Page 1

26 June 1872-20 Aug 1872

JOHN STINNETT MADDY of Newton CO, Missouri

To my wife Margaret, all personal property, moneys, accounts, notes and livestock. Also my lot and house in Granby City. Also lot on west side of square in Town of Verona, Lawrence County. Also all my right to lot known as Piffer Lot in Town of Union City, Jasper County. To my wife and children, Anson, Lincoln and Arabella and Aren Luyliton (?) my farm on Capps Creek in Barry County, Missouri. Francis Kinkannon, of Granby my executor.

Wit: Howell T Boydston and James C Maddy

Page 2

16 June 1864-22 Aug 1872

ABRAHAM HALE of Mineral Point, Wisconsin

To my son Elam B Hale- my black traveling trunk with all my wearing apparel and weapons. To my brother in law George W Bliss, my gold frame spectacles. To my grandson Harry McBride, my silver teaspoons. To the children of my deceased daughter Sarah, viz: Harry McBride and Lizzie McBride, my beds and bed clothing and all household furniture to be equally divided between them. All other moneys and property to be given to lawful heirs making my orphan grandchildren, Harry and Lizzie McBride, equal heirs each with my own children.

George W Bliss, executor. Wit: Alexander Wilson of Mineral Point, Iowa County,

Wisconsin James Blouget of Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin

Page 7

13 Aug 1872- 17 Sep 1878


To my wife Elizabeth, all my interest in land in Carroll County, GA. To my wife, all my interest I may have in the lands of Charles Keitley of Gibson County in East Tennessee, also all interest both real and personal in the estate of John Goverson, deceased of Gibson County, Tennessee. To my wife, all my interest both real and personal in the County of Stoddard, State of

Missouri. Wit: Walter W Powell and J E Alexander

Page 9

SAMUEL SMITH of Newton CO, Missouri.

Beloved wife Elizabeth Smith, all my real estate and personal property. After wife's death, 38 acres of homestead's 40 acres to daughter Malitta. After Malittia's lifetime, the 38 acres to go to my grandson Sterling G. Smith. At death of my wife, 40 acres situated -- (rest of will omitted on this page, see page 11).

Page 10

17 Feb 1872 - 7 Oct 1872

WILLIAM STUART of Newton CO, Missouri.

Beloved wife Margaret Stuart, all my personal property. Also all lands. At her death all said property to be divided among my children (not named). My wife Margaret Stuart, executrix.

Wit: William Follett and Josephus Hewett

Page 11

28 Sep 1872 - 12 Dec 1872

SAMUEL SMITH of Newton CO, Missouri.

Beloved wife Elizabeth, all my real estate and personal property. After her death 38 acres of the land of the homestead 40 acres to be transferred to my daughter Malittia. At Malittia's death the 38 acres to be given to my grandson Sterling G. Smith. At the death of my wife Elizabeth, 40 acres to be divided between my remaining heirs. My wife's personal property if any to go to my daughter Malittia and at her death to my grandson Sterling G. Smith.

Wit: Rolly Busby , W M Crouch and M F Crouch

Page 13

Recorded 13 Dec 1872

BALDWIN UNDERWOOD of Neosho, Newton CO, Missouri.

To my daughter Leana all my interest in the stock, horses, mules, cows, sheep and hogs and all household property. To my daughters Charlotte one dollar, Julia Ann one dollar, my son Calvin Underwood one dollar, Mary one dollar, Martha one dollar, Frances M. one dollar to be paid to them by Leana. At the death of my daughter Leana, the land and personal property to belong to Albert Rice Newport and Sarah F. Newport, heirs of my daughter Leanna.

Wit: W P Armstrong and Hugh C Armstrong

Page 14

31 Jan 1873 - 11 Feb 1873

HENRY SALSMAN of Seneca, Newton CO, Missouri.

Richard Kerwan of Seneca my executor. Beloved sister Elizabeth Wagner, wife of Jacob Wagner of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania shall receive all receipts from sale of my property.

Wit: John T Albert, W C Kahler and Carl Holm

Page 16

11 Jan 1873 - 15 Feb 1873

DAVID RUSSELL of Newton CO, Missouri.

To my dearly beloved wife Sarah Russell, all the real estate. Upon her death or remarriage real estate to be equally divided among the children of Sarah Russell and myself.  To each of my dear children viz: Abigail Robinson, wife of Henry Robinson, Margaret Ann Russell, wife of Charles P. Russell, John Thomas Russell, Rhoda Elizabeth Jenkins, wife of George Jenkins, David Carroll Russell, William Wiley Russell and Andrew Scott Russell, each the sum of one dollar. To my beloved wife Sarah Russell, all my personal property.

Wife Sarah Russell, my executrix.

Wit: Wm. C Short, G W Lorance and Mathew A Farley

Page 19

18 Jan 1873 - 31 Mar 1873

OLIVER R. GUILD of Neosho, Newton CO, Missouri

To my two sons, Lawrence W Guild of Neosho and Wellington J Guild, fifty dollars each and my wearing apparel. My spy glass to my grandson Alvin Guild. All the rest of my estate real and personal to my beloved wife Louisa T Guild.

Said wife Louisa T Guild, executrix.

Wit: John M Brown, Dr. Edwin Ebert and H W Goodykoontz

Page 21

4 Dec 1873 - 3 Feb 1874

NELSON A BRECKY of Newton CO, Missouri

To my wife Elizabeth Brecky all my real and personal effects. I appoint my wife Elizabeth Brecky my executrix.

Wit: Henry Gallemore, Richard Gilstrap and John Gilstrap

Page 23

27 May 1871 - 19 Dec 1874

WILLIAM G. BAYNHAM of Newton CO, Missouri

To my son William Grant Baynham, 100 acres, To my son James K Baynham, land (described), To my daughter Susan R Baynham, land (described), To my daughter Betty Baynham, land (described), To my daughter Mary Baynham, land (described), To my daughter Sarah Ann Brown, 100 dollars in money as her only share. To my daughters Susan B, Bettie and Mary Baynham, land (described) to be divided among them. All household furniture and all things about the house as beds and furniture to daughters Susan, Bettie and Mary Baynham. All property not disposed of to William G, James K, Susan R, Betty and Mary Baynham.

Appoint William Grant and Susan R Baynham, executors.

Wit: James T Boyd, F M Gross, John Robinson and Robert F Ward

Page 25


To my beloved wife Julia Ann, all my property both real (described) and personal (described) for use and benefit of her and my children after which named. To Jonathan White Crumbliss and James Franklin Crumbliss, my sons, I have already given a horse and saddle each.

Rest of will missing....See page 30.

Page 26

25 Feb 1874 - 16 Apr 1874


To my beloved son in law William A. Hancock and Dialiah F Hancock, his wife land (described) 39 acres. To my beloved son in law Albert W Evans and Martha A Evans, his wife, land (described) 40 acres. To my son in law Albert W Evans, $9.75 on his, Albert's, account. The rest of all my estate I give to my beloved son in law William A Hancock and Deliliah F Hancock, his wife.

Appoint W E Armstrong , executor.

Wit: John W West and Nathan James

Page 28

9 Mar 1875 - filed 10 March 1876

R.A. HENING of Neosho, Missouri

To my mother Mary Lee Hening, all my property, real, personal or mixed during her lifetime, after which it to be divided equally between my sister Mary, my sister Lucy and my brother Charles. Any amount left unsettled by me as administrator of estate of John Plummer (if any) shall be paid under advise of J.E. Vickery . I desire the note against James Robinson for $1500.00 be turned over to him making him an equal interest with me in property known as Neosho Planing Mill Co. Appoint my friend and brother Oliver A Moss, my administrator. My administrator to find a purchaser for Neosho Planing Mill Co., agreeable to partner James Robinson.

Wit: A F Gore and J M Z Withrow

Page 30

Filed 3 Feb 1874


To my beloved wife Julia Ann, all my property both real (described) and personal (described) for benefit of her and those of my children hereafter named. To Jonathan White Crumbliss and James Franklin Crumbliss, my sons, I have already given a horse and saddle each. I give one common saddle horse and saddle to each of my sons, William Henry Crumbliss, Thomas Jefferson Crumbliss, Austin Sigel Crumbliss and George Washington Crumbliss as they reach lawful age. Unto my daughters, Sarah Jane Hager and Mary Ann Alice White, I have heretofore given a milk cow. I bequeath to my daughter Cornelia Crumbliss, one good common milk cow at her marriage or reaching lawful age.

Appoint wife Julia Ann, executor. If she should default, my son in law, Joseph Hager is authorized to execute the same.

Wit: George Hubbert, James F Gracy and Samuel T White all of Newton County, Missouri

Page 33

23 April 1874 - filed 6 May 1874

G A MURPHY of Newton CO, Missouri

To my wife Mary Murphy, one half of all my real estate and one half of my personal property (described). My son David H Murphy, land (described) and remainder of my horses. The remainder of my personal property I give to Frances Clark, Louisa Levan, Lucinda Jane Williams and Vica McCallister, my children.

Appoint W E Blankenship, executor.

Wit: John J Moss and John P Sherrer

Page 35

13 May 1838 - 10 June 1840


Will made on eve of departure for Missouri. Will to be at home of Brother Elisha Crocker, of Lafayette, LA. Brother Elisha Crocker, sole legatee.

Codicile: 30 May 1838

Have made a special will in Illinois in particular relation to property purchased of brother in law, Peley Spencer.

Page 37

9 Sep 1840 - 1 Feb 1841

REUBEN MOORE of Newton CO, Missouri

Farm I live on entered in name of Edward Liston Moore, Sarah Ann Moore, Betsey Jane Moore and Martin V Moore, my four youngest children. Land for use of wife Catharine as long as she lives. To daughter Nancy Burk, ten dollars, to daughter Eliza Parker, ten dollars, son Hiram C. Moore, the mill I bought of Joseph Scoolin (?) & William F. Scoolin (?) in Barry CO. Hiram C Moore to pay his two sisters, Arrena and Lucinda, fifty dollars each. Arrena to have one cow and one bed and one colt. Lucinda to have one cow, one bed and one colt. Wife Catherine to have tools, household furniture, grain, stock and money.

Catherine, my wife, and Samuel M Cooley, executors.

Wit: James Hill and Leonard Helmas

Page 38

14 Nov 1841 - 12 Mar 1842

SILAS MOSER of Newton CO, Missouri

Land in Missouri and Tennessee.

John Moser, executor to pay all debts, collect all debts coming to me and dispose of all other property at public sale except for my saddle horse which is to be returned to my father Adam Moser in Tennessee. Brother in law John Murray to pay debts due me to my executor. To Cornelius Sharp, six dollars due me from him. My estate be equally divided between my father and mother, brothers and sisters. Father shall not dispose of my horse. If John Moser does not reach county in due time, I appoint L B Hearrall and J J Sneed my lawful agents.

Wit: John W McCord and L B Hearrall

Page 39

6 Feb 1839 - 7 Mar 1842

EPHRAIM WINFRED BEASLEY of Barry otherwise Newton CO, Missouri

To the children of my previous marriage viz: Elam Beasley, Grundy Beasley, Noah Beasley, Permelia Ann Williams, Polly Sterling Jones, John C Beasley, Williamson Franklin Beasley and Robert E Beasley, one dollar each and no more. To my wife Rebecca Beasley, furniture, beds, bedding, Negroes, stock and household ware. After her death estate to go the friend Daniel Prigmore in trust for my children Stephen Jackson, Catherine Amanda, James, Frances Marion, Sarah Jane and William Henry Beasley.

Executor, Daniel Prigmore and wife Rebecca

Wit: Josiah Boyd, Sarcoxie, Barry CO and D W Colkett

Page 43

6 Sep 1843 - 9 Apr 1844

WILLIAM SAUNDERS of Marion CO, Arkansas

To wife Margarett M. Saunders, rights of dower. My wife Margarett M. Saunders, my son Griffin P Sanders and son in law Henry Fulbright, executrix and executor. Appoint son in law Isaac M Sanders, trustee for unfortunate daughter Sarah G. Saunders, to receive for her a common feather bed and furniture and five hundred dollars which is to be paid out in purchase of land. At her death, to be transferred to lawful heirs of her trustee. Daughter Nancy Arrabella Sanders, a young bay horse and one thousand dollars in property. The four hundred dollars worth of property Isaac N Sanders has of mine, transferred to his children. As I am bound for my son James T Sanders to Samuel F January for about five thousand dollars, he has only paid three thousand dollars, he is to sell property to pay debt and any amount he can not pay, I direct my executor to pay balance and hold said James accountable to the rest of the heirs. Mentions wife's brother Griffin P Theobald of Lexington, Kentucky.

Wit: Thos. H, William B and Acques Flippin

Page 46

1844 - 12 June 1845

JOHN D FRIEND of Newton CO, Missouri

Effects be sold to settle account of ten and a quarter with James A Thompson of Cherokee Nation and one dollar and fifty cents to G F Williams of Newton CO and four dollars to George Starnes. My beloved wife Milly, my mare and her colt, 6 milch cows, 6 sheep, 3 lambs, household and kitchen furniture. Two beds, one of which I give to daughter Polly and the other to son Jacob. Ten head of hogs to wife Milly. Daughter Angeline, colt and 1/3 of all remaining stock after my wife's portion. Daughter Polly and son Jacob, all property to be sold except my gun which I give to Jacob. Place on which I live to friend C Wallace.

C. Wallace, executor.

Wit: J E Wallace, Jesse Friend and J K Mosier

Page 48

26 July 1845 - 2 Mar 1846

JOHN MOORE of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife, Peggy Moore, plantation where I live, two cows and calves, 1 bed and clothing, cooking tool table and furniture and old Blue mare during her lifetime then to daughter Clarrissa Burris. To Mathew Jones, my son in law, one dollar; to Ralph Riley, my son in law, one dollar also to son Nelson Moore, one dollar also to Surulda, my daughter, Ralph Riley's wife, one common mare or horse, two cows and calves. To daughter Lucinda, Mathew Jones wife, one common mare or horse. The remainder of estate to son in law, Job Burris.

Wit: H C Armstrong, John Mayfield and William Smith

Page 50

18 Dec 1846 - 4 Mar 1846 (?)

ABSOLEUM ROSEBERY of Newton CO, Missouri

Daughter Anna Roseberry and her lawful heirs, household furniture (described), mother's clothes that she left and Bible.

Wit: Anna Carroll

Page 51

4 June 1846 - 11 June 1846

JARVIS SPURGEON of Newton CO, Missouri

To my brother Amos Spurgeon, land (described) in return Amos is to support and maintain our Mother Rebecca Spurgeon.

Wit: James H Boyd and Oliver M Hickcox

Page 53

26 Jan 1847 - 8 Feb 1847

JOHN ROSS of Newton CO, Missouri

My son David Ross, a negro boy Henry; my son Abner Ross a negro boy Jo; my son John Ross a negro girl Ann; my daughter in law Charlotte Ross wife of late son Robert Ross my negro woman Eliza provided at death of daughter in law, negro woman goes to children of late son Robert Ross and their heirs. Granddaughter Melvina Henry, land (described). Executor to take money for purchase of 80 acres of land for and in the name of my grandchildren John and Boliver Henry or one thousand dollars if they would rather have it in lieu of land.

Wit: John Ray and William M Boyd

Page 56

13 Nov 1867 - 12 June 1874

ESTHER NORTH late of Kenosha CO, Wisconsin now of Newton CO, Missouri

To my well beloved children to wit: Mrs Harriet L Fuller of Muddilla Forks, NY, Mrs Susanah Idy Brown of Sac CO, Wisconsin and Mrs Sophia Brupas of Nebraska, each fifty dollars. My son Thomas Woodman of Sac CO, Wisconsin, five dollars and to his two children, Elizabeth and Parker Woodman, twenty five dollars cash. To my son Delos Hurlburt of Newton CO the balance of my property, $595.00, all personal property not otherwise mentioned.

Cuckrom Martin, executor.

Wit: Jennet G Martin, W H H Judson and S Barton

Page 59

1 Dec 1846 - 22 Feb 1848

JOHN CHITWOOD of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Nancy Chitwood in lieu of her dower, the plantation on Clear Creek and all land she owned before our marriage, stock and household furniture. At her death, plantation to my two children to wit: James Oliver Chitwood and Sarah Ann Chitwood. Wife to have interest in mill on Clear Creek. At her death it goes to James and Sarah Ann.

Wife Nancy Chitwood, executrix.

Wit: Matthew H Ritchey and John King

Page 61

19 Mar 1848 - 20 Feb 1849

HENRY ADAMS of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Nancy Adams in lieu of dower the plantation where we now live, monies, animals, farm equipment and household furniture. Nancy to give to Abraham Adams fifty five dollars in property, Eli E Adams fifty five dollars, Lucinda Jane fifty five dollars, Sarah Jane Adams fifty five dollars, each portion in trade. William Adams, James Adams, John D Adams and Elizabeth Hefman, my other heirs, fifty dollars each.

Son James Adams and Jacob Testerman , executors.

Wit: Elisha Testerman, John Adams and Edmund Ragan

Page 62

24 Feb 1850 - 15 June 1850


My black girl Telitha to remain with Charlotte Smith this year then to stay in family and not be sold and work her labor be equally divided among my children. Telitha be permitted to keep certain cow and calf. She to be well treated and provided for. Remainder of property to be equally divided among my children.

Wit: Jonathan Blair, Daniel Alexander, William Dunnegan and Charlotte Smith

Page 64

5 July 1850 - 25 Nov 1850

JOSIAH DAVIDSON of Newton CO, Missouri

Wife Elizabeth Ann Davidson, all my property both real and personal until youngest child Nancy Jane becomes of age. When youngest child Mary Jane (sic) becomes of age or my wife Elizabeth Ann Davidson shall marry, the said Elizabeth Ann take her one third and the remaining be equally divided among my ten children, Spicey B. Vann, William D, Josiah M, Mary Ann Gilstrap, Stephen G, Emily F, Sarah L, George W, Martha A and Nancy Jane. Shows debts of some of the children. As my son Josiah M Davidson has gone to California and if he should not live to get back his share to his daughter Melissa Jane.

Wit: William H Baynham and John Ray

Page 66

10 Aug 1851 - 17 Sep 1851

ADA SPEARS of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved sisters Polly Spears and Milly Spears all my moneys and all other perishable properties. At death of sisters all to go to Sally Ray wife of John Ray.

John Ray, executor.

Wit: James Grant and John J Sneed

Page 68

Probate 2 Sep 1851

NATHAN RICHARDSON of Lawrence CO, Missouri

Wife Lucinda Richardson to have entire control of estate both real and personal. All my children (not named).

Wife Lucinda, executrix.

Wit: W H Duff and F P Elmons

Page 70 & 71

6 March 1852 - 24 Mar 1852

WILLIAM HOOPER of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Catharine in lieu of her dower, the plantation (described), all livestock, all household furniture. Our three children, Eli Hooper, Nancy Ann Hooper and Elizabeth Hooper.

Obediah Hooper, executor.

Wit: John D Hoover and William J Pace

Page 73

5 Feb 1852 - 2 Mar 1852

EDMUND FRANKS of Newton CO, Missouri

Present wife Parthena Franks all estate both real and personal.

Wife Parthena Franks, executrix.

Wit: John Ross and Joseph Thompson

Page 75

23 June 1848 - 9 Apr 1852

WILLIAM ANDERSON of Newton CO, Missouri

To my father V. Anderson, all my effects.

John Bryan, executor.

Wit: N W Boone and William Pogue

Page 77

12 May 1837


Written by himself in Crawford CO, Illinois. Purchased notes and mortgages on Pelig Spencer, his brother in law from several persons in Vermillion CO. Names brother Elisha Crocker.

Wit: Lucy M Southworth, Rebecca L Southworth and Richard Southworth

Page 78

19 Apr 1853 - 11 May 1853

JOHN RHODES of Newton CO, Missouri

My wife Manda I Rhodes and children, six in number, Daniel, Solomon, John G, Elizabeth, Margarett and Amanda J. Wife to receive all property, both real and personal as long as she lives or remains his widow but if she remarries it goes to his heirs, share and share alike.

Mitchell Tate , executor.

Wit: R T McCormack and Goodwin Adams

Page 79

15 Apr 1853 - 26 July 1853

REBECCA BARBER of Newton CO, Missouri

Son Jepha Barber, negro girl Jane. To my daughter Polly Lee, negro girl, Caroline and at her decease, I give Caroline and her increase to bodily heirs of daughter Polly. To grandson Matthew Barber, a two year old horse. To her negro girl, Anna, her freedom and that she live with one of my children.

Benjamin W McCormack , executor.

Wit: Benjamin McCormack, Elijah Lawrance and James W Tatum

Page 81

23 Sep 1851 - 25 Aug 1853

LAVINA POGUE of Newton CO, Missouri

To Eliza Hamitt (Harnitt ?) my daughter, a horse worth $30.00 or it's equilivant, a cow, a bed and bedding equal with her married sisters and $5.00. To daughter Martha Jane, a horse worth $30.00, a cow or $10.00, a bed and bedding and $25.00. To daughter Nancy Caroline, my gray mare, 3 year old heifer. Remainder of household equipment to be divided among my daughters after James and Thomas gets their beds which I have pointed out. To James L___ Pogue, my son, the roan colt, saddle worth $15.00 when he comes to age of 17. To Thomas Alexander Pogue, horse worth $30.00 and a saddle worth $15.00 when he comes of age of 18. Also each boy to have a cow and gun or it's equilivant of $10.00.

John T Bryant , executor.

Wit: John Weems and E G William

Page 83

16 May 1853 - 30 Nov 1853

WILLIAM STANDLEY of Newton CO, Missouri

My beloved wife Welthy Stanly, the land warrant. At her death it is to go to James A Stanley, my son and my youngest son Allen A Stanley to be equally divided.

Edward Z Russell, executor.

Wit: Elias C Price and David Price

Page 84

4 Jan 1854 - 31 Jan 1854

NATHAN H ROBERTS of Newton CO, Missouri

All my property both personal and real to be sold except my negro boy who is to be the property of my wife and whole proceeds to wife Susan Roberts. Should she die with no heirs of Nathan H Roberts then the whole to my brothers and sisters.

Brother Joshua Roberts, executor.

Wit: Thomas Moseley Jr., Thomas M Johnson, H C Armstrong and W I I Morrow

Page 85

7 May 1854 -

ROBERT SIMS of Newton CO, Missouri

James Bowman and his wife Hulda Bowman, all my real estate and personal property.

James Bowman, executor.

Wit: Drury P. Williams, Jesse L Bland and J A Willson

Page 86

13 May 1872 - 20 July 1874

SYRENOS EMMONS of Jackson CO, Indiana

My wife Malinda, my real estate (described) also all my stock, household goods, furniture. Son John, land (described), Son Samuel, land (described) Other children (not named). Wife Malinda, executor.

Wit: John D Payne, Calvin S Winnegar and Wm A Houpt

Page 90

11 Mar 1854- 10 June 1854

JOHN NEWTON of Newton CO, MO (planter)

Estate to son, P W Newton.

P W Newton, executor.

Wit: James Kelly and John Griffin

Page 91

28 Mar 1853-

JOHN D CROCKER - Supplement to will. Statement from Pelig Spencer .

Page 96

21 Mar 1853- 11 Dec 1855


Beloved son William Golden, $300 and 1 feather bed. Beloved daus Anna Hinshaw Betsey Humberd (?), Delilah McGaw and Sidney Golden, $40 each. Grandchildren and heirs at law of my dau Polly Morris, deceased, $1.00 each in addition to what I have advanced to their mother. To beloved son Caswell Golden, all the remaining portion of my estate real and personal, he to take care of dau Sidney during her lifetime. Caswell appointed guardian of Sidney and executor of estate.

Wit: Thos D. Hutchison and James T. Hutchison

Page 98

22 Dec 1855- 5 Jan 1856


Son Charles, my surveying instruments; son Cook, my double barrell shot gun; son Baughman, my rifle gun and silver watch; friend P.B. Scott, my silver Lapine (?) watch. P.B. Scott appointed administrator and guardian to his children.

Wit: W.I.I. Morrow and John Burkhart

Page 99

30 Aug 1874- 9 Nov 1874


Only dau Martha A Beasly, being my only child, all money, mortgages, deeds of trust, clothing, bedding. Balance of estate to go to Martha when she becomes 18 years of age. If she should not live to 18, estate to go to Wm. McDougel, my father.

Ira Pogue, executor.

Wit: Tipton O Wood and Henry Culp

Page 101

29 Dec 1874- 19 Jan 1875


Wife Mary Ramsour, ½ of my estate both real and personal. My niece Ann Ayrhart, dau of my bro, Micheal Ramsour, $200 above amount she will receive as one of my heirs. Rest of property both real and personal to Ennus Ramsour, my sister Margarett Howard and nephews and nieces including Ann Ayrhart. Nieces and nephews to have same as brothers and sisters. To Michael Ramsour $1.00. John H. Price, executor.

Wit: P.R. Smith and J.T. Mason

Page 103

2 May 1874- 2 Feb 1875


One fifth of all my real estate to my nephew George L. Grigg, son of my bro. Edward D. Grigg, Senior. Two fifths of real estate to niece Olivia P. Grigg, dau of my bro. Edward P. Grigg (instructions given in case Olivia not 21 years of age at Anna's death). To C___ Belle Davinan (Berinicks ?) of Palmyra in state of MO dau of John Davinant (Durricks ?), one tenth of estate as a token of love and affection. one twentieth of estate to my friend and brother in Christ, John H. Luther now of St. Louis, MO. To Fannie Price and Lura Price, daus of my friend John H. Price, Jr. of Neosho, MO, one twentieth of the estate to be divided equally. One fifth of estate to faithful friend and servant Sally House. After death of Sally, her share shall be divided as such, one half to Olivia P. Grigg and one half to Theological Dept. of William Jewell College of MO. To niece Olivia P. Grigg, my piano, watch and ___ ___. Balance of estate to Olivia P. and George L. Grigg. Friends John H. Price and John A. Davinan (or Derricks), executors.

Wit: J.W. Stein and D.A. Price

3 Jan 1875 Codicile

1. Revoke and resind provisions in 4th division by which one twentieth of estate goes to my friend and bro in Christ John H. Luther of St. Louis.

2. Revoke and resind provisions in 6th division by which the undivided one half of the one fifth of estate after death of Sally House to the Theological Dept of William Jewell College.

3. I give to Edward D. Grigg of Verona, Lawrence CO, MO the above mentioned one twentieth of estate.

4. To Edward D. Grigg the above one half of the one fifth estate after the death of Sally House.

5. Revoke and resind so much of the 10th division as nominates and appoints John A. Deveran (or Derricks ?) as one of the executors and now appoint John H. Price as sole executor.

Wit: J. A. Mathis and John P. McFarland

Page 103

27 Feb 1875- 6 Mar 1875

WILLIAM I.I. MORROW of Neosho, Newton CO, MO

My living children, I.I. Morrow, Mary J. Janing, George D. Morrow, Prissilla M. Ehart and Barton J. Morrow.

Children of my deceased son William L. Morrow namely, Mary L. Morrow, L. Morrow, Alice M. Morrow, William I.I. Morrow, Daniel G. Morrow, John D. Morrow, George D. Morrow, Lemuel Morrow and Matty Morrow. Dearly beloved wife, Levinia L Morrow, all real estate (described) and all personal property. My wife sole executor.

Wit: Lewis Wells of Neosho and Geo. Hubbert of Neosho.

Page 112

19 Mar 1875- 10 Apr 1875

JAMES BELL of Newton CO, MO.

Beloved wife Nancy Bell, all property and estate, both real and personal. That she carry through with contract with Atlantic and Pacific RR for parcel of land (described). All property real and personal in state of Texas to my wife. Mentions T.R. Freeman. My wife have custody and control of one Wm Thomas Lloyd, a minor. At death of my wife, Wm. Thomas Lloyd to inherit all my property (provisions described). Jeremiah Bell , executor.

Wit: L.M. Warden and Thomas R. Freeman.

Page 115

3 May 1875- 6 Sep 1875

CHARLOTTE KELLEY of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved grandson John C. Humphreys, $450 out of my estate. Beloved son Frances H. Kelley, $200 out of my estate. Remainder of estate to all my bodily heirs (not named).

J.A. Bodenhammer

Wit: Patrick D. Jones and W.D. Reynolds

Page 117

3 Dec 1875- 14 Dec 1875

WESLEY TAYLOR of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Nancy R. Taylor, real estate (described), personal property (described).

N.E. Armstrong and R.T. Cowan, executors.

Wit: Henry B. Douthit and William Stinson

Page 119

5 Apr 1875- 24 Feb 1876

JAMES COLLINS of Newton CO, Missouri

My dau. Finette Angeline Campbell, all property both real, personal or mixed. My grandchildren, Lou May Campbell and Bettie Campbell remainder of property. Property described, some in Kansas.

Son in law George Campbell, executor.

Wit: Barton J. Morrow of Neosho and John F. Karbe of Neosho

Page 123

18 Jan 1876- 19 Feb 1876

JAMES P. DOWNING of Newton CO, Missouri

Land (described) to be sold to pay my debts. Wife Mary Jane Downing, rest of property both real and personal. At her death or remarriage, my children and heirs at law to share alike (not named).

Thomas Moore, executor.

Wit: R.B. Buttram and A.J. Moore

Page 126

22 Mar 1875-13 Apr 1876

JAMES SMITH of Neosho, Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Nancy Ann, all my property, real and personal. At death of my wife, Nancy Ann, any property left to be divided equally among my four children: Laura May Smith, Joseph Wells Smith, Galestone Stinfield Smith and Ulysis Grant Smith.

Wife Nancy Ann, executrix.

Wit: Wm. McDivitt and James E. Vickery

Page 128


My mother Mary Lee Henning, property real, personal and mixed during her lifetime after which it is to be equally divided to my sisters Mary and Lucy and bro. Charles. (This will same as on page 28)

Page 134

27 Mar 1877- 4 Apr 1877

BENJAMAN K. HERSEY of Granby, Newton CO, Missouri

To my niece Mrs. Henritta Virginia McIlhaney and her two children, $3000. To my niece Mrs. Adelade Godden, $2000. To my niece Mrs. Edwena (?) Linberger, $6000. To my niece Mrs. Maggie Gray, $2000. To my niece Mrs. Maggie Bascom, $2000. To my sister Mrs. Catherine Talbot, horse and Lot in Sedalia, Pettis CO, Missouri. To my niece Miss Virginia A. Muer, $2000. To Mrs. W.W.G. Sweet, my crayon picture of myself. To Henry Ackerson, silver cup and plate.

John Kingston, sole executor.

Executor to extend maturity date on note from Jno. O Ackerson due me.

Wit: J. Morris Young, D.L. Lauder (Lander ?) and Lee Taylor

Page 139

24 Nov 1876- 27 Apr 1877

J.K. ONSTOTT of Shoal Creek Township, Newton CO, Missouri

Son Simon Peter Onstott, $25 ten years after my decease. Beloved wife Margaret, all my household furniture and all the rest of my personal property. To my wife Margaret all the rest of my real estate. At her death to my son John C.F. and dau Lauretta Onstott in equal shares. Mentions 80 acres in Jasper CO (described).

Wife Margaret, sole executrix.

Wit: Wm. H. Stafford, Madison Spurgeon and Josephus Hewitt

Page 145

10 Sep 1878- 8 Sep 1880

JOHN M. HEROD of Newtonia Township, Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Jane Pate (Pale) Herod. All real and personal estate until youngest child is 21 then to be distribuded equally between wife and children to wit: To my wife Jane Pate (Pale) Herod, 1 share; to my dau Minerva Jane Estes and her husband Hiram W. Estes, 1 share; to my beloved son Joseph S. Herod, 1 share; to my beloved son John H. Herod, 1 share; to my beloved son James C. Herod, 1 share.

Wit: Jesse S. Major, R.C. S_____ and John W. North

Page 147

3 May 1881- 27 Apr 1883

MARY GEIGER of Newton CO, Missouri

My son Riley Geiger, daughter Laura M. Geiger and Mary Irene Geiger also my daughter, my son Aaron Geiger- 40 acres (described). Names Edward Ward as guardian of named children. (Notes a court date)

Wit: William H. Bass, George W. Smith and John B. Hitt

Page 151

13 Nov 1855- 25 Feb 1856

WYATT STRICKLAND of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Elizabeth Strickland, all my real estate and personal property. If she marries she is to have a widow's dower. If she ceases to be my widow, estate to my four youngest children: Richmond Strickland, Margarett Jane Strickland, John Strickland and Benjamin Franklin Strickland. The estate they now live on (described) to be equally divided between four above mentioned children. Balance of my effects to be divided amongst all my lawful heirs namely, Isaac Strickland, Joseph Strickland, Wyatt Strickland, Richmond Strickland, Margaret Jane Strickland, John Strickland and Benjamin Franklin Strickland. Executor to sell a parcel of land (described) money to be given to wife Elizabeth Strickland.

Son Isaac Strickland, executor.

Wit: Hamilton Hartley and William Smith

Page 153

2 Dec 1855- 25 Feb 1856


Beloved wife, Mary, my house and all the improvements on land on which I live. Also my interests in the improvements made jointly by myself and Basel (Bazel) Hale on which the said Basel Hale lives. Also my wagon and team, one horse named Medley and ____ named Julias and her colt, five head of cattle, hogs, three sheep, farming utinsils. Also $400 in money which is in my house except $30 which is in possession of Andrew Wethers . Also household and Kitchen furniture, grain, stock and everything I may be possessed of. To Basil Hale, my bay horse "Tip", my rifle gun, and $40 which I loaned to him. To Nathan Smith, a Bay colt "Fizure" (?) and $42 which I loaned him.

Wit: Jefferson D. Hale and Jacob Grindstaff

Page 155

17 Apr 1857- 15 July 1857


Wife Elizabeth, all real estate during her widowhood or until her death. After her death it to go to daughters, Sarah Ann and Matilda Alice. To each of my daughters, a feather bed and bed clothes, one cow, one mare and side saddle and one bridle. The balance of estate to my wife.

Wife Elizabeth, executrix. If wife can't serve, friend James N. Penn to assist her.

Wit: W.I.I. Morrow and Charles Tallifero

Page 157

15 Dec 1856- 7 Oct 1857

OLIVER BROCK of Newton CO, Missouri

To my son, John, $100, it being borrowed money. To my son, William, $140, it being borrowed money. To my wife, Jane Brock, all remaining property personal and real.

Wit: James Waltrip and Henry D. Evans

Page 158

1 July 1857- 17 May 1858

THOMAS W. BOOTH of Newton CO, Missouri

All property to be sold except what his wife might chose to reserve to wit: all my household and kitchen furniture, negro woman, Mary (or Molly), my interest in the smelting furnace. Remainder of effects to be removed to Franklin CO, Missouri. To my wife, my gold watch, all my real and personal property together with monies, notes and accounts to hold in trust for my children John Wesley, Sarah Ann, Fannie Wittes and Richard Booth and one yet unborn. If wife remarries then he appoints his brother Richard W. Booth of Franklin County as guardian of his children.

Richard W. Booth, executor.

Wit: Elmer B. Boone and Sam'l P. Cloud

Page 160

ELIZABETH ROSS of Newton CO, Missouri

(Incomplete will)

Page 162

9 Feb 1858- 4 Nov 1858

PENGRINE B. SCOTT of Grand Falls, Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife, Mary J. Scott, my carriage and harness, silver watch and all my household furniture. Brother, Edward A. Scott, $1000 provided it does not exceed 1/4 of my estate. Daughter, Lavina Morrow Scott, 1/4 of estate and appoint her mother, Mary J. Scott, her guardian. All the rest of estate to wife Mary J. Scott. Brother James A. Scott and wife Mary J. Scott, executors Desires that the business should go on in name of Scott and Brothers and wife be partner. Advise my interest in McDonald property be disposed of to my brother James A. Scott. Silvia, my colored woman, her freedom when she desires it and $50.

Wit: P.W. Parnell, Barton Z. Morrow and A.D. Patterson

Page 164

2 Oct 1856- 18 Dec 1858

ELIZABETH ROSS of Newton CO, Missouri

Grandsons, Pleasant W. Ross and Thomas A. Ross, all my real and personal estate.

Pleasant Ross, executor

Wit: Davis Ferguson, Erasmus Gaw and John Dill

Page 166

6 Mar 1858- 23 Feb 1859

BERRY ROBISON of Newton CO, Missouri

To my wife, the use of my farm, furniture and farm tools. To Sanford Robison, land (described). All real estate and personal property to my four children: Sanford P. Robison, William Robison, Larkin H. Robison and Mary Ann Owens at death of my wife.

William T. Robison and Larkin H. Robison, executors.

Wit: W.G. Commons and Abner Hern

Page 168

7 Dec 1856- 5 Apr 1859


Wife Mary, plantation where we now live, Black girl named Marie, all the livestock, household furniture. Youngest daughter, Mary, horse and 8 day clock After death of wife, estate sold and money divided to wit: Youngest daughter Mary $100, to William Jesse Mondon, natural son of Fred Nixon Mondon, my own son, $100 when he becomes 21 years. Have already given to oldest daughter Ruth Eliza $100, to Asentha, second daughter, already given 80 acres of land, to my third daughter, Jane, I have already given $100.

Wife Mary and friend Tipton O. Wood, executors.

Wit: Tipton O. Wood, Anna Wood, Martin Ivie and Mary Ivie

Page 171

No date- 10 June 1859


To son William, $140, it being borrowed money. To son John, $100, it being borrowed money. Wife Jane Brock, all property, real, personal or mixed.

Wit: James Waltrip and Henry D. Evans

Page 173

10 May 1858- 7 Dec 1859

WILLIAM RUTLEDGE of Newton CO, Missouri

To my beloved wife, negro named Austin, and all the other property I own. Two years after my death, $100 to my wife and put on interest for my daughter, Mary Elizabeth. Should Mary Elizabeth live longer than her mother, Martha, she shall inherit all my property. Should Mary Elizabeth and her mother both die before Mary Elizabeth has heirs, all to revert back to lawful heirs of Sanford King, deceased.

M.H. Ritchey , executor.

Wit: J.W. Hamilton , Henry H. Lowe and Wm. D. King, all of Newton CO, Missouri

Page 175

8 Jun 1852- 10 Jan 1860

MALCUM McDOUGAL of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife, Flora, all real and personal property as long as she lives or widowhood. If she marries, to be divided to wit: To my daughter Mary, since I have already given to her and her husband $450 in land, I give $10. To my daughter, Catherine, since I have given to her and her husband $550, I now give $10. To my other children, William, Daniel, Eliza, Thomas Jefferson and Sarah, the remainder of my effects to be divided equally.

Wit: Samuel Rice and Jno D. Templeton

Page 177

9 Apr 1860- 7 Aug 1860

GEORGE T. McCUTCHEON of Newton CO, Missouri

Wife Catherine, land on which I now live, also all personal property.

Beloved wife, Catherine, executor.

Wit: James Kelley, Thomas White and James McBrian

Page 179

26 Dec 1859- 11 July 1865

JAMES GRANT of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Sarah T. Grant, land (described) at her death to daughter Ann Baynham. To wife Sarah, negroes (named). If there is a death or remarriage, amount of personal property or money to my grandchildren, Mary Saunders and James Saunders when they obtain the age of 21 the sum of $500 each. My grandson, James G. Kennard, since he has informed me he is wealthy and requests no bequeath, I leave him my best wishes and esteem.

William G. Baynham, executor.

Wit: Felix G. Ray, James H. Boyed and John R. Chenault

Page 184

20 Apr 1864-24 Oct 1865

ISAAC KLEIN of Newton CO, Missouri

To John H. Philipps, land (described) for him to care and support myself and my wife Lear Ann. To John Klein, Eli Klein, Sarah Miser (Miner), Mary Clemmons, Katharine Griffen, William Klein, each $1.00 they being my children.

Wit: Andrew Simmons and W.H. Lyon

Page 184

2 Sep 1866- 8 Oct 1866

MARK MULVANY of Newton CO, Missouri

Direct all property be sold and monies to be given by executors to my family at times as most advantages. William Brock and Jacob Clemens (?), executors.

Wit: George Hulms (?) and Adeline Renolds

Page 188

13 Nov 1858-

JOTHAN G. DEARBORN of Maguota, Jackson CO, Iowa

Beloved wife Mrs. Francis L. Dearborn, all my estate, real, personal and mixed.

Francis L. Dearborn, executrix.

Wit: Joseph Beny, Jason Pangborn, Lorenzo H. Guernsey

Page 189

6 Oct 1866- 27 Nov 1866

NANCY CHITWOOD of Newton CO, Missouri

Son William D. King, $100, one bed and bedding. The rest of my household and kitchen furniture. 3 cows and calves to my three daughters, Elizabeth R. Brown, Eliza C. Pearson and Rebecca A. Roark, to be equally divided among them. To Elizabeth Wilson, a 2 year old heifer and grain (described) in payment for services as nurse during my last sickness. To Joyce (Cold___), I give 2 year old heifer and 10 shoats in payment for services as nurse during my last sickness. To the heirs of my daughter, Jemima, who was the wife of Mitchell Tate (or Pate), $1.00. All the rest of my estate to my ten children viz: Polley, John, Matilda, Nancy, Sanford D., Elizabeth R., Eliza C., Martha J., William D. and Rebecca A. King or their heirs to be divided equally.

James R. Pearson, executor.

Wit: William D. Ramsour, James H. Nimmo and James Hamilton

Page 191

28 Feb 1868- 29 Apr 1868

JEREMIAH DEBOLT of Newton CO, Missouri

My children to wit: son Baribes D., one dollar, daughter, Margaret S., one dollar, son William P., one dollar, daughter Marinda A., one dollar. To my wife Eliza, all my personal property (described) and notes made by Darcus Moore and Thomas J. Moore.

Wit: Caswell Golden and Henry Reynolds

Page 193

18 Dec 1868- 1 Feb 1869

ROBERTSON ROBERTS of Buffalow Township, Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife, $333. Son James, $150, son Andrew Jackson, $100, my son Sheaven (?) $50, to my daughter in law Sarah Roberts $100, to my daughter in law, Jenny Roberts $10, to my daughter in law Parella Roberts, $1.00, to son Josiah B. Roberts, $150 and also all the remainder of my estate.

Josiah Roberts, executor

Wit: Wm. S. Mead, Andrew J. Biggs and Andrew J. Martin

Page 195

11 Nov 1863- 24 Feb 1869

HIRAM ESTES of Helena Precinct, Johnson CO, Nebraska

To my wife, the land known as Estes farm being in Precinct of Helena in Johnson CO, Nebraska, all land in Newton Co, Missouri and personal property. After remarriage or death of wife all to go equally among my heirs except two, Aquilla Estes and Elizabeth Fithian which $200 each is to be deducted from their dowry.

Wit: Stephen Powell of Henena, Benjamas S. Wall, of Otoe CO, and J. H. Rowe of Helena

Page 196

20 Feb 1869- 18 May 1869

JAMES MADISON FERRELL of Newtonia, Newton CO, Missouri

Dear wife Mary E., household and kitchen furniture, my grey horse and buggy and whole of my personal property. My two children, Jenny and Richard.

Mary E. executrix and Jude Matthew H. Ritchey, executor.

Wit: Alonzo A. Hays, H. Leach, Eli Howorth

Page 201

19 Mar 1864- 21 May 1869


To brother, Henry Ramsour, all my household and kitchen furniture and personal property.

Brother Henry Ramsour, executor.

Wit: John Gibson and Mary Gibson

Page 205

19 Feb 1869- 3 Aug 1869


Wife Mary Ann, 1/3 of real estate, manchion house and out buildings. G.W. Aker, $20. Tilman H. Aker, Rifle gun and horse, bridle and saddle when he becomes of age. Five youngest children, not named.

James Capps, administrator.

Wit: James Capps, Michel Boyer and William Marcus

Page 208

26 Apr 1869- 16 Aug 1869


Alexander Thomson to pay himself for his troubles and expense. Remaining effects to Barney Debolt.

Wit: Martha Martin and Mary E. Higgins

Page 209

HIRAM ESTES (See page 195)

Page 216

12 Feb 1869- 27 Sep 1870

JACOB STEPP of Newton CO, Missouri

Daughter, Margaret Smith, wife of Robert Smith, $1.00 Son William Stepp, $1.00 Three grandchildren (not named), children of my son Martin Stepp, $1.00 each. Granddaughter, Amanda, heir of my daughter Martha, $1.00 Remainder of estate to son Henry Stepp. Son Henry Stepp, executor.

Wit: B.L. Barnes, John C. Fanshair and Samuel Morrow

Page 219

1 Feb 1870- 22 Oct 1870

JOHN C. MARSHALL of Newton CO, Missouri

Wife Martha Marshall to have control of real estate as long as she remains my widow. Youngest daughter, Virginia C. Marshall. Son, Hiram Marshall, a horse. Son Paul Marshall, a horse and saddle. Daughter Virginia, a saddle. Wife Martha Marshall and George Brown, executors.

Wit: M.H. Ritchey, John Hall and Gladden G. Hughlett

Page 223

8 May 1865- 1 April 1871

LUCINDA CRUSS formerly Lucinda Chapman

Son Albert L. Chapman,$100. Three children of my son D.H. Chapman,$50. Son Edwin A. Chapman, rest of my estate. Son Edwin A. Chapman, executor.

Wit: Francis Minor and Adelia Adams

Page 228

7 Aug 1871- 17 Aug 1871

JOHN OLIVER of Newton CO, Missouri being 55 years of age

Wife Mary Oliver and minor children. Son James Oliver. Daughter Mary Ann Dowse (?). Son Larette (?). Daughters Ann, Eliza and Elizabeth. Sons, John, William and Charles. Wife Mary Oliver, Thomas Dolby of Newton CO, Missouri and James C. Dowse of Pleasant Prairie CO of Kenosha, Wisconsin (describes how executors shall handle estate).

Wit: N.H. Dale and Elizabeth Ketchingham

Page 232

4 Nov 1871- 27 Dec 1871

ELIZABETH BLEW of Newton CO, Missouri

To Sarah M. Blew, $1.00. Malinda Nerod (?), $1.00. Sophia M. White , $1.00. John C. Blew, $1.00. William Blew, $1.00. Remainder of estate after maintainance of Mary J. Blew, to Elizabeth H. White.

Wit: James T.Winchester, John A. Robertson and Joseph R. Arnold all of Newton CO, Missouri

Page 234

14 Apr 1871- 18 Mar 1872


Daughter Mary A. Harrell, ½ of all property, real and personal. To my grandchildren, children of my son Thomas Hunter, deceased, viz: Thursa Jennings, Mary A. Hunter, Penelope I. Hunter, John Hunter and Edward Hunter the balance of my estate, share and share alike. Names other children: Benjamin A. Hunter, Hezekiah Foster A Morris (?), John H. Hunter, James F. Hunter, Mary A. Hearrell, Elizabeth Foster, Rebecca Foster and Thomas Hunter, the last three being dead.

Son in law Samuel Hearrell, executor.

Wit: Lewis Wills and H.W. Horne

Page 237

22 Mar 1872- 21 Apr 1872

PHILLIP DICE of Newton CO, Missouri

Land (described) to be divided to heirs as follows: Son Daniel F. Dice, lot 1 of land. To my daughter Mary F. ___ lot 2 of land. Son Peter M. Dice lot 3. Son Noah N Dice lot 4. Daughter Catharine, 20 acres of land (described). Daughter Eliza, 20 acres of land (described). Wife Elizabeth, all remaining lands belonging to me.

Wit: A.F. Estes, J.W. Dower and A.G. Lautzauhiser

Page 240

12 Dec 1874- 20 July 1876

WILLIAM WRIGHT, Sr. of Newton CO, Missouri

Wife Sarah Wright, all real and personal property, at her death my estate to be divided between my lawful heirs except my sons A.J. Wright and John W. Wright. A.J. has already got his part and I will him $10 more. John W. to have $100 more than either of the rest of my children.

Heirs: Rachel S. Isebell, Andrew J. Wright, John W. Wright, William F. Wright, Margaret E. Wright.

Wit: C.D. McMillen, H.J. Cummins

Page 243

22 Oct 1875- 2 Aug 1876

WILLIAM ELLIOTT of Newton CO, Missouri

Daughter Elizabeth M. Elliott, executrix.

Beloved wife Phoebe Elliott, all household furniture and all property real and personal. Son Hiram Elliott $5.00, Daughter Sarah Ann Capps $5.00, Son Mathew A. Elliott $5.00, Son John B. Elliott $5.00, Son Thomas W. $5.00, Son Jonathan R. Elliott $5.00, Daughter Martha A. Lauderdale $5.00. Daughter Elizabeth M. Elliott to take care of me and my wife during the rest of our lives and for so doing to receive remainder of estate.

Wit: Levi B. Still and Joseph R. Still

Page 246

28 Apr 1877- 30 Apr 1877

AMELIA W. JONES of Newton CO, Missouri

Son Richard M. Jones, lots in Neosho (described) until his death then to grandson Richard B. Jones. Lewis Wills and Joshua Roberts as trustees for property (described) for my son Fillmore Jones. To Cresswell Boone, piano. My Children: Hubbard F., Frank S., Fillmore, Nanny Hughes, Sally E. Massey, Richard M. Jones and James Boone and Crissie Boone. James and Crissie to have ½ child's portion. Executors: Lewis Wills and Joshua Roberts

Wit: J. E. Vickery, Lewis Wills and H.C. Dalton

Page 250

18 May 1877- 4 June 1877


Friend Nancy Lewis, my chair. Husband William, $1.00. Son, N.B. Melton, $1.00. Friend Lucy A. Karbe, all the rest of my property.

John T. Karbe, executor.

Wit: M. E. Benton , B.F. Armstrong

Page 252

11 Aug 1873- 10 June 1877

WILLIAM POGUE of Newton CO, Missouri

Children to have land, share and share alike to viz: Ira Pogue, Sarah McDougold, Joner Pogue, Rachael Jones. Grandchildren: William Pogue, Jr., Sarah McAdams, Rachael Reed, Ira Pogue Jr., Alice Pogue, Margaret Pogue, children of my deceased son John W. Pogue- and to Martha Stogsdale, Eliza Morris, Isam Harmon and Dick Harmon, children of my deceased daughter Casandra Harmon- distribution described. Beloved wife Sarah Pogue, land (described), 2 good sows, 4 good pork hogs, 1 cow and calf, 1 good horse, household and Kitchen furniture. Son Jones (or Joner) Pogue, my bay horse.

Son Ira Pogue and son in law J.B. Jones, executors.

Wit: H.W. Horn and Josh Roberts

Page 256

12 Mar 1877- 11 Aug 1877

W.H. TAYLOR of Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Mary Ellen Taylor, all personal property, all real estate (described). All my children as follows, viz: Thena Jane, Belle, Laura C. now wife of John Campbell, Wm. H., Julia L., Maggie A., Mollie V., James G., Thomas P., Sallie A. and Clement V.

Beloved wife Mary Ellen Taylor, executrix.

Wit: Barton J. Morrow and M.E. Benton

Page 258

13 Dec 1873- 16 July 1878

NICHOLAS H. DALE of Neosho, Newton CO, Missouri aged 46 years.

Beloved wife Caroline P. all real estate, household furniture, books, notes, accounts, moneys, credits and demands and all personal property.

Wife Caroline P., sole executrix.

Wit: J. H. Herms (Henns ?) and P.S. Barber

Page 260

28 Jan 1878- 26 July 1878

ABEL B. HYATT of Franklin Township, Newton CO, Missouri

Beloved wife Elizabeth A. Hyatt, all property both real and personal. Names Hannah E. Wages, John P. Hyatt, Nathan F. Hyatt, J.J. Hyatt, Able W. Hyatt, James H. Hyatt, Margaret H. Montgomery and Hamilton F. Hyatt.

Son in Law John L. Montgomery, executor.

Wit: E.J. Garner and Samuel Murrin, both of Franklin Twn.

Page 262

4 Aug 1878- 15 Oct 1878

HENRY STIPP of Newton CO, Missouri

My wife Susanah Jane Stipp, A.J. Stipp, F.M. Stipp, M.M. Stipp, N.E. Stipp, C.R. Stipp - land (described) A.J. Stipp, my bay colt. Also W.F. Stipp and S.B. (or S.G.) Stipp, Sary S. Stipp also A.M. Stipp, real estate and personal property (described). Susanah Jane Stipp, wife of Henery Stipp, a child's part of division.

Wit: G.R. McMahon, F.C. McClary and M.D.L. McCall

Page 265



The heirs of David Russell, gives their mother consent to sell land. Heirs: John T. Russell, David C. Russell, Elizabeth R. Haynes, Margaret A. Russell and ____ L. Russell.

Wit: C. Harader and W.A. Hall

Page 266

4 Mar 1878-


Sarah Pogue, the lawful widow does not accept any of the provisions and demands her rights under the dower law and homestead act.

Page 267

29 Jan 1879- 28 Feb 1879

ESTATE OF ZACHERIAH COX of Vanburen Township, Newton CO, Missouri

Wife Mariah Cox, personal property and real estate. My four children: daughters Mariah Clark, Manervia Duncan and Manda M. Abbott, son, Leander M. Cox.

M.T. Robb, executor

Wit: George _____, James M. Caldwell and John E. Robb

Page 269

15 Nov 1877- 25 Aug 1879


Friend, Joseph Hagen, $50.00. Friend, Arthur J. Bawdick , $50.00. Friend, John F. Karbe, remainder of estate. Arthur J. Baurdick and John F. Karbe, executors.

Wit: N.H. Dale and Josh Roberts

Page 272

26 July 1879- 24 Nov 1879

RICHARD GILSTRAP of Dayton, Newton CO, Missouri

Wife Margaret Gilstrap, $400.00 in land (described) also all property both personal and real. Heirs: John Gilstrap, William Gilstrap, Jacob Gilstrap, Rebecca Jane Gilstrap, Charley Gilstrap, Minnie May Gilstrap.

Wife Margaret Gilstrap, executrix.

Wit: R.C. Greer, Jacob Gilstrap and Andrew Buchanan

Page 275

9 Aug 1879

CHARLES W. TINSLEY of Newton CO, Missouri

Son Joseph A. Tinsley, real estate (described) and equipment, one cow and calf. Son Franklin F. Tinsley, $5.00. Daughter Sarah Ann Potter, $5.00. Beloved wife Mary Tinsley, land (described), household and kitchen furniture, farm animals.

Son Joseph A. Tinsley, executor.

Wit: T.R. Freeman


31 Oct 1879- 19 Nov 1879

Changes some bequeaths - to wife Mary Tinsley, change in land and control (described).

9 Jan 1879- 28 Feb 1879

ESTATE OF ZACHERIAH COX of Vanburen Township, Newton CO, Missouri

Wife Mariah Cox, personal property and real estate. My four children: daughters Mariah