Newton County Death Records


Unknown place of burial

Bill Jiles..b. ?
d. approximately September 20, 1862. Newton Co. MO

Buried by the edge of Norwalk Rd and as you exit off and enter on Martin lane. (named by Martin's but no sign) Hezekiah M. & Eliza J. Martin property during the Civil War days.

Propertry now owned by Kermit Lewis. 8553 Norway Rd. Neosho, Mo 64850. Some of Bill's remains was dug up in the early 1900's when construction was being done on the Old 60 Hwy now Norwalk Rd. A Martin descendant heard of it and asked them to put him back which they did.

Bill was killed by the Bushwackers. He was in Hezekiah's Barn helping him shuck corn, when they were worned of the Bushwackers coming. Hezekiah ran into the woods. Bill ran out into the opening and was shot. When the Bushwackers went after Hezekiah, Eliza and an unknown woman wrapped Bill in a quilt and carried him to the spot he is buried in.

It was a cattle and horse trail at the time and was hid there so he would not be found and multilated or burned by the Bushwackers. This information came from the records of a granddaughter and great granddaughter of the Martin's. Minnie I. Martin Jay and Minnie O. Jay Skelton. Bill's death came from Hezekiah's Pension records as it took him 3 days to get to his enrollment place. He slept days and traveled nights for safety. Submitted by a 2nd great granddaughter of the Martin's.

Submitted by: Ivelyn K. Skelton Blanton