cattie T.
McElhany, Frank W.
McElhany, Henry
McElhany, John T.
McElhany, Mary V.
Melton, Charles U.
Melton, Colom M.
Melton, Edwin
Melton, Eliza
Melton, Fannie
Melton, Frank
Melton, Fred
Melton, Guy E.
Melton, Henry
Melton, John A.
Melton, Maggie
Melton, Mary S.
Melton, Minnie
Melton, Minnie E.
Melton, Susan H.
Miller, Chester W.
Miller, Frank E.
Miller, Ruth
Milstead, Anna E.
Milstead, B.F.
Milstead, Jessie
Milstead, Mary F.
Mitchell, Martha
Moore, Ann Eliza
Moore, Cecil
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Isaac
Moore, Leroy F.
Moore, Margaret J.
Morrow, Barton J.
Morrow, Barton J., Jr.
Morrow, Geoger H.
Morrow, Isabel
Mosley, John R.
Mosley, Mary L.
Mosley, Phillip J.
Mosley, Sallie R.
Mosley, Sarah M.
Mosley, Thomas B.
Mosley, Thomas E.
Mosley, William R.
Moss, Lucy L.
Moss, Mary L.
Moss, Oliver
Moss, Sallie C.
Nevins, Louis L.
Nevins, Mary L.
Newton, Susan
Nobel, E. W. Geo
North, Charles W.
North, Frederick
North, John W.
North, Martha
North, Mary M.
North, William H.
Norvell, Daniel U.
Overstreet, Amanda V.
Overstreet, Carrie B.
Overstreet, John
Overstreet, Ophelia E.
Owen, Betsy H.
Owen, Olney B.
Owen, Rowena B.
Owens, William P.
Pacey, Cora Ann
Pacey, Estella U.
Pacey, Ira E.
Pacey, Sarah F.
Pacey, William
Parker, Albert
Parker, Birdie
Perkins, C.
Perry, Edith L.
Perry, John W.
Perry, Margaret A.
Perry, Martha
Perry, Ora E.
Perry, Susie L.
Peters, Eliza A.
Peters, Ella L.
Peters, George T.W.
Peters, Mary E.
Peters, Sarah L.
Phariss, Lula A.
Pollock, Mary E.
Powell, Alice E.
Powell, Eliza J.
Powell, Frances W.
Powell, John W.
Powers, Andrew
Powers, Edna M.
Powers, Sarah
Price, A.C.
Price, Allie B.
Price, Augusta B.
Price, David A.
Price, Earl
Price, Eliza J.
Price, Elizabeth
Price, Ellie M.
Price, Emma A.
Price, Fannie A.
Price, Florence B.
Price, Floyd M.
Price, Henry T.
Price, Hugh G.
Price, Huston S.
Price, John H.
Price, Kate M.
Price, Laura B.
Price, Leslie A.
Price, Lillie
Price, Lura
Price, Lyda A.
Price, Malcolm
Price, Martha A.
Price, Mary A.
Price, Nannie P.
Price, Naomie B.
Price, Newton J.
Price, Sallie A.
Price, Susan
Price, Thomas P.
Price, William C.
Price, William L.
Purtle, Nancy
Raitt, Amelia B.
Raitt, Charles H.
Raitt, Grace H.
Randle, Charles P.
Randle, Emma S.
Randle, Martha P.
Randle, Nancy Ann
Randle, Nelson B.
Randles, Effie May
Randles, Infant
Randles, Louisa
Randles, Woodson
Reed, Rachel
Rice, H.M.
Rice, William T.
Ridgeway, Mary A.
Ridgeway, Thomas
Ridlin, Mary E.
Roberts, C
Roberts, Camella S.
Roberts, James C.
Roberts, Joshua
Roberts, Lizzie H.
Roberts, Millie Ann
Roberts, Minnie P.
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Santina
Roberts, Ula
Roberts, Wiley
Roberts, William H.
Roberts, William H.
Robinson, James
Robinson, James B.
Robinson, Richard H.
Robison, Charles
Robison, Delbert E.
Robison, Dora
Robison, Isiah
Robison, John M.
Robison, Margaret
Robison, Nettie J.
Roden, Mary E.
Sander, Warren
Schoate, Aaron
Schoate, David R.
Schoate, George T.
Schoate, Martha
Schoate, Nancy L.
Schoate, Permelia
Schoate, Tennines
Schurman, Henry
Schurman, William A.
Scott, Abbie W.
Scronce, N. G.
Sebgoves, Alvin C.
Segroves, Henry B.
Segroves, John
Segroves, Mary
Segroves, William A.
Shannon, Cordelia A.
Shannon, James
Shannon, John F.
Sherwood, Clara
Sherwood, Crissie B.
Sherwood, Cynthia
Sherwood, Emma E.
Sherwood, Georgia
Sherwood, Jacob
Sherwood, John
Sherwood, Sallie B.
Shotliff, Emma
Shotliff, Eurleen
Shotliff, Frank W.
Shotliff, Jennie M.
Shotliff, John
Shotliff, John R.
Shotliff, Nellie F.
Shurman, Elizabeth
Shurman, Ferdinand
Skews, Eilson
Skews, Virginia L
Skibuiski, Jasper
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Emma G.
Smith, Nellie A.
Smith, Ralph W.
Sorrell, Martha A.
Steiner, Albert
Steiner, Amelia
Steiner, Arthur A.
Steiner, Harry J.
Steiner, Lyman S.
Steiner, Phillip F.
Steiner, Richard J.
Steward, Bella
Steward, Frank D.
Steward, Frank F.
Steward, Maude E.
Steward, R.B.
Steward, Tabitha
Stewart, Adelia J.
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Joseph H.
Stockston, James
Stockston, Maud
Stockston, Minerva J.
Stokes, Dottie
Stokes, John A.
Stokes, Laura B.
Stokes, Sarah S.
Stokes, William W.
Stone, H.J.
Sutton, Marion
Swall, Louisa
Swall, Rebecca
Swall, Solomon
Taylor, Hallie May
Taylor, Harriet
Taylor, John T.
Taylor, Mary B.
Taylor, Monah T. 
Taylor, William P.
Trissen, Katie R.
Troup, Maggie E.
Troutman, Luticia
Tucker, Susie B.
Vest, Joseph
Vest, Mary
Vickory, Anna H.
Vickory, James
Wallace, Alex C.
Wallace, Joe
Wallace, John
Ward, Amelia
Ward, Blanch A.
Ward, C.A.
Ward, Ella
Ward, Ellen
Ward, George C.
Webb, Duglas
Webb, Flora
Webster, Charles E.
Webster, Irl E.
Webster, Victoria H.
Weiss, Hannah
West, George
West, George W.
West, Lorinda
West, Perl
Whenny, William
White, Annie
White, Thomas
Willard, Annie
Willerd, Winnie E.
Williams, Aaron
Williams, Annie M.
Williams, Clarance W.
Williams, Harry E.
Williams, Ida M.
Williams, John J.
Williams, Mary
Wills, Arahia J.T.
Wills, Betty R.
Wills, Carl J.
Wills, Eilen L.
Wills, Elliot O.
Wills, John C. C.
Wills, Juimice F.
Wills, Lewis
Wills, Martha A.
Wills, Mary E.
Wills, Mary J.
Wills, R. Lee
Wills, Willie T.
Wilson, Barton S.
Wilson, Frank
Wilson, Ida M.
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Maggie E.
Wilson, Robert S.
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, Sarah A.
Wilson, William K.
Wilson, William M.
Withrow, Emma J.
Withrow, Emma J.
Withrow, J.M.Z.
Withrow, James H.
Wood, Mary D.
Woolfenden, Frances A.
Woolfenden, Glenn
Woolfenden, James R.
Wynceyer, ??
Wynceyer, George W.
Young, Anna M.
Young, Arthur T.
Young, Elizabeth
Young, Herman H.
Young, Jane
Young, John Jr.
Young, John W.
Young, Mary U.
Young, Sam A.

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