John Bush Davis

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John B. Davis and Lucinda L. Richardson Davis

John Bush Davis and his wife, Lucinda Yancy Richardson. John was born Sep 26, 1827 in Washington County, MO and died Jan 22, 1914 in Newton County. He is buried in Granby Memorial Cemetery. Lucinda was born Feb 10, 1839 in Tennessee and died Feb 10, 1860 in Newton County. She is buried Stone Cemetery, Jasper County, MO. They were married on Feb 10, 1859 in Newton County. They had one child and he was Nathan Yancy Davis. He was born on Jan 25, 1860 and died on Dec 10, 1936 in Newton County, MO.

John and his brother, Robert M. Davis, migrated to Newton County from Washington County in 1851. John worked as a carpenter between 1851 and 1861. After the Civil War he became a farmer and rancher and remained so until his death. John entered the Civil War in 1861 on the side of the Confederacy as a member of Company B, 3d Regiment (Coffee’s Regiment), Missouri Cavalry. He was captured in Scott County, Arkansas on Oct 8, 1862. He was a POW for the next 27 months before being released sometime after Feb 17, 1865. He was interned in Ft. Smith and Little Rock, Arkansas; McDowee College, St. Louis, MO; Alton, Illinois; and finally Akins Landing, Virginia.

John Bush Davis Homestead

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