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Thurman School

I am uncertain of the location -
believe the location is at Sagmount or Sagmont.
Thurman School Miriam Bridges taught there in 1888, 1889, 1891 and 1892.

In 1891, Miss Bridges reported the roll of honor for Thurman School;
Ottie McConnell
Effie Brotherton
Flora Childress
May McDaniel
Edna Merritt
Cora Anderson
Ora Childress
 Linnie Childress
 Belle Roush
Effie Roush
Dovie Harryman
Ollie Loke
Lula McDaniel
Willie Childress
Clarence Childress
Henry Lowe
Henry McConnell
 Walter Brotherton
Willie Blevins
Freddie Millard
James Millard
Finnis Cochran
Johnnie Anderson
Charley Bently
Robert Weber
Agnilas Loke