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Schools of some sort was held in Granby from the time the town had its inception in 1850.Looking backwards to the year 1874, a few women held classes for children in their homes.They charged $1.00 per month, per student for this private school training.At the same time other classes were held in the IOOF Hall located north of the present IOOF Cemetery, and one of the early day pupils recalls that she first attended school in the back room of a feed store cleaned out for that purpose, just south of the high school.But the first real school building was a frame structure consisting of eight rooms and an auditorium.It was built in 1877.The term of school was for three to four months.The first graduating class was in 1894.

In 1900 the frame building was replaced by the red brick building.Aug. 7, 1910, a bond was voted for $12,000 for an addition to the building.Seventy-seven votes for and six opposed.The 1911 class was the first to hold commencement exercises in the auditorium.Larger classes used the Cozy Theatre.

1918-1919 school year was the first to graduate with a 12th grade education.

Consolidation in 1927 absorbed five rural schools; Shiloh, Hebron, Bullard Point (now the East Newton site), Chase and Greenwood.In 1928-1929 one bus was used, driven by H. W. Smith.

The grade school was built in 1936-1937 for $17,000*.In 1950 the gymnasium was built at a cost of $67,000.The Intermediate building was built in 1957 for $156,000.

-- Neosho Daily News, Dec. 23, 1968
* This building was built by the WPA (Work Progress Administration)

SCHOOL BOARD 1874-1885

D. H. PhelpsAlbert Sweet

J. B. WhitlockW. L. Handcock

W. A. RugglesObid Anthony

Andrew YorkT. B. Clark

Zedock EvansW. S. Street

Henry GigerE. Patterson

William ChandlerWilliam Seely

Eli ClarkH. E. Austin

John FallsT. Casey

Samuel SatterfieldWilliam Adkin

George B. RugglesLevi Harris

W. C. Howard

SCHOOL BOARD 1891-1906

P. N. ThomasR. L. Hatcher

Wyatt AdkinsPorter Roberts

J. R. ElmoreJ. W. Whitlock

James LingshieldE. M. Frost

John BlunkW. W. Hudson

A. J. VickeryJ. F. Green

C. S. HartR. J. Leathers

Geo. SpangleJohn A. Benton

J. E. StaffordJohn A. Robertson

F. ArnettRobert Richardson

G. B. LucasE. T. Perkins

TEACHERS 1871-1906

A. F. BellJames Clendenon - C

Delia MizieLucina Marshal

Anna SmithMaggie Varner

R. F. GeorgeN. P. Stipp - H

Grace McClintockA. A. Crawford

Minnie DahnkeJ. D. Pollock

Miss PurdyMary Buxton

R. D. Hobson - CAlice Britton - H

Arthur G. Lindsey - CC. J. Miller

Alice WalkerMrs. McFaddin

Nanie NewtonLillie Hill - C

Kate LingschiedRosa Hamilton

Lina RiceMay Patterson

J. Z. Mosley - CMary Johnson

Kittie HelfenstineMable Stewart

Elizabeth CarmontHenrietta Davis - C

Rachel JohnsonHattie Troxel

E. B. BrownGertie Rose

Julia ClarkMartha Pierce

Rose L. StreetMiss Houk

Eva MizieMinnie Carter

J. C. DavisGrace Love

Mamie MaretVertie Harris

J. E. PollockA. D. Mizie

Maie HaywoodEstella Clark

Mrs. R. F. GeorgeJ. W. Ruggles

W. C. Martin - CM. V. Davis

Steven L. SlainFrank McClintock - H

Mita ThomEffie Sweet

J. HutsellLennie Goins

James WrightGeorge Farley

Janie AdkinsMinnie Melton

Fanny ChappellRosa Bennett

Miss NeetMrs. Whitwell

Lou VivianLissie Lingschied

Miss Lena ScholesMollie Beaver

Eva TinkAnna Koschwitz

Ottis ReeceEthel Pearson

Ruth BowmanHallie S. Sparker - C

Dora FoxCorda Armstrong

Eva PowersJ. H. Renfro - C

Emma RugglesLillie Smith

L. E. LovelyLula Wilson

Anna RushGoldia Palmer

W. F. DunnMiss Gene Rowland

Lavinia Morrow

C - Colored SchoolH - Hebron School

Salaries were from $20.00 per month in 1877 to $40.00 per month in 1905 for teachers, $40.00 to $80.00 per month for the principal.

-- School Record Books, Dated 1871-1906